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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun Week on the mission home front. Elder Taylor Malolo's missionary experience

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Well this has definitely been the most fun week of my mission so far, I've gotten past the awkward stage and now people believe that Ive been out here for 12 months and my companion is my greenie hahaha even though hes been out 18 months as of next week, so he gets to burn a shirt! This week we already doubled the amount of lessons than we had last week which is insane! And also we have a couple new investigators who are great and love us especially since one is a kid who plays minecraft and I was able to tie in our lesson to minecraft so that he could understand it. See!!! Video games arent that bad especially when they help spread the gospel;) Me and Andela are getting along great and also the companionship next door, we play board games and stuff after we get home and plan and its so fun and they get intense!  We went to a refugee festival and it was awesome, full of african, burmese, and some polynesian refugees and there was a DJ and he played the song "whip nae nae" which is the new dance so obviously I had to kill it on stage no big deal but im happy i can keep up with the trends even when im in another state! One of our referrals ended up being an anti mormon.  I ended the conversation asking the guy a couple questions he didnt have the answer for, and so after about 5min of him trying to answer a question he couldnt answer I told him thats enough and that we would love to leave with a prayer so I prayed and left:)   School is out here so there is a ton of potential to baptize especially now! Cant wait to hear back from all of you!!! Love you all soososo much and just know that your son  is a beast out here in the field!!!!
Con muchisimo amor y paz,
Elder Bonito Maloloolololo or as Pres Eberhardt said it Elder Magalo cause apparently there is another A and a G in my last name -_-

Asked if I could take a picture with someone's kitten at the park and
they said sure but she's shy, and she ran to me and crawled onto my

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