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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Elder Taylor Malolos airport sendoff 2015

Here is an amazing send off presented by Taylor's Uncle Brent and his family and friends( dancers with Kilali's Polynesian Revue owned and run by Gladys and Nauma Apely, our family.  Watch it til the end.  It is a beautiful moment for sure. I took this angle so that you can see Taylor and his reaction to this experience.  We do have other angles if you want to see Brent and the boys as they present to Elder Malolo.  Taylor started polynesian dancing later in his life.  Stacy who is in the turquoise and jeans in the video has been a dancer for years. Sama, my husband, and his friends and family( Gladys, Uma, Sama, Brent and so many more) professionally danced in Hawaii at the world renowned Polynesian Cultural Center. This send off is definitely poly style at it's best.

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