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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Elder Malolo's Family letter received March 21st, 2015 Provo, MTC

Hello Family!!
Everything is going well over here at the Utah MTC, even though its not the Madrid MTC! Im supposed to be here for a reason thats for sure! My companion left to Madrid on Tuesday and left me to be a trio with the other 2 missionaries in my District. They had a lot of problems when teaching, Only one would talk the whole time and the investigator and his companion never said a word the whole lesson. After sitting in with them as a "member" I learned what they could both work on. After meeting with them and discussing with other teachers how to create lessons we had such a good lesson that one of our investigators actually wants to go to church this sunday! Even though he was really confused about the Iron Rod vision, and i never knew that untill now but it is really hard to explain that in Espanol...BUT thanks to the Gospel Art Book we were able to describe it well enough! I didnt think i would use that book at all but ive used it for half of my lessons and it has really worked out well! Now me and my companions are doing really well, we actually taught 5 people in one day on thursday and that was so exhausting. Everyday is kind of exhausting but that means that im actually doing something! My body is adjusting to going to bed 10:30 and waking up at 6:30 and I've began doing workouts with the new district because they all like doing some physical activity from ultimate frisbee to rugby. One of my companions is actually going to the Cincinnati Ohio mission so i was able to tell him a little about Ohio and how he will totally love it over there. Im getting really good at volleyball over here, they call me Captain Planet because i save all of them haha. Our Zone theme song is "Im in love with Malolo" because im kind of the coolest one over here haha jk. I hope you are all doing well together, im doing amazingly over here growing, learning, and teaching everyday and every opportunity i can! My patriarchal and setting apart blessings are all coming true and thats just another reason why I love the Lord so much! You all better love the Lord to, because thats not an option to not love him haha. Baby West is growing up so fast! I havent grown any different other than growing a weird creepy pedophile mustache. I said ill shave once they send me out of here. I havent gotten the card yet but it takes a while to send packages over here for some reason. Hopefully I wont have to stay here for too long, though im glad that ive gotten to meet the people here! Hang in there and trust and rely on the Lord, he performs MIRACLES! I mean look at me, im speaking spanish when i can barely even speak english! Much love and miss all of you guys so so much! Pray daily and give thanks for what we have. A prayer isnt just asking for blessings such as patience, its asking for opportunities to be patient! Since i know you all miss me so much, here is a little picture of me from our temple walk day on sunday! cant wait to here back from all of you! Oh and im learning how to sing, and its going really well but we dont need to talk about that haha.
Love your son who you all love so very much,
Elder Malolo

Elder Malolo taking a break while out on their Sunday temple walk day!
MY CAPTAIN PLANET!!! Love you son xoxo

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