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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Holy Spirit continues to guide. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola Familia y mis amigos!!
  This week has been insane!! Monday morning I woke up at 4:30 to
catch the train to León since my companion was going to Madrid for
Zone leader training. So I arrive in León with Elder Mower who has
about 1 transfer left, he's super cool and he's from Texas and
everyone I have met from Texas so far has been crazy haha but a good
crazy!! So we ended up going to the piso and they live about 6 stories
up and obviously I did what any other 13 year old would do in that
situation...I made a paper airplane and I threw it out the window!
Which ended up not only going super far (cause my paper airplane
skills are amazing) it went inside another persons window down the
street!  Later that day we were
walking past a big Church in León and a man yells at us "hey
jovenes!!" To come sit with him. Now...little did we know we were
sitting with a drunk man from Wales, he told us this exactly "I am
extremely drunk right now and I need someone to talk to so I don't
keep drinking!" What a coincidence he happened to stop 2 missionaries!
So we talked a little bit and we got to know him and shared some
scriptures with him since he told us he reads the bible every night.
In the end we got hugged by a crazy drunk man and he thanked us for
sharing the scriptures with him aaaaand he's now being taught by the
León elders! By the end of the day we stopped by a mans house who I
had visited before and he wasn't too fond of me since I didn't know
Spanish but now that I'm better I thought it would be a good visit!
Never have I been so spiritually and emotionally drained as I had been
that night. This man, was a recovering addict. Recently he did a lot
of bad stuff and he has nothing, his wife doesn't care for him, he has
no money, no passport to go back to the Dominican Republic, and his
son doesn't care for him, he has no job, and feels like he is
completely alone in this. That day I had a full grown man cry right in
front of me, asking God why this is happening to him, saying that this
life isn't worth living. After a 45min, and Elder Mower trying to help
him, nothing was helping him. Eventually he said "Elder Malolo, Algo
que decir?" Not knowing this man in the slightest, and having such a
little understanding of Spanish, this is the translation of what
happened next. I can't use his real name so he will be Bob.

Me: Bob...do you believe in God?
Bob: of course! He's the reason why this is happening!
Me: Do you believe God gave you agency?
Bob: Well yes...
Me: What is agency?
Bob: The ability God gave us to choose right from wrong.
Me: Exactly, do you believe God did this to you, or did you really do
this to yourself?
Bob: *silence*
Me: How bad so you want all of this to go away? You believe in repentance right?
Bob: I do, I want everything back to normal, I want my family, my job,
Me: Do you understand what it means to have a broken heart and a
contrite spirit?
Bob: No..
Me: *I bring up a conference talk* can you read this please?
Bob: (Talk by ElderBruce D Porter, Oct 2007) "When we sin and desire
forgiveness, a broken heart and a contrite spirit mean to experience
“godly sorrow [that] worketh repentance” (2 Corinthians 7:10). This
comes when our desire to be cleansed from sin is so consuming that our
hearts ache with sorrow and we yearn to feel at peace with our Father
in Heaven. Those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit are
willing to do anything and everything that God asks of them, without
resistance or resentment. We cease doing things our way and learn to
do them God’s way instead. In such a condition of submissiveness, the
Atonement can take effect and true repentance can occur. The penitent
will then experience the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost, which
will fill them with peace of conscience and the joy of reconciliation
with God. In a wondrous union of divine attributes, the same God who
teaches us to walk with a broken heart invites us to rejoice and to be
of good cheer."
Me: do you have a broken heart and a contrite spirit?
Bob: Yes.
Me: Then you have to stop right now. I know God does not put us
through a trial that you cannot complete. I understand that it can get
so hard that you feel that you are alone, that you can't do it, that
the easiest option is to quit. You are never alone. You have us, and
most importantly God and Jesus Christ with you. I don't know you that
well, but the spirit has testified to me that your heart is strong,
that you understand the Atonement, you can do this. It has to start

After this happened he was sitting straight up, full attention, and
Elder Mower was just staring at me with his mouth wide open haha. Bob
sincerely thanked me, and committed to starting now. We left and on
the walk home Elder Mower was completely silent. When we finally got
home he just sat down and looked at me and said "Did you really not
know Spanish before the mission or are you just fooling everyone?"
Hahahaha he was so in shock in what I said, I just told him "No dude,
all you have to do is have the Spirit with you and you will never have
to actually think about what you need to say, it just comes!"
Afterwards he said "You are going to be AP!" I can honestly testify
that the Spirit brings insane blessings! The next day we stopped by
him again and he was cooking for his wife before she got home, he was
happier than ever!! When she got home she cried because she was so
happy that he has started to change! This week has been literally
centered on the topic of Full Repentance, and becoming sanctified and
consecrated. Sooo because of that Elder Saltzman and I came up with
this little saying "Y más!" Which means "..and more". We returned to
Gijón Friday night and Saturday we decided to literally stop every
single person that passes by us. In doing so we only received 3
referrals and taught 3 street lessons but since we did our best we
know we will be blessed! And this week transfers have come to an end
and I am going to be staying in Gijón! Elder Saltzman is leaving which
means I am yet again taking an area over after 1 transfer and getting
someone who has been out for 2 months longer than I have and he will
be our District Leader. President Pack called yesterday and told me
that even though he is a little older, knows more Spanish, I'm still
getting trained, and he is District Leader, he asked me to teach him
instead of having him teach me! I don't know what it means but it's
gonna be a hard interesting 6 weeks with this guy! Apparently he's
really short, and lightweight. I could bench this guy in the mornings!
He is getting here in a couple hours, until then I am with Elder Weiss
a Swiss elder. Not much else I remember about the week bit I will send
pictures and videos if I have any! Love you all and can't wait to hear
back from you guys!
Con muchísimo amor
Élder Malolo!

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