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Monday, June 1, 2015

New Month New companion! Elder Taylor Malolo

The amazing Runyan family from the Sugarhouse ward in Utah.  Kristi, the beautiful mother of this family, surprised me with some photos and kind, comforting words about my missionary! It came at a much needed time as I was just leaving the hospital and heading to the rehabilitation facility where my mom is now recovering at this time from some major health setbacks.  Elder Malolo shared Alma chapter 14 with us and challenged us to read and interpret the chapter.  The Lord truly knows how to send His messengers and words of comfort.  It was a truly beautiful day yesterday.  Thank you Sister Kristi Runyan for making this missionary mom's day. Their son is serving in Mexico so she is well aware of the precious timing that the Lord provides for all xoxoxo

Hola Todas!
  Another week another companion!! His name is Elder Andela from Hershey Pennsylvania, hes been out for 18 months and I actually broke him in hahaha. He was super stiff but now he is more laid back and we still do good work! The area that im in is now mine, I took over the area and the stake president said that The Lord must really trust me because he has never seen that happen before! Soooo im basically a veteran:) This week hasnt gone that well, 2 of our investigators have moved away and a recent convert did as well.   This week was basically walking the whole entire area and Elder Andela has never been in a walking/biking area before! This week one of our wards did testimony meeting cause next week is stake conference so I bore my testimony about the gift of the holy ghost and it went really really well! Ill have to type it out later and send it to you guys because everyone really liked it too:) We visited the Runyan family and the mom is sooooooooooooo cool shes one of the coolest members out here, and she let us hang out for a while and of course sent you guys pics of us on a trampoline haha. Other than that, not much has really happened with the new companion. The companionship next door got a new guy named Elder Steel who Elder Duncan trained 9 months ago! So we are mission brothers!! Woop Woop!! We play this board game called Quelf every night and its super funny ill have to send you pictures and videos later as well!! I have to run, ill be able to email back in a little bit! Love you all and cant wait to hear back from you!!!!!!!
COn Mucho mucho Amor!!!
Elder Malolo Bonito!!!
playing Board games with the elderly folk! 

Enjoying a litte time after having dinner with the Runyan family
These boys spend there life over the next 2 years willingly serving the Lord . They find great joy in teaching His words .
Elder Malolo has dropped 25lbs! Way to stay on top of  it Son! xoxo
Elder Andela's Bike..DOA...lol


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