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Friday, March 20, 2015

Elder Malolo busy at the Provo MTC

Hi everyone! It's Elder Malolo's mom checking in! I called the FBI clearance office and they are up to Dec 31st , 2014.  Elder Malolo's FBI application was submitted Jan 2nd , 2015 so we are getting closer to getting his much needed paperwork.  At this time his departure date from the Provo MTC is April 14th. Keep the prayers comin'!!  

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Hola mi familia!
Hey guys I miss you all so much! Hope all is well at home, Im getting all your mail but I dont have much time to hand write anything back to you all. My P days are on saturday so at 7am I use the computers to email and also at 8-9am. Everything here is great! The spirit is wonderful and im feeling it 24/7 it makes me wish you were here!! The food here is disgusting so I just eat salad and drink water hoping ill lose weight. My companion is Jack Renner, he also doesnt have his visa but just got it the other day so he will be leaving me on tuesday. Our investigators have been going really well. We have gotten baptism confirmations out of both of them! Our whole day is planned out so theres no time to just hang out. My sleep schedule is fixed now so I get to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 6:30! Other than that its basically speaking spanish all day! Being over here on my own really doesnt feel that different because me, my companion and my roomates are always together so its like a little family! Me and my companion were chosen as Zone Leaders so we lead our whole zone. The other day Kuresa Suesue was here and we talked about aloha fest.   Hope all is well at home, miss and love you guys and praying about you everyday! 
Your dear elder Malolo!

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