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Monday, April 20, 2015

One week out in the Mission Field with Elder Taylor Malolo

Hola mi familia y Buenos Dias,
     Alright so ive been out in the field for about 5 days now! My Pday is on Monday and I get on the computers around 10 and I dont know when Ill be leaving, but I do know we are all playing football later! The mission field is seriously a blast! My companions name is Elder Duncan and ill make sure to get a picture with him soon, but he is arguably the funniest missionary in the whole SLCE Mission! My mission pres and wife are super awesome and they have a phrase out here "Here is the place, Now is the time" and we totally get to work out here! Utah is definitely not what I expected it to be, we have more people in our ward in Arizona than 6 wards put together over here. Tons of inactives, quite a few investigators. We are in the SugarHouse area.  Utah is pretty nice. The first day I got out here, the transfer before me they took away the car from this area and gave it somewhere else. So we ride bikes, and the day I first got here there was a dust storm, it started to rain, and then it started to snow AND rain!!! Like where the heck am I?? And we had to ride our bikes for an hour and a half to get from one appointment to another so basically my quadriceps are made of iron! But the temperature is nice out here, its about 70-80 and hopefully getting hotter. We have met a few investigators out here and they are all in bad spots with drugs and stuff but they really want to fix themselves up. We could have 5 baptisms within the next month or 2! Its so fun to teach these people because they are usually fully indulged in what we say, my companion is really good at explaining things and im really good at testifying, so it works hand in hand! Everyday we have dinners with members from the church and we had an indian family feed us and I told them next time we eat over there to give us the hot stuff! :D hahaha everyone in Utah is really nice though, not many people flip us off or cuss at us but you know, its always a good laugh! I think one thing I learned on my 5 days out here is how much I think about our investigators and how much I want to help them. Im really getting lost out in the work here and theres nothing else Id rather be doing! The mission field is wonderful, and another saying here is "Obedience in the morning and Diligence in the afternoon brings miracles in the evening" and I can sure testify that its true. The Lord has us here for a reason and we have no reason to waste his time. People need help out here and thats why I am here! The wards that we cover love me so much, a bishop thought he was smooth during sacrament yesterday when someone who had a talk didnt show up so he invited me and Elder Duncan to bear a short testimony.  I love it out here and I dont get to speak much spanish but when I do, it gets better and better! If my Visa gets here when you say it will May 28, May 26 is transfer day so Ill be here for about 4-5months before I leave. One of our less actives has a cat named Abby, short for Abigail! I miss the cats so much haha. I miss all of you so much and I think and pray for all of you so often! Cant wait to come home the man that The Lord wants me to be! Beunos Suerte y Paz!
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Malolo Aka. Elder Guapo!

Companions at the Prove MTC
Taylor's cousin in the front Sis. Stevenson!! and Elder Chandler Baugh from home! and our dear Elder Malolo in the middle!!

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