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Monday, June 29, 2015

Humble himself and endureth to the end. Elder Taylor Malolo's missionary experience

Hola Mi Familiaaaaaaaa!!!
   Well its official im now in the Salt Lake City Mission and I will have officially been serving in 3 missions by next week! But if there is one thing I have learned while my time here in Utah is that I work as if Im not a Visa waiter. We had a meeting yesterday with our mission president thanking all of us for the work we have done in the USLCE mission. He read to us this scripture from Ephesians chapter 4
"One Lord, One faith, one baptism, one God and father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all"

No matter where I go in my mission I will treat it as my real mission and do everything I possibly can to further His work. I leave behind happiness and friendship where I go and thats what im here for!! Every second of my day is spent for the Lord, and nothing else! I was told by my ward mission leader that is 92 years old "I will make you work so hard you wont have any time to think about your girlfriends back at home!" haha then he proceeded to say "Well ok, maybe not that hard because you have to stay sane somehow on the mission!" Which told me that you have to work hard on your mission but there are always times to have fun! Like taking pictures with dinosaurs, and stray cats. Yelling back at people who yell hail satan and saying "God still loves you!".  Dancing outside a dance studio and dancing better than all the girls inside of it. Beatboxing for when my companion raps, so many things to do to have fun!!:) All while still doing the work for the Lord and making progress! The mission isnt the best time of my life, its the best time FOR my life. These things that I do are all things that will help me in the future, to help me with my future family, future job, and for my salvation! This week I have been working on humility because im probably the most prideful person in the world and there is a scripture I found in my personal study. 

Alma 32-
15 Yea, he that truly humbleth himself, and repenteth of his sins, and endureth to the end, the same shall be blessed—yea, much more blessed than they who are compelled to be humble because of their exceeding poverty.
 16 Therefore, blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble; or rather, in other words, blessed is he that believeth in the word of God, and is baptized without stubbornness of heart, yea, without being brought to know the word, or even compelled to know, before they will believe.
This made me realize something not only about being humble but all christlike attributes! Why waste your time pretending to be humble or loving when you can just BECOME humble and loving, through la expiacion, we can do these things! I thought it was a cool little insight to share!:D But my last week here will be pretty fun, Andela needs to visit old members, and I need to visit members in my area before I leave. Cause you know, they all love me;) (so humble right?). Everything has been great lately, we got a couple new investigators.   Cant wait to hear from you all and how your week has been!  Ill just be hanging out for a while more!
Con mucho amor
Elder Malolo Bonito!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crazy week but so much work to do! Elder Taylor Malolo

Que Tal mi familia??
    This week has been crazy!! Andela has broken 2 bikes in a week so we decided it would be better to walk everywhere instead of just riding bikes so I can feel myself losing weight haha. We have been able to have lessons with so many people last week but now its time to put them on date, next week if everything goes really really well, we will have 4 people on date for baptism!! How awesome would it be to have 5 baptisms before I head out to Spain!?  Everyone is sad that im gonna be leaving, they want me to stay in SLC but I told them the Lord needs me to do other things. Theres no doubt ive made a ton of friends out here, ones that would let me stay at their place if i were to be going through their town!! Quite a few people from Arizona.  I just cant wait to speak spanish and be with a whole other crowd of people. Utah missions are nothing like any mission in the US its so unique, people are so serious about the work, and there is SO MUCH work to be done! As for reading your guys mail, it seems like times are great but with some obstacles. Work, Nonnie, and just life in general! Theres nothing the Lord cant help you with but you have to put in your own part, which I know you are all doing :) Its kinda crazy to see some people out here who want to go home, cause LOTS of people leave the mission early.  You have to have the perfect combination of hard work and fun and thats exactly what im doing!! Not much happened this week, but next week will definitely be a milestone if we can do it right so pray for me!  I dont know where those are. But cant wait to hear from you guys!! Love you all so much!
Con Mucho AMORRR
Elder Bonito Malolo

Visa is on the way June 16th. Elder Taylor Malolo

Misión Presidente Eberhardt came over this morning to talk to the
companionship next door to us. Afterward he came to our house to see
how we were doing and informed me that my visa will be here on the
16th of this month. I will be going to the travel office at the end of
this transfer and will be sent to Spain!! I basically have 1 baptism
because Audrey was baptized but not in our mission. President said I
can email you about this so I'll also send a picture of my new socks.
I call them the "Taylor Coley Special" Bailey will know what that
Elder Malolo will be heading to Spain by the next transfer!  ELder Malolo is wearing the "Taylor Coley SPecial!"

Fun Week on the mission home front. Elder Taylor Malolo's missionary experience

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Well this has definitely been the most fun week of my mission so far, I've gotten past the awkward stage and now people believe that Ive been out here for 12 months and my companion is my greenie hahaha even though hes been out 18 months as of next week, so he gets to burn a shirt! This week we already doubled the amount of lessons than we had last week which is insane! And also we have a couple new investigators who are great and love us especially since one is a kid who plays minecraft and I was able to tie in our lesson to minecraft so that he could understand it. See!!! Video games arent that bad especially when they help spread the gospel;) Me and Andela are getting along great and also the companionship next door, we play board games and stuff after we get home and plan and its so fun and they get intense!  We went to a refugee festival and it was awesome, full of african, burmese, and some polynesian refugees and there was a DJ and he played the song "whip nae nae" which is the new dance so obviously I had to kill it on stage no big deal but im happy i can keep up with the trends even when im in another state! One of our referrals ended up being an anti mormon.  I ended the conversation asking the guy a couple questions he didnt have the answer for, and so after about 5min of him trying to answer a question he couldnt answer I told him thats enough and that we would love to leave with a prayer so I prayed and left:)   School is out here so there is a ton of potential to baptize especially now! Cant wait to hear back from all of you!!! Love you all soososo much and just know that your son  is a beast out here in the field!!!!
Con muchisimo amor y paz,
Elder Bonito Maloloolololo or as Pres Eberhardt said it Elder Magalo cause apparently there is another A and a G in my last name -_-

Asked if I could take a picture with someone's kitten at the park and
they said sure but she's shy, and she ran to me and crawled onto my

My Miracle this week. Elder Malolo's missionary experience

So my miracle this week. I have been working on charity and so far
it's been super easy! A couple nights ago before heading home my
companion wanted to stop at a gas station to get a drink so I waited
outside to watch the bikes. In case some one wants to steal it cause
the elder next door got his bike stolen a couple days ago and he only
left it outside for 10min. So as I'm being buff as usual making sure
no thief's try to take the bike a young woman walks up to the gas
station, looks at her purse and goes and sits down on the curb. I
thought to myself, "hmmm looks like she needs something" so I just
waited and my companion came out and was ready to go and I said "wait
I think that girl needs something" so I walked over there and talked
to her, her name is Alyssa and she was waiting for her friends to come
pay for groceries at the gas station. I reached in my pocket and
pulled out a 20$ and just handed it to her and said "God loves you!"
And she started to cry and told me that she just overcame her heroin
addiction and prayed to ask god if he was real and she got her answer
from me! So we gave her the elders number that teach in her area and
rode off. Now I know that the Lord puts people in our way and gives us
the agency to work on our Christlike attributes! A 20$ might seem like
a lot but later we went to a food truck place and while standing there
thinking of what to eat a man came up to me and handed me a 20$! So I
obviously thanked him and got in line for some sliders. Eventually
ANOTHER man came up to me and handed me another 20$! Now I thanked him
as well kind of feeling guilty cause I already got paid for! But then
a 3rd time, a man came up to me and handed me a 20$!!!!! I told him no
I can't take it, I already received 40$ and he said "something tells
me that you've done some good recently". I have never been so
humbled!!!!! The night I gave the girl the 20 I definitely was sad
that I gave a 20 away but the Lord blessed me and in return gave me
60$ and also had a man tell me that he knew what I was doing is good!
I know what I did was good and I'm not telling you guys to go throw
out 20$s like a strip club or anything but charity can come in many
different ways. Service, money, time, or even just a message! I
encourage you all to choose a Christlike attribute and email me back
about what it is and how you will work on it! I love you all so
Con mucho amor,
Elder Bonito Malolo!!

A friend gave me these glasses, and the next 2 we got soaked on the
15minute bike ride home and so we stopped at a church building and I
got a jacket to help me get less wet and it was a small woman's

Monday, June 1, 2015

New Month New companion! Elder Taylor Malolo

The amazing Runyan family from the Sugarhouse ward in Utah.  Kristi, the beautiful mother of this family, surprised me with some photos and kind, comforting words about my missionary! It came at a much needed time as I was just leaving the hospital and heading to the rehabilitation facility where my mom is now recovering at this time from some major health setbacks.  Elder Malolo shared Alma chapter 14 with us and challenged us to read and interpret the chapter.  The Lord truly knows how to send His messengers and words of comfort.  It was a truly beautiful day yesterday.  Thank you Sister Kristi Runyan for making this missionary mom's day. Their son is serving in Mexico so she is well aware of the precious timing that the Lord provides for all xoxoxo

Hola Todas!
  Another week another companion!! His name is Elder Andela from Hershey Pennsylvania, hes been out for 18 months and I actually broke him in hahaha. He was super stiff but now he is more laid back and we still do good work! The area that im in is now mine, I took over the area and the stake president said that The Lord must really trust me because he has never seen that happen before! Soooo im basically a veteran:) This week hasnt gone that well, 2 of our investigators have moved away and a recent convert did as well.   This week was basically walking the whole entire area and Elder Andela has never been in a walking/biking area before! This week one of our wards did testimony meeting cause next week is stake conference so I bore my testimony about the gift of the holy ghost and it went really really well! Ill have to type it out later and send it to you guys because everyone really liked it too:) We visited the Runyan family and the mom is sooooooooooooo cool shes one of the coolest members out here, and she let us hang out for a while and of course sent you guys pics of us on a trampoline haha. Other than that, not much has really happened with the new companion. The companionship next door got a new guy named Elder Steel who Elder Duncan trained 9 months ago! So we are mission brothers!! Woop Woop!! We play this board game called Quelf every night and its super funny ill have to send you pictures and videos later as well!! I have to run, ill be able to email back in a little bit! Love you all and cant wait to hear back from you!!!!!!!
COn Mucho mucho Amor!!!
Elder Malolo Bonito!!!
playing Board games with the elderly folk! 

Enjoying a litte time after having dinner with the Runyan family
These boys spend there life over the next 2 years willingly serving the Lord . They find great joy in teaching His words .
Elder Malolo has dropped 25lbs! Way to stay on top of  it Son! xoxo
Elder Andela's Bike..DOA...lol


Elder Malolo's homework for us! Alma Chapter 14.. Elder Taylor Malolo's mission

Last weeks hike preparation.. and Last week with Elder Duncan!
"The Lord puts us through challenges to make sure that we choose the right. We CAN get through anything", words from Elder Malolo...

Elder Malolo has dropped 25 lbs since he has been out! 
Well this week was so crazy!! We had the traveling AP come and stay with us for 3 days and so basically it's like having the mission president be with us, be we got work done!! I talked to about 40 people.  Other than that we got some new investigators and we also find out TRANSFER DOCTRINE TODAY!!!! I just found out that I'm staying in my area but Elder Duncan is being transferred!! I'm not even finished with training yet and I've been asked to take care of the area! Sooooo I don't know what's going on at all! I'm gonna have a new companion tomorrow and it'll be the last time I see duncan so it'll be pretty sad! Other stuff that happened this week we have 2 investigators a father and son.  The Lord wants us to keep growing.   So now people here are calling me the Elder Holland of the zone!:) we started stake volleyball on Thursday nights to build member unity! So overall this week has been awesome and today we are having nerf wars for PDAY so I don't think it could get better but it's sad that Elder Duncan will be leaving me but if that's what the Lord wants then that's what we will go with! I would LOVE to share a chapter that I have studied this week and it's in Alma 14. Verse 13 says "13 And Alma said: Be it according to the will of the Lord. But, behold, our work is not finished; therefore they burn us not." Now I, not going to explain the chapter because that's your job to find out but it doesn't matter what trial we have, what challenge we have The Lord put us through it to make sure we choose the right. We need to have a faith AS STRONG as Alma and Amulek had, and with that we can get through anything!! The mission is hard. In a place full of Less actives and anti Mormons, there COULD be a lot of hardships but with the Lord on my side why do I need to worry? I don't worry in the slightest when trials come, in my patriarchal blessing it said "to face those challenges with enthusiasm" which is exactly what I'm doing!😂 haha I'm so excited to learn more and grow while I'm out here doing the L
ords work, there's no place I'd rather be! I did get the packages so now I'll be getting stronger not only in my testimony but my huge muscles as well hahaha thank you so much, love you all and can't wait to hear back!!
Elder Bonito Malolo

preparing for Nerf Wars!