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Friday, December 25, 2015

"¡Ocho Vasos al día!"

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad!
     "Happy Christmas Harry!" To be honest it doesn't even feel like Christmas today! I'm in a different country where people don't really celebrate Christmas, most people here are actually just working like any normal day so I guess that's good for me if I wanna go check out the Nike Store in Sol! Haha I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Day, most of you aren't even awake right now but that's ok. I don't really remember too much of what happened this week but I can start off with this little story.
    We are at our ward Christmas party and we are just having a good time talking and watching all these little talent show acts (the missionaries had one too). And a member comes up to me and says "Élder Malolo, la persona que va a ser papa Noel nos falló" which means the man who was going to be Santa Claus failed us. Sooo this year Santa got a little tan and more buff! I had to dress up as Santa and give out presents to every single child in the award I had been in for 2 weeks! It was actually pretty funny, I just spoke in English to them. Nobody knew who I was cause they are used to me with glasses but I had them off so it was just a perfect opportunity! After that we did our little skit thing with the missionaries aaaand it was kind of a dance and as you know I like to dance (dancing is a talent #MTCSucks) so it was my time to shine! It was pretty funny we danced to Frozen, Mariah Carey, Zumba Music, all that inicuo missionary stuff!
     I guess another cool thing is every Sunday the elders here and some other missionaries go caroling on the steps of the Temple. Obviously not all missionaries are musically talented but my district happens to be! So when we sang it was loud and proud! The Mission Presidents wife is trying to get us to do a musical number for another Mission Activity.
    My favorite part of the week was yesterday, we had a big Madrid Zone activity for Christmas (my first activity because I had been cast out to the North). I was excited cause I don't know anyone in this mission and as soon as I got there people started quoting a video where I jumped on a statue horse in the middle of this waterfall looking thing and my companion says in this broken English "Elder Malolo say Hi!". I now have my own fan group here in Madrid, and a LOAD of friends here so now I'm ok haha.
     I had an eating contest against this Elder who is from South America but he is a big boy! So we had our plates just loaded with food and I just left this kid in the dust. Just as a beautiful young woman once asked me "Did you even taste your food?";). Everybody was just amazed at what I can eat and the good thing is I have already lost 14kilos so I have a lot of room that I can fill back up!:) 
      I have been inducted into the Ukulele hall of fame as before was Elder Schwenke. I just bring it with me everywhere just in case I have to play it for someone, or I'm on the Renfe, or the Bus, or just on the street!
    So to end, the other day when we were sharing a message with one of our member families, we were talking about Christmas and asked what is the importance of Christmas and their 11 year old daughter answered "Spending time with our families!" And her dad yells "NO!! It is the Birth of Jesus Christ!!!!!" A quote I read a while ago said if you are not celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ you might as well not celebrate Christmas, spending time with the family and giving is something we should always be doing in the first place! 
                                   Recordáis el nacimiento del salvador Jesucristo.  

Élder Malolo Guapo Oso Manolo Samoano 

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Coslada (Land of the Romanians)..Elder Taylor Malolo in Torrejon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!
      This week has been kind of crazy, I found out my area just got
opened up 6 weeks ago for the first time in 9 years! There haven't
been missionaries here for a long time! But in Torrejon (where our
piso is located) the ward there is huge and so many people speak
English and I'm not used to that yet, I'm still in Spanish mode! Haha.
All we have been doing all week is contacting which is fun, but there
is one problem...the people in our area don't speak Spanish or
english!! They speak Romanian!!! About 80% of the people here are from
Rome and they don't want to learn Spanish so I think when I got my
mission call they should have told me I'd be speaking Spanish AND
Romanian cause that's what we have to do! You'd think Romanian would
be pretty simple if you know Spanish...nope. It's literally like a
mixture of German and Spanish with crazy letters and weird
pronunciations but that's ok, I'll get it down eventually!
      So I prayed that my next companion would like to sing, anddddddd
now my companion was in choir! Not only him, but an elder next door
did choir too! And his companion majored in music! We have the most
musically talented district in the mission right now and we got
invited to go sing at a devotional by the Madrid Temple! I'm getting a
lot better at the uke now, I'm at least able to know what the chords
are if someone tells me a note so we are making some Christmas songs,
watch out for our mixtape.
    This area that I'm in is really into basketball, lots of people
are playing in parks and stuff. My companion is about 6'3 so I said
"hey lets go play some people at basketball!" He agreed so we found a
group of guys a little older than us. We decided to play 2v2 and let
me just say Utah has definitely helped me with my basketball and my
companion can dunk! We are just an athletic duo over here haha!
    Since I'm finally in Madrid I guess I can tell you how it is
here! It is freezing and it smells like poop everywhere!! Yeah, not
what I expected but hey I'm in Madrid Spain, I can't be mad at that
right? Still we have no dryer, only a washer, and with winter here it
freezes me clothes when I hang them up. The spaniards here don't have
half as bad as an accent than the North so now when I speak Spanish
everyone is like WHOA where did you learn that!? I say "learned it in
the good ol Gijon/Xixón!
      Yesterday we had a caroling activity at the temple and there
were lots of missionaries going, so when I got there people all knew
each other and I'm like a loner cause I had been castigado (cast out)
to the North my first 6 months. This Hermana comes up to me and says
"I don't think I've met you before what's your name?" I say Elder
Malolo. She says "oh my gosh, wait right here!!" She leaves and comes
running back with her companion and they show me the video of me doing
the slap dance from my first week in Spain!!!!! Then everyone kind of
crowds around me and starts showing me funny videos that my companions
have made with me. I feel like a YouTube star or something but now I
have lots of friends!
      For my lil spiritual thought I don't know if this is super
spiritual but it's something that has now changed our ward (after a
week of me being here). In this Ward there is about half Spanish
speaking people and the other half are Africans. The Africans speak
little Spanish but good English and the Spanish speak little English
and good Spanish. Neither of them want to learn the others language so
there is tension here and it's literally kind of segregated! So I go
into gospel principles and the teacher only speaks Spanish and the
room is divided half African half Spanish. So the missionaries sit on
the Spanish side and I'm like wait...why do I need to sit here? So I
go to the other side and you can hear like gasps as I do that! I sit
down in the middle of the Africans and I start translating what the
teacher is saying into English! Apparently NOBODY has tried to
translate for them! By the end of the class the teacher came up to me
and tells me "I don't think I have ever had so much participation
before this day!" So now my job every Sunday is to translate to the
Africans and help them learn Spanish and stuff!!
  That's about it from my side of the world. I hope you are all doing
great!! I love you all and have an awesome week erbody!!

Con amor
Élder Malolo

Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfers. Elder Taylor Malolo has been transferred to Torrejon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!!
     So transfers were this week, this transfer was only 4 weeks long because of Christmas and the whole native MTC thing, but the next one will be 8 transfers!! As I predicted I'm gettin the heck out of Gijon/Xixon and I'm taking my work tooooooooooooooo......Torrejon! This place is Northeast of Madrid but now I'm in the biggest zone! And my companions name is Elder Phillips! I'm actually going to be finishing his training so this will be great, me, a man a few words and a greenie! I will miss Gijon, it only has the best weather, best atmosphere, and is the most green out of anywhere else but it's all good haha. An Hermana that I was serving with began her mission in Torrejon and she started going off on how good it is, I think I stopped listening once she said "They feed you like everyday!" Cause that's all I'm gonna do now!! 
     Right now I'm on a train and I don't think I'll be getting to madrid any time soon, but I would like to tell you about my leaving experience yesterday at church! It was fast and testimony meeting, and another Hermana I was serving with is going home so everyone knew she was leaving but I didn't say anything about myself. So as the councilor went up to conduct he was reading the paper for announcements. As he read he basically said this in Spanish, "We would like to hear the testimony of Hermana Seegmiller as she is ending her mission, and also Elder Malolo?" He then looked to the branch president and asked "why do we need a special testimony from him?" Branch president says "he's leaving to Torrejon!" Then the councilor looks right at me all surprised and says "Elder Malolo leaves to Torrejon!?!?" And all you hear were gasps from the congregation, no lie!!! People left sacrament meeting to get their journals so I could write in them so I don't know if it's the best idea to not tell anyone you are leaving and have the councilor announce it in sacrament haha.
      I got one of my investigators basically to commit to being baptized as I left. He is the man that didn't believe in God, and he speaks English. So at church, he came, and I was telling him how I'm leaving to Torrejon and he says "really?? So as soon as I meet you guys, you guys leave!? Does that mean you stop visiting?" I said "no no!! They will keep visiting, just with a different missionary in my place!" He tells me "They shouldn't come over because none of them will convince me as you did!" I say "How about this, you keep learning from the missionaries, and one day when I come back, I will come back, I will see you blessing the sacrament!" And he says "ok I will do that!" It's crazy to think he went from not believing in God to believing and wanting more cause The Church of Jesus Crist of Latterday Saints has got more!
      It's really hard to type on this train it's like shaking, I feel like it's literally going to come off the tracks! Les dejaré en paz, and I'll leave you with something interesting I read in Liahona, I'll see if I can find it in English. 
    Ok got it, so this is something I read in Liahona of this month. It's a story with Elder David A. Bednar and he is asking his dad when he will be baptized! This is his dad's response:
"One Sunday I asked my dad when he was going to be baptized. He just smiled and asked me a question. “David, your church teaches that the priesthood was taken from the earth anciently and has been restored by heavenly messengers. If your church truly has the restored priesthood of God, then why are so many of the men in your church no different about doing their priesthood duty than the men in my church?”"

   Could you imagine a response like that? The real question is are we, as worthy priesthood holders of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, doing our priesthood duty? All I can say is that the Lord didn't give us our "talents" so we can bury them. My background for my lock screen says this in Spanish, "Úsalo o Piérdelo" which means "Use it or Lose it!" And might I recommend that we USE IT
      I hope you all have a good week, I know I will cause this week I'll be eating some crazy African food!! I love you all, and I know you love me:) hahaha
    Con cariño 
     Élder Malolo💪🏼

Monday, November 30, 2015

"Hola atea, soy Élder Malolo"

Hola fammmmmmmilia!!
      This week I heard something interesting from an Hermana that is going home after this transfer. She said "I think our investigators are progressing because I'm being more bold knowing that I'll probably never see them again." Then! I realized, wow, I don't want to wait until I'm almost home to be bold! So this week I just handed it to my investigators, and to the people on the street, AND to less actives! It was a great week haha. Our Branch President came out with us and at the end of the day he compared me to Enoch in the Pearl of Great Price Moses 6;37-39. I thought it was pretty cool and funny especially cause it says "a wild man was upon them"! So as a result of my repentance-calling attitude we had even more investigators come to church! Which got me excited cause I'm positive I'll be getting transferred this week to somewhere else. It has been fun in good ol' Gijon, but I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly! 
        Also this week I get another opportunity to use my Ukulele, there is going to be a baptism for a members daughter and they came and asked me if I could do a special musical number with the ukulele. So I have to figure out how to make the children's hymn "Baptism" sound cool on the uke. Something funny that ALWAYS happens is, I carry my ukulele around when we proselyte. People always ask me "Puedes tocar una canción con su violín!?" It looks nothing like a violin! People here have actually never seen a ukulele before! What kind of 3rd world country am I in!?
       I really don't have much to say this week, we worked our butts off and now I'm super tired. Oh now I remember a cool experience! So we were teaching the man who I challenged to pray for a couple days. This time his wife was with us and she is totally against religion in general , when I mean religion I mean Catholicism cause nobody talks about any other church here. So we are "trying" to teach the plan of salvation, you know, when you can live with your families for ETERNITY! And she just kept asking pointless question after pointless question. This was the beginning of my boldness. She asked another pointless question, and when I mean pointless it's not that I don't care it's that it has nothing to do with their salvation. So I say "Sorry to be a little strong, but we came here to teach you how you can live with your family for eternity, I'm not here because I get paid, I'm not here because they give us little star stickers every time we teach somebody, I'm not here to take your money, I'm here because these things are true and that they will bless you more than you can comprehend!" She didn't say a single word after that. Finally when we got to the end of the lesson I was explaining the 3 kingdom glories, and I was talking about the celestial kingdom, "This is why we are here, we want everybody to have the opportunity to know that they can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again along with our families, wouldn't you want to live with your family again?" She started crying and she said Yes. Afterwards I invited here to be baptized but she said no because she doesn't have Faith, but she told us this, "I want to know if our Heavenly Father is there!" So I asked her Husband (who I challenged to pray) how his experience went with praying. He said, "The only thing I got out of it was that I'm praying, I wasn't given an answer" so I said "Then you didn't pray everyday" he admitted to us that he missed 2 days of praying so I had to lay it down to him that if he wants an answer he has to be diligent and obedient to the invitations we give him. We re invited him to pray but this time with his wife as well and they agreed. That Sunday they both came to church, and told me afterwards that praying together has helped their relationship as a couple!! 
    Well Geewiz the gospel is working??? What!? The Gospel ALWAYS works. 100% of the time, 11/10, Forever. Don't settle for anything less than progression!
   Con Amorrrrrrrr
   Élder Oso

Monday, November 23, 2015

Some awesome pictures of Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Elder Malolo is standing next to Elder Muller. They are going to be great friends. They Jam on the Ukulele! This is Elder Malolo's Zone

Our handsome and obedient Elder Taylor Malolo. He loves to sing and play his Ukulele

Saturday, November 21, 2015

🎶I live a life I deserve, BLESSED🎶

Hola familiaaaaa
    What it's Saturday!? Well just found out 2 days ago that our
"PDAY" for next week is today and that all next week we won't have
PDay. I think it's a dumb idea cause I mean nothing extraordinary
happened cause I've been traveling everywhere! Soooo just wanted to
inform you all that I don't have PDay next Monday. As for that, right
now I am in León, for a big district conference and also Zone
Conference with the other missionaries. We had a big game of soccer
and it was so fun, I finally got to play sports with other
missionaries! We also played against some kids who are on the 2nd
string Real Madrid team and wow they can sure play haha. Yesterday we
had a big dinner with everybody and it was hilarious, I don't know
what happened but I ended up being voted "The favorite missionary"! I
don't know if that really means anything but I like it!!
  This email is going to be short cause there literally isn't anything to say.
    This next week coming up, my companion and I are going to do some
experimenting with the missionary work. I'm actually really excited
for it but I'll just have to update you guys when our actual Pday
comes around! I love you all!
Con cariño
Élder Malolo

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Best Joke Ever Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Q: Que es la diferencia entre una pera y una novia de un misionero?
A: Una espera y la otra no espera


Monday, November 16, 2015

7 Day Prayer Challenge ELder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

ola que tal familia!?
  This week has been freaking hilarious with my new native companion!
We get a long so well it's kind of weird, cause we are from 2
different sides of the world, basically. He is really good at teaching
but so am I!! Well....in English, but yeah I'm getting there! He is a
great example to learn from and he is amazed at the way I speak
because Americans with no Hispanic background or anything you can just
tell when they talk. With me he said "you speak as if you speak
Spanish in your house" the way I pronounce things. Words from the
street that I picked up that I shouldn't really use but it works
better when we contact. An investigator of ours came up to me and said
"You have the coolest accent!" I said "What, like an American
accent??" He replied "No, it's like...different. You speak like a
formal slang!" That doesn't make sense to me but I have come to the
conclusion that I speak Poly Spanish. A me elder came up to me today
and asked if I was about to go home and I'm like nah I have a long
time and he thought that I had been out for a while just because of
the way I speak! I sure I'm progressing with Spanish as well as people
say I am!
  We are finally getting Gijón started with missionary work. I had a
long chat with the leaders here which has now led to an activity every
2nd Sunday as missionary day for the Priests and Elders, where we all
go out and contact. Then we have Super Saturday where everyone goes
out and we go on splits and stuff with them! Fun stuff, I'm liking
this whole missionary work thing haha.
  We found a family from Rome with a mother and 2 children (9 and 13
years old boys). We invited them to a Noche de Hogar and when the day
came the mom told us she is going to drop her sons off (kind of like a
day care) so we were like ohhhhhh ok...we continued on with the NdH.
What happened next was probably the best thing ever. We taught them
the restoration and we literally began like this, I said "it's all
really easy, God is our father and he loves everyone of us!" Then the
13 year old says "Kind of like our Heavenly Father or something!" By
the end of the lesson him and his younger brother just soaked in
everything and said that they know it's true because if it wasn't they
wouldn't be feeling such good emotions! Emotions? Feelings?
Sentimientos is what I want to say but yeah I don't know English
anymore. The next time we stopped by them the boys had taught their
mom the whole lesson that we gave them and she said "I have never seen
my kids so happy!". Hey I'm telling you people the Gospel works just
try it!
  Which comes to my las little story. We met another family on the
street, the mom is from Gijón the father is from Zambia. They have a
son with 12 years and wow they have every doubt in the world about
church in general. So they invited us over and the first time we went
(I was with Elder Schwenke) it was just a flood of questions and
doubts, so we solved them! The next time was with Elder Castro and the
Man from Zambia can speak English so I teach in English but Elder
Castro can't so it was kind of all me. What it came down to was this,
The man said to me "You keep telling me all these things about how God
will bless me but the thing is I don't believe in God, why doesn't he
just come to me like Joseph Smith??" So I translated to my companion
and he began to talk but here is something that I have realized on the
mission. Sometimes people are scared to talk to other people, and with
that they are to scared or shy to tell the investigator what they need
to hear. Sometimes after lessons I have had companions tell me "I had
a feeling to say this but I didn't cause I was scared". Sorry to be
fuerte, but they were denying the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and I
ain't about that life. So I felt a prompting to tell this man
something I said:
Me- "If you were to find out God exists, what would you do?"
Man-"I would follow him , of course!"
Me-"How do you expect to know he is there without asking him anything?"
Man-"How do I ask him then?"
Me-"You pray to him, you talk to him, he is your father and he wants
to hear you!"
Man-"I don't believe that he can hear me, I have no faith that he will
answer me!"
Me-"Ok, we are going to kneel down right now"
I get up and kneel down at his coffee table and wave him to come kneel
down. He comes and kneels next to me.
Me-"We are going to teach you to pray" I teach him how to pray "Now, I
want you to do this for a week straight, I want you every night to
kneel beside your bed and think for 10 seconds of blessings in your
life, then you are going to pray, after you are done you will wait 10
more seconds in complete silence and you are going to listen"
Man-"Listen to what?"
Me-"Just listen...then you can go to bed. If you do this for 7 days
,with real intent, you will feel a change. I'm not promising you an
answer, but a change. Will we see you at church tomorrow?"
Man-"I will try to go."
The next day (Yesterday) he didn't come to church....until the final
hour, we forgot to tell him the schedule (I know, we are fools
right!?) he came up to me after the class had finished, with the
biggest smile on his face and he tells me this, "I prayed yesterday,
the first prayer I have ever prayed and I felt something, I felt good!
I will continue your experiment and I will see you Saturday!"
  I just wanna TESTIFY that the Gospel is true. That it NEVER FAILS.
There is a reason Moroni asks us to pray and ask if these things are
NOT true, because he already knows it is true. Anyone who says it
isn't, has never tried it. Anyone who believes the Book of Mormon
isn't true, has never read it. Anyone who thinks Joseph Smith was not
a true prophet, has never prayed about it. It isn't hard, it is so
easy what we have to do, it's just the excuses that we make that make
them harder.
Con Amor
Élder Malolo

Monday, November 9, 2015

Elder Taylor Malolo and his companion singing in Gijon, Spain

Pictures from the week. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

110% Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia mía!
  This week we finally started to see our hard work pay off! I can't
tell you how hard we work over here, so many things that are illegal
for us to do, so many drunk people, we can't even have doors shut in
our face because we need to have a key for the apartment buildings,
and when we do get let in the police come and get us, people trying to
fight us because we are trying to "hit on their girlfriend" when we
are just trying to contact, weird things! But hard work pays off. Last
week was the last one for transfers, and the last one for elder
Schwenke. I remember one day saying "I don't understand how we can do
all of this work and not have even the slightest of success!"
Missionary work literally makes you want to just flipar (to flip out).
Until yesterday, Sunday, came by. We came to church for consejo and
talked about our investigators and like always we focused on ones who
could come to church. At this point none of our investigators have
ever come for about 6 months, even before I got here the most
investigators that have come are 3. After leaving consejo we went back
to piso really fast to grab the ukulele. When we got back 8 of our
investigators came to church, 3 members who had been inactive for 5
years came, and we had young men who we had been passing by come and
pass the sacrament. The reason I'm over here testifying of 110% is
because the people who came were the ones we found at the end of the
day. Missionaries get an extra 30min to get home if you are teaching,
and all of them were during that short 30min that we have. Two of them
being people who told us that there is no God, then after sacrament
meeting invited us over again later this week. I don't think I have
been that happy on my mission yet! It's one thing to experience the
gospel for yourself but when you get the chance to see it in others it
makes you realize how much you should enjoy it....if that makes sense?
Haha other than that Elder Schwenke and I got a long really really
well, singing and teaching me uke, how to eliminate excuses, and work
hard while still being human. One thing I was told this week was this
from a member "You are the first missionary that I've seen teach the
gospel and be a normal human being at the same time!" Which is kind of
like who, I thought we were supposed to do that haha. Nothing much to
talk about, just picked up my new companion Elder Castro, he is from
Colombia and doesn't speak English! Soooooooooo, yeah! Either he is
going to learn English or I am going to learn Spanish haha.
    So this week I learned a very valuable lesson on why 0 should
never be a goal. Because it isn't a goal! It's as simple as that. I
went on an intercambio as a trio and while we were daily planning they
said "Ok we are going to have no member withs because nobody wants to
come out with us" then they wrote 0 in that spot. So I had to
interrupt, "Sorry to be a little fuerte but 0 isn't a goal, it's a
lack of faith." And they were like the scriptures say "struck dumb"
and realized how true it is. We should always be aiming for something,
to better ourselves, to better someone else, something! But enough of
that before I go off on a rant.
    Have a great week! I have carpel tunnel over here trying to type
so quickly cause I need to email everyone. I also need to learn
Spanish cause now my companion doesn't understand me and English jokes
aren't funny in Spanish....
Mucho amor,
Élder Malolo

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mezclando Lava!?!? Eder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Qué tal familia mía!?
        Another week down, last one of the transfer! Elder Schwenke is obviously going home and honestly anything can happen up here so I don't know what to expect. Also, I have been here for an eternity and a day, at this point people that I have contacted in the past say hola and stuff and we have a normal conversation always ending with me inviting them to learn about the gospel and they say no haha. I pass by stores where the owners or workers can see us from the window and they wave and yell "Hasta Luego!" Which just means "Have a nice day!" Sooooo I'm only a big deal over here;)
      Something that is super fun to do if you are a missionary!! Ask people how old they think you are!! It's funny the answer you get sometimes! So this week a woman we met on the street that's an English teacher invited us to help teach her class at the "Colegio de los Idiomas". So we showed up and we were planning to be there from 4pm to 9:30pm. With about 3 different classes and over 30 people in each class! We weren't able to talk about the Gospel BUT we got to sing for them! We were able to talk individually to most people and a lot of them said this "Wow I have seen you guys on the street and honestly I wouldn't have talked to you at all but now I think I might!" Kind of awkward but hey, at least they will talk to us now! At one point they asked us to do the Haka, so we did of course, Elder Schwenke and I are showmen. While we did it people from German classes, Chinese classes, and others ran into our room and started recording us and all applauded!! I felt like I was right back home at Aloha Fest hahaha. I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to just talk to someone learning English but it's definitely a fun experience to help them! Especially when you are learning Spanish and Spanish speakers are all impatient with you so it's a little payback;)
       This week also was a momentous moment in Asturias (The general name of where I serve). So we had been talking with the Branch President of Aviles, an area that hasn't had missionaries for 3 years, and we were planning on doing a Blitz over there where we just contact all day and do missionary work. So what started off as 8 missionaries going ended up being 2, Elder Schwenke and I. The president told us it's ok if we don't come cause the plans are kind of falling apart but we were like nah lets do this!! We went to Aviles with a small list of people to pass by and all the time in the world to contact. We contacted through medio dia for about 8 hours, and we had a TON of success!!! This became known as "El Milagro de Avilés" for the members. Haha it's funny how much the Gospel has changed me in such weird ways. I wouldn't dare sing to anybody unless it were just myself and a mirror but now I'm singing in front of tons of people in Spanish!?!? What the heck Elder Malolo is that you!?;) ya dang right!
      Alright, don't wanna bore you guys with my stories so I'll bore you with my spiritual thought this week. I was chosen again to teach a class for church this week and I like to do it alone just to torture myself with Spanish without help from anyone else. I had the opportunity to teach from chapter 24 from Teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson called "Una vida centrada en Cristo". I was originally going to just type this all in Spanish but I decided not to cause I think only like 5 people I email speak Spanish.
       In the very beginning, President Benson gives testimony that we can only follow the Saviors example with his help. Saying:

“I know the Lord lives. I know that He loves us. I know that apart from Him no one can succeed, but as a partner with Him no one can fail. I know that God can make a lot more out of our lives than we can. May we all have the moral courage from this moment forward to more fully strive each day to think on Christ, learn of Him, walk in His steps, and do what He would have us do.”

I invite you all to read this chapter, as you read you will come to the part when President Benson speaks of Christlike attributes. One in particular REALLY interests me:

"Another attribute described by Peter as being part of the divine nature is temperance. [A temperate person] is restrained in his emotions and verbal expressions. He does things in moderation and is not given to overindulgence. In a word, he has self-control. He is the master of his emotions, not the other way around."

I had the PERFECT example of that last week. Us and the Hermanas were eating at our branch presidents house. We were having soup and it had like bananas and meat and stuff ya know, Colombian food. An Hermana sitting next to me did something I don't know but spilled a ton of her soup right on my lap, even though it was scolding hot and all over my suit I kept cool, nobody really knew what happened but the Hermana started crying for some reason out of embarrassment. So I stood up and asked to go to the bathroom and clean up as much as I could and sat down and continued eating. At this point I forgave her already (I worked really hard on forgiveness a while ago). So for me the rest of the dinner appointment was fine! The Hermana kept asking "are you mad at me?" I said "no of course not, it's not like you meant to do it" she said "Is there anything I can do? I'll pay for you to get it cleaned?" I said "No it's alright, you just need to forgive yourself". 

WHAAAAAT!?!? Ok I'm still working on humility, but man how good am I at Temperance am I right!?;) I don't have too much time today, I hope you all had an amazing week to come. Ill just be in a different country trying to figure out what I'm being fed and being yelled at in a different language. Peace!
Con mucho amor
Élder Malolo