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Monday, August 31, 2015

"Go big on your mission or go home!" Elder Malolo and his experience in Gijon, Spain

Hola Mi Familia!
    Got stuck in a rainstorm, but I'm still alive!  This week was
definitely a change to our workouts and our horario! Just recently our
mission president changed the horario and now this is what we do
everyday: 7:30-wake up/get buff 8:00-prepare for the day and eat (if
you have food) 9:00-estudiar personal 10:00-estudiar idioma 10:30-hit
the streets 2:00-medio dia 3:00-estudiar compañerismo 4:00-la calle
10:30pm-get home 11:30-pass out in your bed because you walked 90miles
in rain. So our horario was changed in order to have an extra hour of
proselyting time and lesson time, which is okay! During all this my
companion and I decided to go on an adventure to parts of Gijón we
have never been to before and we found a really really pijo area so
now we are going there to contact and get pictures with cool stuff, if
it isn't raining! Here in da Norf, we get the best weather, during
summer it doesn't get too hot and in winter it doesn't get too cold so
I'm pretty lucky! Except every day during winter it RAINS! At this
point I was enjoying this blessing of water that we don't get in
Arizona but now it just doesn't stop haha how are we gonna stop people
when it rains so hard we can't hear people next to us!? As for the
change in our workouts, last Monday we hiked the Cristo in Oviedo.
Now...3 days before we hiked it, it seemed like a great idea! Then
waking up on Monday I was just like "Heavenly Father please change
everyone's mind about this hike" but my faith wasn't sufficient! After
the hike we were all thinking if the pictures we got was worth the
pain in our legs haha so this week for working out we have been
running so next time we do a hike we can just rock it! We found out
about a popular game here called Paddle, think of a smaller tennis
court with walls around you and the ball can bounce off those walls.
It's pretty intense! So we are going to be playing that and my
companion played tennis back in the day and tennis is big as well so I
challenged him to a game cause you know...I'm the best at everything! :)
Yesterday we were eating at our Branch Presidents house with the
 group was saying this"Elder Malolo I was watching this video of you the other day and you have
lost a lot of weight since then!" And everyone started agreeing.  my dancing videos and stuff has
spread across this mission like crazy every time I make one people
just know me as Elder Baile, Hangloose Kid, Elder Manolo, and whatever
else the spirit prompts them to say haha. Another funny thing that
happened this week was the first day it started to rain, and we got
caught out in it without a umbrella and so we got soaked and decided
to take refuge in a chuchería which is the worst thing for me cause
all I want is ice cream out here. Oops a chuchería is like a candy/ice
cream place. So after a while it stopped raining so we started walking
again and the rain came back so we took refuge again and the same
thing happened when we started walking again and my companion says
"What the heck is up with this stupid rain!?" And I say "We in da Norf
boy! The Lord only puts the best of the best up here!" And so we got
super animo and just walked out in the rain for the rest of the day
haha. So the other day I think this will make Stacy pretty proud.
Katy, a member, was talking to me about dancing and I mentioned that
my sister teaches Zumba, now I don't know if I said it wrong or
something but she got excited and said "Puedes enseñar clases de
zumba!?" Which is "you can teach zumba classes!?" So I said "yeah
sure, why not?" So she is trying to get a branch activity going where
one day I am going to teach a Zumba class! All I got to do is simple
moves and shake my hips! Sounds like how I dance all the time anyway!
Now I just need to get some Zumba music *cough cough* stace *cough
cough*! So with my little spiritual thought it's more of just a cool
thing that happened, how missionaries have a huge influence on others
around them. A boy named Jesus Lamas gave me a Book of Mormon in
English the other day as a gift from him, he just received the Aaronic
Priesthood and his first day in class me and my companion were
teaching and this is what he wrote to me, this happened in Utah but I
just found the BoM he gave me.

Hello Missioners,
My name is Jesus Lamas and I would love to tell me testimony to you.
On the Sunday of June 14, 2015 I got to go to my first young men
class. When I entered the class, I was scared because I didn't know
anyone. And when I heard that the Missioners were going to talk I got
more scared. Until you started talking with your heart, about what
missioners. I felt the Lords and missioners connections and it was
powerful, I could feel the connections between God and missioners. I
know that people come from different back rounds, but I know that and
reach in our heart and led us to eternity of happiness, love, kind,
grateful, caring, and peace. I would love to feel that power someday.
I was inspired when you guys talk and I want to live a life like that.
When our class ended, it was impossible not to tell my parents what I
felt in my heart and in my soul. I know when you finish your mission,
you will be a blessing in the future. I love you brothers. I have no
doubt that I want to be a missionary. I believe in Jesus Christ,
Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost and in the scriptures. If you don't
remember me I am who said, "Do you have a day off on your birthday?".
I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I don't know about you guys but HOLY COW! It's funny to think that
just 6 months ago I wouldn't have ever considered myself an example.
I'm not exactly the nicest, kindest, or most humble person you'll ever
meet BUT I can be a friend! Now I just take whatever I have in me and
give it to the Lord for 2 years and all of a sudden people look up to
me, they wonder how they can feel the spirit as strongly as I can
bring it and the only thing I can say is that the Gospel is changing
me into someone that can do big things, in the words of my 92 year old
Ward Mission Leader in Utah, "If you aren't going big, then why go on
a mission?". I'm out here trying to do big things, I hope you are all
doing big things too! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you
all! Sorry for the late mail😋
Con Amor
Elder Malolo

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