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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A hard week out in the mission field but lessons well learned..Elder Taylor Malolo

Buenos Dias familia!!:)
    Well the mission is pretty hard! Things just happen all the time
and you're like "well what the heck do we do now!?" Especially this
weekend..so we weren't prepared for the baptism because of
communication issues so we were going to push it back to this Saturday
but our zone leaders told us no. So we literally bent over backwards
to get a bunch of stuff done!  Then the next day we had to call tons of people, put the
program together, fill up the font, and a bunch of other stuff In less
than 4 hours. After being super hardcore diligent and obedient, we
finally got it done 30 minutes before the baptism and our investigator
who was getting baptized didn't show up.. BUT
we were diligent and got it done and the only reason the baptism
didn't happen was cause she didn't show up. Then we finally got to
meet up with her the next day and we found out a lot of stuff that
she's getting kicked out of the home, and she has nothing to her name.
In the end me and duncan got really mad with our zone leaders, we
actually fought pretty hard with them and had a companion inventory
with them. After realizing that we let satans temptation take over us,
we realized that none of us even were wrong in the first place. The
baptism was set for that date so we should've been ready. Because of
communication we weren't able to talk to her about it for actually 2
weeks. And in the end we still were ready for it, but because of other
situations the baptism really should've have never happened.
Everything is good now!! We got 2 new investigators this week and one
is literally dying to be baptized!! Looking forward to this week, and
I will be baptizing our investigator so WOOOOO!!:) I've learned so
many things over the past 48 hours, and I can definitely say that I
can solve any companionship problem:) today for PDay we will be
playing volleyball finally!! And not many pictures were taken this
week cause the rain but I'll get some just because I know you all miss
my face!!  Can't wait to hear back from you all!!
Love and miss you all so very much!! Something valuable I have learned
this week is probably this, in Spanish, "Quien Espera Desespera" which
literally translates to "who waits, dissipates" so don't wait for
those blessings!!! Just go out there, sacrifice, and get them! When
has God ever made us do something we are comfortable with!?:) we grow
only once we get out of our comfort zone! And I can testify of that, I
don't think I've been "comfortable" a single day I've been out here
but at the same time I have never grown as much as I have either!:)
Con muchisimo amor, consuelo, Paz, Gozo, salud
Elder Bonito Guapo!!

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