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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Elder Taylor Malolo's Letter from March 28th, 2015...Provo MTC

Hello FamBam!
Another week another P day wooo!!! Everyday just builds more and more to my testimony. Its awesome to read your letters and emails and to know whats going at home! Over here everything is going well! My old companion that left to spain with his visa sent a picture of him proselyting with his new companion and the background looks amazing!! IF there is anything I need its an umbrella because its raining everyday over in Spain!!  We started teaching more and more people and its getting easier and easier to teach the lessons! But obviously we havent gotten to Word of Wisdom or La Ley de Castidad ( law of chastity) but those are 2 that I really want to get out of the way so I know how to teach that out on the field! Its kinda weird realizing that everyday is basically Sunday for us. All I read are the scriptures and those other books they told us to bring, and listen to EFY music which sounds like kidsbop mormon music.  So I heard that everyone has been working hard at home but at the same time there have been some problems. The other day I received my patriarchal blessing in my letter and I read it that night. The ending goes a little something like this. " Your family has sacrificed so much to get you where you are, and they are willing and more than happy to sacrifice more if they need to" I understand it can be hard to get along but if there is anything I ask of you guys is that you sacrifice a little more everyday while im gone. Try to hold it together and I know that through my promises you will be blessed tremendously! There have been nothing but blessings since ive been here and i hope that the same is happening at home! I forgot to bring my journal today so ill have to stop by and grab it on the way back to the computer lab later today. Love you all and miss you so much!
Love your son and brother,
Elder Malolo

Hi Everyone! As you can read above Elder Malolo is doing very well while he is in training at the Provo, MTC. His FBI clearance is now in the data base which indicates that he may be receiving the necessary documentation to move forward with his VISA and get him on a plane to Madrid.  ELder Malolo continues to enjoy his experience at the Provo MTC.   
This week I will be sending out his Easter box on Monday.  So if anyone wants to wrote a letter or send anything to Elder Malolo I will be glad to add it to the box that I am sending to him on Monday. 

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