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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crazy week but so much work to do! Elder Taylor Malolo

Que Tal mi familia??
    This week has been crazy!! Andela has broken 2 bikes in a week so we decided it would be better to walk everywhere instead of just riding bikes so I can feel myself losing weight haha. We have been able to have lessons with so many people last week but now its time to put them on date, next week if everything goes really really well, we will have 4 people on date for baptism!! How awesome would it be to have 5 baptisms before I head out to Spain!?  Everyone is sad that im gonna be leaving, they want me to stay in SLC but I told them the Lord needs me to do other things. Theres no doubt ive made a ton of friends out here, ones that would let me stay at their place if i were to be going through their town!! Quite a few people from Arizona.  I just cant wait to speak spanish and be with a whole other crowd of people. Utah missions are nothing like any mission in the US its so unique, people are so serious about the work, and there is SO MUCH work to be done! As for reading your guys mail, it seems like times are great but with some obstacles. Work, Nonnie, and just life in general! Theres nothing the Lord cant help you with but you have to put in your own part, which I know you are all doing :) Its kinda crazy to see some people out here who want to go home, cause LOTS of people leave the mission early.  You have to have the perfect combination of hard work and fun and thats exactly what im doing!! Not much happened this week, but next week will definitely be a milestone if we can do it right so pray for me!  I dont know where those are. But cant wait to hear from you guys!! Love you all so much!
Con Mucho AMORRR
Elder Bonito Malolo

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