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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Miracle this week. Elder Malolo's missionary experience

So my miracle this week. I have been working on charity and so far
it's been super easy! A couple nights ago before heading home my
companion wanted to stop at a gas station to get a drink so I waited
outside to watch the bikes. In case some one wants to steal it cause
the elder next door got his bike stolen a couple days ago and he only
left it outside for 10min. So as I'm being buff as usual making sure
no thief's try to take the bike a young woman walks up to the gas
station, looks at her purse and goes and sits down on the curb. I
thought to myself, "hmmm looks like she needs something" so I just
waited and my companion came out and was ready to go and I said "wait
I think that girl needs something" so I walked over there and talked
to her, her name is Alyssa and she was waiting for her friends to come
pay for groceries at the gas station. I reached in my pocket and
pulled out a 20$ and just handed it to her and said "God loves you!"
And she started to cry and told me that she just overcame her heroin
addiction and prayed to ask god if he was real and she got her answer
from me! So we gave her the elders number that teach in her area and
rode off. Now I know that the Lord puts people in our way and gives us
the agency to work on our Christlike attributes! A 20$ might seem like
a lot but later we went to a food truck place and while standing there
thinking of what to eat a man came up to me and handed me a 20$! So I
obviously thanked him and got in line for some sliders. Eventually
ANOTHER man came up to me and handed me another 20$! Now I thanked him
as well kind of feeling guilty cause I already got paid for! But then
a 3rd time, a man came up to me and handed me a 20$!!!!! I told him no
I can't take it, I already received 40$ and he said "something tells
me that you've done some good recently". I have never been so
humbled!!!!! The night I gave the girl the 20 I definitely was sad
that I gave a 20 away but the Lord blessed me and in return gave me
60$ and also had a man tell me that he knew what I was doing is good!
I know what I did was good and I'm not telling you guys to go throw
out 20$s like a strip club or anything but charity can come in many
different ways. Service, money, time, or even just a message! I
encourage you all to choose a Christlike attribute and email me back
about what it is and how you will work on it! I love you all so
Con mucho amor,
Elder Bonito Malolo!!

A friend gave me these glasses, and the next 2 we got soaked on the
15minute bike ride home and so we stopped at a church building and I
got a jacket to help me get less wet and it was a small woman's

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