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Sunday, May 17, 2015

It was a Happy Mother's Day..Skyping with Elder Taylor Malolo

Hi All! It's me Elder Malolo's mom.  Mother's Day came and went by so quickly! It was nothing short of heavenly to get to enjoy our time skyping with Elder Malolo.  He is doing very well but I will say after skyping with him that I decided to ship out 2 cases of coconut water, organic powdered milk, protein powder, two shaker cups, protein bars and supplements.  It is a little rough on a missionary budget to eat organic although it is possible but I have to be so happy to know that atleast Elder Malolo does do a pretty good job when he makes breakfast! Anyways, here is a little piece of his most recent letter.  It was the day after mother's day.
Below are some new pictures.  These two are amazing companions.  They are really enjoying their time sharing the Lord's word.  They did manage to take a little time to go on a little hike.

The Boys takin' a little Pday Hike

Buenos Dias Familia!!!
 It was awesome to see all of your faces yesterday to celebrate the day of our amazing mother!!!!!!:D I am a little disappointed that I had to skype so early but you know what it was still so great! After I hung up a bunch of things came up in my head that I wanted to tell you, but I can save it for next time (En Navidad!) Lil West is going to be a monster I cant wait to teach him how to play football!! You all look great, I wasnt expecting much of a change but I will next time *cough cough* dad *cough cough* haha. Everything is going good over here, just sendin out emails to everyone:) Not much to talk about because I already told you all yesterday! Hope you are all still good and I hope Non gets better, she needs to stop being superwoman and realize she needs to just sit down and knit a sweater!! Other than that, ill just be doing the Lords work in the mean time!:) Nothing I would rather do than be out here on His time and do what I promised to do! The transfer is almost over which means Ive almost been out for 6 weeks!? Crazy right?? Time flies by when you are workin hard:)  Im taking every opportunity I can to talk to people everywhere I go and it is a little hard but you just gotta be yourself!:) Most people dont think that missionaries are normal people so you just gotta prove them wrong and make them laugh!! Mucho amor por mi familia! Bueno suerte durante su semana, y ver por oportunidades predicar el evangelio de JesuCristo! Prometo muchas bendiciones por sus acciones y sus palabras hacia Dios!
   Muchisimo Amor y Paz,
Elder Guapo!

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