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Monday, July 20, 2015

Elder Malolo had an awesome week in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia!!
  Had an awesome week here in Gijón! Today I am in León because my
companion has a meeting in Madrid. But this week was really fun!!
Started out on Monday by going to Semana Negra (Black Week) has
nothing to do with black people haha but it is a giant carnival! With
a lot of rides and Spanish music, and little tents like the flea
market in Hawaii. So I bought a cheap soccer jersey for my favorite
team! My companion elder Saltzman bought 4 basketball jerseys, he went
a little jersey crazy but he didn't know they were obviously not the
real ones but pretty close. Tuesday we decided to hit the streets
super hard, and realized after about 3 hours of walking and contacting
nobody wants to listen to us, apparently not believing in religion is
the "hipster" thing to do here. People are tired of what the catholic
and evangelist churches are doing. So they automatically assume we are
the same way. But we were able to talk to a lot of people and get lots
of numbers. Wednesday we had District meeting which was pretty fun and
so for medio día we were talking about dances that we knew so it was
pretty funny to see everyone try dancing and see everyone here not be
able to move their hips like I do hahaha. Thursday was another day to
hit the streets hard, we got a lot of referrals that day so it was
pretty successful in our case! At night we go hard on our workouts,
elder Saltzman wants me to turn him into a Tight End. He has to gain
quite a bit of weight if he wants to go there haha. I'm still at 20lbs
lost so far on my mission and I'm starting to look a little smaller as
well! Friday every week is noche de hogar (FHE) with most of the
younger people in the ward. So for that we gave a demonstration of the
atonement by having people jump a ridiculous range, and after everyone
did that he said now since you couldn't make it to the other side that
means something held you back, and he related it to sin and so he
pointed to me and said but luckily we have a savior who felt all of
our pain for us, and so for each person that jumped and didn't make it
I had to do 10 push ups and so I had 110 push-ups and did them all in
one set! That was pretty hard but at least I know that I'm getting
stronger out here! We walk so much that my feet have blisters and I'm
starting to get an in grown toe nail but it's healing! On Saturday we
had our cultural event, which was a lot of food from different
countries and a couple people dancing so I decided to do a little
dance since I was there and I stole the show! Now if only I could
speak Spanish back to the people haha. We had a lesson with an 11year
old and his brother came in and said if we beat him in basketball
sometime he will listen to us, so I better start practicing but elder
Saltzman was able to dunk since 8th grade! Sunday I blessed the
sacrament in Spanish which was pretty cool considering I didn't bless
the sacrament much back home! There is a kid here named Danny who
wants to go on a mission so bad when he's older, he's about 13 and he
comes with us and teaches lessons, he's a stud! At the cultural event
I ate a lot of food and a man from Ethiopia came up to me and said "I
love the way you eat man!" Hahaha not much else I can remember but
I'll send some videos and pictures in a sec. Can't wait to hear back!
Les amo muchisimo!
Con mucho amor
Su misionero
Élder "Manolo"

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