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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another great week for Elder Malolo in Utah while he is awaiting for his Visa to travel to Spain

Buenas Tardes!
   This week has gone by so quickly!! I have a couple pictures of half my zone but ill be sure to send some later of the actual people in it. Guess who has an IPad?? Me!!! And Spain just became an Ipad mission starting May 7th! Having an Ipad makes the work here a LOT easier especially being able to look up conference talks! On Sunday me and Elder Duncan had to give a talk during one of our wards and they all really liked it. So far everyone from the Wards are really nice, especially since every day we have dinner at a members house haha. We work out really hard every morning and run 2 miles in the morning about twice a week! Every PDay we get to go shopping for food and needs, and luckily I know how to make good foods for breakfast which is the only meal we really have to worry about in the day. On Saturday we entered the pinewood derby with the younger scouts as a member bonding activity and we got 27th place out of 57 people!! We only spent 45min on the car an hour before the races started! We won 2 races and came in second for the rest of them:) I have a picture of the car that ill send in a second. I won a stick pull contest against one of the wards so basically I can come home and walk on to ASU for stick pulling. We had a service activity this week as well and it was great because I got to talk to the rest of my zone that I dont get to see as often and they all said that when my visa comes they will rip it up so I have to stay here because they dont want me to leave! Im really loving it over here in Utah! But Im never coming back after this sooooo..on to the work! We have so many lessons planned for the week and about 99.9% of them fall through. The rest that we do get to teach go SO well! We met a lady named Audrey who we were able to get on date for the 16th for baptism! and Yesterday we were able to get another one, James, On date for baptism as well!! Hopefully we can keep them on track for that time! We saw them both at church yesterday so thats definitely a sign that they are willing to commit:) I cant believe I might have 2 baptisms under my belt by the time I get to Spain! As for my transportation methods here we usually bike BUT what the heck is up with all the giant hills here in Utah??? They are like mountain sized and we have to ride our bikes up them everyday! Its definitely helping me with losing weight though, and my pants are already getting kinda loose haha my belts are sure coming in handy while out here!  Oh...and about funny things, I dont know what the mission does to you out here but for some reason my humor level is at an all time low! I basically laugh at anything..So be prepared for when I get home and just have the worst sense of humor! So Elder Duncan has a USB for a mini video player and it has a bunch of disney songs and LDS songs and country music. Im getting use to country music over here, especially when its kind of the only thing we can listen to! We also have like rap sessions and I make the beat and Elder Duncan raps so maybe one day we will have a video of it to send home! Im so excited to call home for mothers day!!! Im also kinda sad since its so early in the mission as well but I do miss talking to you all especially when you send me pictures of Lil West and hes making all sorts of sounds now! The other day we had dinner at a members house and one of the daughters played the piano to some songs that I knew and so we were like a duet, it was pretty awesome! I dont know if I told you but I know more spanish hymns than english hymns so in church ill be singing half in english and half in spanish only cause I only know the spanish words!! Im trying hard to keep my spanish alive, its good because we have 2 elders from El Salvador and Mexico. That help me with it whenever we get together. Not much else happened that I can think of at the moment. If I think of something else I can maybe message you all later from the church on my IPad.  Everyone is amazed at how well i am getting along, because the new kids that came with me still barely talk at all. But you know, its because im the coolest person here!:) Amo ustedes todos!! Tiene un maravilloso semana!! no espero para sus cartas:) 
Con Amor y Paz,
Elder Malolo Guapo Oso

The missionaries were able to attend the Pinewood Derby with the scouts.  Elder Malolo is an Eagle Scout with 3 pinewood derby's under his belt.  

They only had about 45 min to make their car and they sure did!!! What a great time!

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