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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Elder Taylor Malolo enjoying his first area, Gijon, Spain

Elder Malolo with his district and two investigators

Hola familia!!
  So I finally flew in to Spain last Wednesday, and it's not much of a
culture shock! Just really good tasting food! Haha it really looks
like the US just bigger buildings and everyone only speaks Spanish. My
Spanish is coming along well, it's easier to talk to missionaries in
Spanish than it is to speak to natives because they obviously have the
lisp with the C's and Z's. They also kind of make a "sh" sound with
their S's, and their G's and J's have a hock a loogie sound to it. So
the Spanish sounds different but it's exactly the same anywhere else.
Every morning we get up and either workout or we walk to the panadería
which is a fresh bread store down the street for breakfast. Breakfast
is kinda big here, then lunch is huge and dinner is probably an apple
or something haha. I feel like I'm losing so much weight here! From
2-4 is our medio Día, or siesta. We just go home and sleep or eat or
something! We have a couple investigators, and all of them are awesome
and love that I'm learning Spanish so quickly!

breakfast at the panaderia

 But most of our day is
spent talking to people on the street and NOBODY wants to talk to you
up here, people don't even say hola to each other. But sometimes we
will get people to stop and they will listen, it's usually the Latin
Americans. Oh I don't know if I told you but it was an 8 hour train
ride to get here! It was cool but felt longer than a plane ride haha.
On Friday we had a zone meeting to meet the new mission president and
he is great, he really likes me and said he will take me to a Chinese
Buffett whenever I get to Madrid!:) we had to give a special musical
number with me and my companion elder Saltzman who is 6'6, and pretty
funny! Along with 2 other elders. Everybody here is fascinated that
I'm from Arizona and that I'm Polynesian which reminds me that they
are having a cultural night and I'm dancing in it on Tuesday! That
will be fun! I had Jamón which is curated ham that is thinly sliced
and delicious!! I had some different breads which were awesome! Some
of our investigators are teaching me how to do some dances here and
it's even funnier that my companion and the sisters can't move their
hips to save their life! I don't know if there is anything else to say
so far! If I remember anything I'll make sure to tell you guys! Can't
wait to hear back, I'm loving Spain!
Con mucho amor
Elder Malolo (Manolo)

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