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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Every Missionary Mom's comfort is another Missionary mom near your missionary! Elder Malolo serving in Gijon

Hi everyone! This is Elder Malolo's mom, Lauri. This week I was thinking ,"Is my son okay? is he healthy? is he being watched over? as I pray daily for all of these answers and confirmations. Not only does the Lord hear our prayers but He always answers our prayers.  The very day I was having such thoughts I received an email from a family who is visiting in Gijon, there very city where my missionary is serving.  It is just amazing to me to confirm that there are such beautifully souled people all over this entire world and I have experienced it again.  Thank you to this wonderful woman who has touched my heart and soul and shared such a precious moment with all of us!!!  Enjoy the message that was sent to me. xoxoxo

Dear Sister Malolo,

I am visiting my parents in Gijón and my son got an ear infection. He wanted a blessing but his dad stayed in the US, so we called the missionaries and your son and his companion came over.
Thank you for having such a fine missionary. He passed the sacrament at Church last Sunday and he seems very happy to be here. His companion is great and they are doing a wonderful work.

Attached is a note he wrote for you.

Best regards!!

These are some breathtaking pictures of Gijon,Spain.  This beautiful family sent along some of their photos while they are visiting her parents in Gijon.  

Dear Lauri,

Thank you very much for your kind words! You made me cry!
I am so glad I could send you those pictures.

Your son is doing great. His companion is very kind and a seasoned missionary that is helping him all along in the adjustment to the mission in Spain.
The members here are very nice to missionaries, although it is small branch and the people in Europe are not very open to religion, so missionary work is really hard. I know because I lived and was baptized here in Gijón 28 years ago! I also served a mission in Madrid (at that time, Gijón belonged to the Bilbao mission, that doesn’t exist anymore) At least, nowadays, there is a temple and an MTC in Madrid and the Church has grown a little more J

A cute story for you: Most members have the hardest time pronouncing English words. My own daughter in Brazil laughs at the many variations to her one syllable last name. She has been called mostly Sister Kanappe, Sister Kanapa, Sistaer Snappe and Sister Whatsapp J Well, there is a very common name in Spain: Manolo. So you son is mostly known as Elder Manolo.
I this this is really cute because it shows how he is being perceived as one more Spaniard, and how well he has fit with the Spanish people.

I wish you the best with your mother and everything you have upon you. I wish I could trade for your at least for a few minutes so you could sneak in Gijón and see your son, but I know how much he is learning and growing by serving the Lord. He anointed my son in Spanish when he gave him the blessing on Saturday and he did it wonderfully… like he has being giving blessings in Spanish his whole life J

I send you a big hug from Spain!

This email correspondence was nothing short of precious, priceless and a message driven by the Lord himself to calm this missionary mama.  Thank you sweet sister for the beautiful blessings that you have shared with me today!!! (from Lauri, Elder Malolo aka Manolo's mom)

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