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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Visa is on the way June 16th. Elder Taylor Malolo

Misión Presidente Eberhardt came over this morning to talk to the
companionship next door to us. Afterward he came to our house to see
how we were doing and informed me that my visa will be here on the
16th of this month. I will be going to the travel office at the end of
this transfer and will be sent to Spain!! I basically have 1 baptism
because Audrey was baptized but not in our mission. President said I
can email you about this so I'll also send a picture of my new socks.
I call them the "Taylor Coley Special" Bailey will know what that
Elder Malolo will be heading to Spain by the next transfer!  ELder Malolo is wearing the "Taylor Coley SPecial!"

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