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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A hard week out in the mission field but lessons well learned..Elder Taylor Malolo

Buenos Dias familia!!:)
    Well the mission is pretty hard! Things just happen all the time
and you're like "well what the heck do we do now!?" Especially this
weekend..so we weren't prepared for the baptism because of
communication issues so we were going to push it back to this Saturday
but our zone leaders told us no. So we literally bent over backwards
to get a bunch of stuff done!  Then the next day we had to call tons of people, put the
program together, fill up the font, and a bunch of other stuff In less
than 4 hours. After being super hardcore diligent and obedient, we
finally got it done 30 minutes before the baptism and our investigator
who was getting baptized didn't show up.. BUT
we were diligent and got it done and the only reason the baptism
didn't happen was cause she didn't show up. Then we finally got to
meet up with her the next day and we found out a lot of stuff that
she's getting kicked out of the home, and she has nothing to her name.
In the end me and duncan got really mad with our zone leaders, we
actually fought pretty hard with them and had a companion inventory
with them. After realizing that we let satans temptation take over us,
we realized that none of us even were wrong in the first place. The
baptism was set for that date so we should've been ready. Because of
communication we weren't able to talk to her about it for actually 2
weeks. And in the end we still were ready for it, but because of other
situations the baptism really should've have never happened.
Everything is good now!! We got 2 new investigators this week and one
is literally dying to be baptized!! Looking forward to this week, and
I will be baptizing our investigator so WOOOOO!!:) I've learned so
many things over the past 48 hours, and I can definitely say that I
can solve any companionship problem:) today for PDay we will be
playing volleyball finally!! And not many pictures were taken this
week cause the rain but I'll get some just because I know you all miss
my face!!  Can't wait to hear back from you all!!
Love and miss you all so very much!! Something valuable I have learned
this week is probably this, in Spanish, "Quien Espera Desespera" which
literally translates to "who waits, dissipates" so don't wait for
those blessings!!! Just go out there, sacrifice, and get them! When
has God ever made us do something we are comfortable with!?:) we grow
only once we get out of our comfort zone! And I can testify of that, I
don't think I've been "comfortable" a single day I've been out here
but at the same time I have never grown as much as I have either!:)
Con muchisimo amor, consuelo, Paz, Gozo, salud
Elder Bonito Guapo!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

It was a Happy Mother's Day..Skyping with Elder Taylor Malolo

Hi All! It's me Elder Malolo's mom.  Mother's Day came and went by so quickly! It was nothing short of heavenly to get to enjoy our time skyping with Elder Malolo.  He is doing very well but I will say after skyping with him that I decided to ship out 2 cases of coconut water, organic powdered milk, protein powder, two shaker cups, protein bars and supplements.  It is a little rough on a missionary budget to eat organic although it is possible but I have to be so happy to know that atleast Elder Malolo does do a pretty good job when he makes breakfast! Anyways, here is a little piece of his most recent letter.  It was the day after mother's day.
Below are some new pictures.  These two are amazing companions.  They are really enjoying their time sharing the Lord's word.  They did manage to take a little time to go on a little hike.

The Boys takin' a little Pday Hike

Buenos Dias Familia!!!
 It was awesome to see all of your faces yesterday to celebrate the day of our amazing mother!!!!!!:D I am a little disappointed that I had to skype so early but you know what it was still so great! After I hung up a bunch of things came up in my head that I wanted to tell you, but I can save it for next time (En Navidad!) Lil West is going to be a monster I cant wait to teach him how to play football!! You all look great, I wasnt expecting much of a change but I will next time *cough cough* dad *cough cough* haha. Everything is going good over here, just sendin out emails to everyone:) Not much to talk about because I already told you all yesterday! Hope you are all still good and I hope Non gets better, she needs to stop being superwoman and realize she needs to just sit down and knit a sweater!! Other than that, ill just be doing the Lords work in the mean time!:) Nothing I would rather do than be out here on His time and do what I promised to do! The transfer is almost over which means Ive almost been out for 6 weeks!? Crazy right?? Time flies by when you are workin hard:)  Im taking every opportunity I can to talk to people everywhere I go and it is a little hard but you just gotta be yourself!:) Most people dont think that missionaries are normal people so you just gotta prove them wrong and make them laugh!! Mucho amor por mi familia! Bueno suerte durante su semana, y ver por oportunidades predicar el evangelio de JesuCristo! Prometo muchas bendiciones por sus acciones y sus palabras hacia Dios!
   Muchisimo Amor y Paz,
Elder Guapo!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Elder Taylor Malolo bears testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon

Alright so today I'm emailing from my iPad and it's taking forever to
type! But this week feels like it just flew by! It's getting hotter
outside so I'm actually enjoying riding my bike in the burning sun
haha. I went on exchanges this week and it was so fun! I went with
elder Tidd who was the guy holding the flag on top of elder Duncan (picture posted 
on  entry before this one).This week work wise was alright, we got a kid
 named James on date and I don't know if I added that so we will hopefully 
have 2 baptisms next week! But this past fast Sunday was super fun! We had to race around
to make it to all 3 wards and bear testimony for all 3!! We are trying
to find a time to SKYPE on Sunday  Ok I don't have much time left but
I guess I'll just write down the gist of what I said for fast Sunday.


"For most of you that know my name is elder Malolo, I was born and
raised in the desert waste land of Arizona where wherever you go you
melt because it's so hot! My dad and my sister both work for the
airlines so we were able to fly and visit anywhere we want! We've been
to Hawaii so many times I can't count anymore! But there's somewhere
that we haven't been which might be a surprise to you all, we have
never been to the wonder, the Grand Canyon!! I have lived in Arizona
my whole life and have never been to see this giant hole in the
ground! When people from all over the world come to marvel at this
naturally made canyon! From our last conference Bishop Gérald Caussé
saying "There are so many wonders in this world. However, sometimes
when we have them constantly before our eyes, we take them for
granted. We look, but we don’t really see; we hear, but we don’t
really listen." There is a wonder that we have all looked at but not
seen, heard but we have not listened. *i held up a book of mormon*
brothers and sisters I hold in my hand that great and marvelous
wonder, a volume of holy scripture that contains the FULLNESS of the
everlasting gospel. I do not want any of you to take this wonder for
granted! The Book of Mormon contains the words of our loving Heavenly
Father, and will give us blessings if all we so is look and see, hear
and listen to the message it gives us! Like Elder Pino said "It is
like being in a forest and having a tree in front of us. Unless we
step back a little, we will not be able to appreciate what a forest
really is." Brothers and sisters. I ask you all to take a step back,
and behold the forest of blessings that will not only bless you, but
will bless all of those around you and those you will come in contact
with! I can testify of the blessings that the Book of Mormon gives,
and not only am I happy but my family, friends, and loved ones are
happy as well! I love all of you so much and hope for a week full of
blessings as you ponder the words of our loving Heavenly Father in
your hearts. Digo Estas cosas en el nombre de JesuCristo, Amen"

Muchisimo amor y Paz de
Elder Malolo!!

P.S I'll see if I can send any pictures from this week!

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