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Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Malolo preparing to Leave the MTC

Buenos Dias Familia!,
Everything is great here en el CCM (the mtc) I cant wait to get out to the field even though I probably dont know enough spanish to hold up a simple conversation about life without mentioning the plan of salvation or el evangelio de Jesucristo!  --This is Elder Jensen, Elder Malolo hopped off to get breakfast, so I decided I'd start typing on his email. You guys have an awesome son, he's gonna do great things. He leaves a week before I do, so I'm a little sad to see him go. But he's gonna be an amazing missionary, whether it be in Spain or in Salt Lake. Not that you know me or anything, but best wishes from Elder Jensen!-- Well that was Elder Jensen, hes a great kid!  Got an email from auggie and he was just checking in to see how its goin here at the MTC and his spanish is great! Even though Puerto Rican spanish will be completely different from Spanish. And the Spanish im learning here isnt what Ill be using in Spain!! So ill just learn once I get out there! My zone is sad that Im leaving on Tuesday! Im sad to leave them also but I know ill stay in contact with them. Conference was awesome! Talked a lot about families and marriage and love which all 3 you cannot have here at the MTC haha. My favorite talk was by one of the 70 and he spoke about the Indian dancer. And how the indian could teach him how to dance but you would have to hear the music! I really liked that first of all because I miss dancing so much, since we arent allowed to dance here at the MTC. And second, It makes a lot of sense comparing it to an investigator. Missionaries are here to teach baptism, endurance, and to bring others unto Cristo. But how much will the investigator understand if they "cant hear the music"? Thats why everyday Im getting better and better at spanish so that I can make sure that not only am I teaching my investigators how to dance, but im also giving them the opportunity to hear the music because nothing is more beautiful than seeing someone dance in the rhythm of the Lord! Another talk I really enjoyed was during Priesthood session i think, with Pres Uchtdorf, when he spoke about the Queen coming down to visit some land and the Leader of that land made his soldiers make it look like the land was doing really well but in reality they were all in poverty. I liked to compare that to our understanding of the Gospel. One saying that ive heard out here was "fake it till you make it" and yeah that makes sense in some situations but do we really want that as a missionary or as a servant of the Lord? We all need to make sure that before we start to preach to people that we have an understanding of what we teach, we need to make sure that our "village" isnt in poverty but in fact a thriving city always looking for opportunities to grow! On thursday we had a testimony meeting with our teacher Hermana White because 3 of our district head out monday morning and she wont see them. So after an awkward silence following one of the sisters who just bore her testimony I walked up there and one of the elders said "Preparan para un testimonio de fuego" which basically is prepare for a testimony of fire . So now another nickname i have is Testimonio de Fuego! Hope all is well at home, and HOW ARE THE CATS DOING??? I miss them so much! haha  Thank you so much for sending that easter basket with my toothbrush in it! Im excited to use it instead of the weird normal toothbrush! Love you all and hope you are all doing amazing at home! On Tuesday I go to the travel offices at 6am and I get to the train at 7am and get off around 7:30.  
Con amor y seguridad,
Elder Malolo!

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