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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Elder Taylor Malolo's Letter from March 28th, 2015...Provo MTC

Hello FamBam!
Another week another P day wooo!!! Everyday just builds more and more to my testimony. Its awesome to read your letters and emails and to know whats going at home! Over here everything is going well! My old companion that left to spain with his visa sent a picture of him proselyting with his new companion and the background looks amazing!! IF there is anything I need its an umbrella because its raining everyday over in Spain!!  We started teaching more and more people and its getting easier and easier to teach the lessons! But obviously we havent gotten to Word of Wisdom or La Ley de Castidad ( law of chastity) but those are 2 that I really want to get out of the way so I know how to teach that out on the field! Its kinda weird realizing that everyday is basically Sunday for us. All I read are the scriptures and those other books they told us to bring, and listen to EFY music which sounds like kidsbop mormon music.  So I heard that everyone has been working hard at home but at the same time there have been some problems. The other day I received my patriarchal blessing in my letter and I read it that night. The ending goes a little something like this. " Your family has sacrificed so much to get you where you are, and they are willing and more than happy to sacrifice more if they need to" I understand it can be hard to get along but if there is anything I ask of you guys is that you sacrifice a little more everyday while im gone. Try to hold it together and I know that through my promises you will be blessed tremendously! There have been nothing but blessings since ive been here and i hope that the same is happening at home! I forgot to bring my journal today so ill have to stop by and grab it on the way back to the computer lab later today. Love you all and miss you so much!
Love your son and brother,
Elder Malolo

Hi Everyone! As you can read above Elder Malolo is doing very well while he is in training at the Provo, MTC. His FBI clearance is now in the data base which indicates that he may be receiving the necessary documentation to move forward with his VISA and get him on a plane to Madrid.  ELder Malolo continues to enjoy his experience at the Provo MTC.   
This week I will be sending out his Easter box on Monday.  So if anyone wants to wrote a letter or send anything to Elder Malolo I will be glad to add it to the box that I am sending to him on Monday. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

LOVE AT HOME ...Elder Taylor Malolo's Farewell song by the Samoan Choir


Copy and past the above file and hopefully you will be able to hear the song. It was a lovely presentation by our friends and family of the Samoan community.  I accompanied the group on the piano.  There is Beauty all around, when there's love at home....xoxo

Elder Taylor Malolos airport sendoff 2015

Here is an amazing send off presented by Taylor's Uncle Brent and his family and friends( dancers with Kilali's Polynesian Revue owned and run by Gladys and Nauma Apely, our family.  Watch it til the end.  It is a beautiful moment for sure. I took this angle so that you can see Taylor and his reaction to this experience.  We do have other angles if you want to see Brent and the boys as they present to Elder Malolo.  Taylor started polynesian dancing later in his life.  Stacy who is in the turquoise and jeans in the video has been a dancer for years. Sama, my husband, and his friends and family( Gladys, Uma, Sama, Brent and so many more) professionally danced in Hawaii at the world renowned Polynesian Cultural Center. This send off is definitely poly style at it's best.

Elder Malolo's Family letter received March 21st, 2015 Provo, MTC

Hello Family!!
Everything is going well over here at the Utah MTC, even though its not the Madrid MTC! Im supposed to be here for a reason thats for sure! My companion left to Madrid on Tuesday and left me to be a trio with the other 2 missionaries in my District. They had a lot of problems when teaching, Only one would talk the whole time and the investigator and his companion never said a word the whole lesson. After sitting in with them as a "member" I learned what they could both work on. After meeting with them and discussing with other teachers how to create lessons we had such a good lesson that one of our investigators actually wants to go to church this sunday! Even though he was really confused about the Iron Rod vision, and i never knew that untill now but it is really hard to explain that in Espanol...BUT thanks to the Gospel Art Book we were able to describe it well enough! I didnt think i would use that book at all but ive used it for half of my lessons and it has really worked out well! Now me and my companions are doing really well, we actually taught 5 people in one day on thursday and that was so exhausting. Everyday is kind of exhausting but that means that im actually doing something! My body is adjusting to going to bed 10:30 and waking up at 6:30 and I've began doing workouts with the new district because they all like doing some physical activity from ultimate frisbee to rugby. One of my companions is actually going to the Cincinnati Ohio mission so i was able to tell him a little about Ohio and how he will totally love it over there. Im getting really good at volleyball over here, they call me Captain Planet because i save all of them haha. Our Zone theme song is "Im in love with Malolo" because im kind of the coolest one over here haha jk. I hope you are all doing well together, im doing amazingly over here growing, learning, and teaching everyday and every opportunity i can! My patriarchal and setting apart blessings are all coming true and thats just another reason why I love the Lord so much! You all better love the Lord to, because thats not an option to not love him haha. Baby West is growing up so fast! I havent grown any different other than growing a weird creepy pedophile mustache. I said ill shave once they send me out of here. I havent gotten the card yet but it takes a while to send packages over here for some reason. Hopefully I wont have to stay here for too long, though im glad that ive gotten to meet the people here! Hang in there and trust and rely on the Lord, he performs MIRACLES! I mean look at me, im speaking spanish when i can barely even speak english! Much love and miss all of you guys so so much! Pray daily and give thanks for what we have. A prayer isnt just asking for blessings such as patience, its asking for opportunities to be patient! Since i know you all miss me so much, here is a little picture of me from our temple walk day on sunday! cant wait to here back from all of you! Oh and im learning how to sing, and its going really well but we dont need to talk about that haha.
Love your son who you all love so very much,
Elder Malolo

Elder Malolo taking a break while out on their Sunday temple walk day!
MY CAPTAIN PLANET!!! Love you son xoxo

Friday, March 20, 2015

Elder Malolo busy at the Provo MTC

Hi everyone! It's Elder Malolo's mom checking in! I called the FBI clearance office and they are up to Dec 31st , 2014.  Elder Malolo's FBI application was submitted Jan 2nd , 2015 so we are getting closer to getting his much needed paperwork.  At this time his departure date from the Provo MTC is April 14th. Keep the prayers comin'!!  

Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5

Hola mi familia!
Hey guys I miss you all so much! Hope all is well at home, Im getting all your mail but I dont have much time to hand write anything back to you all. My P days are on saturday so at 7am I use the computers to email and also at 8-9am. Everything here is great! The spirit is wonderful and im feeling it 24/7 it makes me wish you were here!! The food here is disgusting so I just eat salad and drink water hoping ill lose weight. My companion is Jack Renner, he also doesnt have his visa but just got it the other day so he will be leaving me on tuesday. Our investigators have been going really well. We have gotten baptism confirmations out of both of them! Our whole day is planned out so theres no time to just hang out. My sleep schedule is fixed now so I get to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 6:30! Other than that its basically speaking spanish all day! Being over here on my own really doesnt feel that different because me, my companion and my roomates are always together so its like a little family! Me and my companion were chosen as Zone Leaders so we lead our whole zone. The other day Kuresa Suesue was here and we talked about aloha fest.   Hope all is well at home, miss and love you guys and praying about you everyday! 
Your dear elder Malolo!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The day after Elder Malolo's report date to the Provo MTC

Good morning to all.  This is Elder Malolo's mom, Lauri.  I will be managing Elder Malolo's blog while he is away serving his 2 year LDS mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter Day Saints.  I will tell you that the day after is, well the day after! Weird, quiet, real and of course filled with mixed emotions.
Sama and I had the pleasure of taking Taylor to the MTC in Provo.  The day that I picked up all of his things from Pomeroys Missionary store was my reality! It was a gloomy rainy day which doesn't happen often in sunny Arizona.  Taylor's girlfriend has been very supportive as always. We love her dearly.  She was helping us right up til the last minute.  Packing and keeping everyone on task! We had family pictures 2 hours before we had to leave for the airport.  I will say that we have had some really amazing moments along this journey to his departure. One of the best would be the emotional and incredibly heartfelt send off given by Taylor's friends and family.  I will post the video to share the experience.
As we walked away from everyone Taylor looked at me and said "never turn around". We have agreed that when you turn around it is the hardest moment of the goodbye.  I looked at him and said "turn around, just do it" and he did as he waved his last goodbye to everyone.  He was pretty quiet from that moment on. I wondered what he was thinking. What were his thoughts at that moment and how was he truly feeling? We landed in Utah around midnight. We had our prayer and headed to bed. The next morning came quickly. My heart was racing and my emotions were running high. I knew I needed to keep the energy up although I was already wiping tears from my eyes! It took me about 10 tries to get my contacts in my eyes!
We headed over to the Provo Temple after we had breakfast  to take some pictures before we took Taylor to the MTC. As we were driving Taylor asked me how many minutes until we arrive at the MTC? I looked at my GPS and said "9 minutes". Shortly after I felt Taylor's  hand rest on my right shoulder as I heard him quietly begin to cry. At that moment it became so real, so real that he was really going away for 2 years to serve the Lord. We stopped at a red light.  I got out of the car and sat in the back seat with Taylor.  I held his hand and reassured him that everything will be ok.  We pulled up to the MTC and we were greeted by a gentleman who was so cheerful and welcoming. He directed us where to go. When we reached our final drop off point Taylor was assigned a Host Elder who accompanied him to his new home for the next 6 weeks. We shared a few photos together and gave Taylor our last goodbyes for 2 years as he serves the Lord diligently.  Taylor had his luggage and walked away with all of the loving support from the current missionaries.   Taylor didn't look back this time :').  As he walked away out of our distance we quietly got in the car and pulled away. Such mixed emotions were going through my mind. Needless to say we sent a care package that same day. I forgot to give him his case for his eyeglasses. I added some treats and candies!  We received his letter on Saturday.  xoxo

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hey everybody, well today is my last day with my parents until the they drop me off at the MTC! Im feeling so many emotions that im kind of just straight faced at this point haha. Lets just hope ive already used up all my tears. The last thing i need is another crying picture of me! This morning we went to the village inn and i ordered as much as i could  since i cant really trust my own cooking for the next 2 years. I love and miss everybody  and i know that i will have your best prayers and wishes. I will keep you all updated once i get out into the field, hopefully ill have some great stories with a better testimony to go with it! Fa'afetai lava, adios, and farewell

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Called To Serve Elder Malolo

Tonight I was set apart by my Stake President.  I am officially Elder Taylor Malolo.  I asked a few of my closest friends and relatives to be present in this amazing moment.  I need to continue packing and getting ready for my departure tomorrow night.  I am really tired tonight and am going to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow.  I am as ready as I will ever be.  See you tomorrow