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Monday, September 28, 2015

My Next Companion, Elder Schwenke. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola mi familia!! (you are all family now)
        Alright everybody so transfers happened this week and my
companion Elder Rodriguez who just got here 6 weeks ago is already
leaving! So that means I am getting a new companion and I'm sure you
are all going to love this. In our mission we have 2 AP's, of course,
usually the people that president trusts the most or feels guided to
choose them and they stay in that position until the end of there
mission. For some missionaries that may have had injuries that kept
them from working or something, they are able to extend their mission
another 6 weeks. For the first time ever in this mission one of the
AP's was asked to extend his mission and he accepted but he would be
taken down from his AP position, letting the a new AP fill in for him.
Oops, AP means (ayudante de presidente/presidents assistant). This
transfer Elder Malolo will be companions with Ex-AP, Only other SAMOAN
ELDER in the mission, Elder Riley SCHWENKE! Yup you heard it here
folks, a Malolo and a Schwenke will be tearing it up together in the
north! I thought it would be pretty cool to tell you all that haha. Of
course, me being myself, the first thing I said to that was "Wow
that's racist" cause you know...only two...Samoans...no? Ok.
    Other than that it was a very sad day to have Elder Rodriguez
leave cause we got along just perfectly! He left me with a sling shot
that can make holes in the wall if you shoot coins in it but I
wouldn't know that....this transfer there are 48 new missionaries
coming in, we will be opening up about 10 new areas which is crazy! I
can see it all now, missionaries accidentally using the word
"embarazado" for embarrassed. When it really means "pregnant". I
learned a lot this last transfer becoming friends with all the members
in our branch (all 20 of them). Speaking Spanish is still coming
slowly but I was mistaken for a native the other day so maybe it's
better than I think? Either way, Spanish isn't that hard of a language
to be honest, you just have to learn not to translate every individual
word you say!
    As everybody knows, Elder attire is a white shirt, tie, slacks,
and nice shoes. So in a country that doesn't know much about LDS
people, they usually mistake us for workers inside stores. For
instance, people ask us about sales in the grocery store, people ask
us to scan their ticket at the train station, some ask us where the
bathrooms are located, and then they see Jesucristo on the tag and
they are like "OH NO NOT THE TESTIGOS" and they run away...WE ARENT
    I am going to introduce you guys to the word "Snake". In this
case, no, it is not the animal but it is a word to describe a
man/woman that flirts with the missionaries (and yes usually trying to
find their future spouse) inside the branch they work in. Now Elder
Rodriguez was being stalked by a snake before coming to Gijón, the
girl would travel to his Ward just to see him and talk to him. Now,
Elder Rodriguez got transferred back to Madrid, into the home ward of
the snake that followed him!! She ended up iMessaging him before he
knew where he was going telling him that she is excited that he will
be in her Ward, and she knew this before WE even knew where we were
going! So prayers to him that he will be safe hahahaha.
    Something else that might be funny is my English...not like it
wasn't already funny in the first place but speaking Spanish a lot you
think that I would get a Spanish accent right? WRONG! I'm starting to
sound like a Kiwi!!! I feel like my cousins from New Zealand now haha
I'm trying to work on it because it just feels weird but people say
it's cool so who knows maybe I'll stick with it! Also, my trainer from
Utah was from Missouri (pronounced Miz-er-ah) and i was able to learn
a wicked country accent, my companion took a video of me one day doing
it and it's hilarious but I'll have to get it from him soon!
    This week for my spiritual thought I don't have anything new for
you all, boo hoo yeah I know get over it lol. I began to read the Book
of Mormon in Spanish because before now I had no clue what it was
saying. My biggest weakness in Spanish isn't that I don't talk or
anything, it's that I don't understand what people are saying. So I
started to pray for the ability to understand the words people say to
me and to understand Spanish and as I have been reading I know what
everything says! I am able to understand and communicate better with
people on the street as well! I want to testificar (wow look at that
Spanglish haha) that the gift of tongues is dang true! When we pray
sincerely and humbly for help, the Lord will provide. Pedid, y
recibiréis; llamad, y se os abrirá. I don't remember it in
English.....but yeah! You can google translate it maybe haha.
    I love you all, have a great week! Can't wait to hear back from you all!
Con tan mucho amor
Élder Malolo!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Wise Words of Carlos. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Buenos días amigos y familia!!!
          There isn't much to talk about this last week, we spent a
lot of time in Valladolid. A place that is a 5-6 hour bus ride to get
to and more than halfway to Madrid! The reason we went to Valladolid
was because we had Zone Meeting over there and that's just a meeting
with the whole Zone that occurs every month I think....I don't know, I
have lost track of time here I just base everything off of Sunday's
haha but zone meeting was great, they are strictly in Spanish cause
you know...I'm in Spain..but there are also people who only speak
Spanish here so we have to be courteous to them! I don't understand
everything that happens in it but when I do I always have an input!
    So a thing on the mission is sometimes people leave things behind
in their pisos (apartments) and we call them piso finds. The other day
I was looking for my jacket I packed away a while ago cause it's
getting pretty chilly up here. And I found this sweater that I can
wear over my white shirts and it's a size medium so I thought it would
be pretty funny to wear it around one day! Everyone we went to go
visit thought it was the funniest thing ever that I was wearing it and
I could basically rip the thing if I were to flex my gigantic muscles
but we don't want that haha.
  This week I also got to eat paella for the first time and you can
call it the Malolo Special cause it's everything I could've asked for
in a dish! Rice, chicken, clam, oyster, shrimp, and peppers all in a
big dish. All together there were about 7 people eating and I probably
ate about 1/2 the dish because no one else could finish it! The member
was an old spaniards woman who was extremely happy that I ate it all.
I think if there's one thing I know makes spaniards happy is if you
eat all the food they make you!
    I have also realized the importance of money on the mission. On
the way to zone meeting we met up with a compañerismo of Hermanas and
one of them just came in this transfer. The Trainee had two 20cent
coins and she was about to throw them away just on the ground or
something, so when she tossed it up I seriously think life went into
slow motion and my companion and I saw them in the air and realized we
both wanted them but me being about twice the size snatched them out
of the air before my comp could, then I gave him one of the 20 cent
coins and we danced and said that we were rich!
  Speaking of dancing I have been chosen by the stake council to do a
Zumba/Dance exercise class with the YSA's. So basically I get to dance
as an activity to invite friends and investigators. So take that
MTC!!! Telling me dancing isn't a skill HA. I think it's a skill to be
able to move your hips cause a lot of people can't even do that haha.
I had to get it all mission president approved because Zumba music
isn't exactly mission appropriate but I don't think you will get much
of a workout from Mo-Tab am I right?
  So I bet your wondering why the title of this is Wise Words of
Carlos, if not then wow that's awkward. But Carlos is an investigator
of ours and he is pretty old, and he believes in everything about the
church literally everything, but he won't get baptized because of
problems with his family. So we meet with him every week at the end of
Saturday  because after our lesson he feeds us and drives us home and
last Saturday while we were driving home my companion wanted to talk
about how to make women fall in love with you because he has a lot of
life experience! So this is what he tells us "You just have to go up
to them and tell them you like them and bam there you go!" My
companion says "Well sometimes it's not that easy because girls are
complicated!" And Carlos says this "That's why sometimes you have to
get some beer in them!" So we found the secret to love!! Just gotta
get them drunk and you got yourself a wife! (Just kidding!)
  That's all that happened this week!! I didn't take that many
pictures or videos, but I'll get one to you guys soon. I'll just go
take some selfies or something cause I can't just let this pretty face
and rockin haircut go to waste right!? Haha I'm just kidding, I have
to make sure that you guys know I'm still Taylor Malolo! Love you all
and have a great week!! Can't wait to hear from you all!
Con muchísimo amor
Élder Manolo Guapísimo

New Companion with Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Monday, September 14, 2015

Morir soñando. Elder Taylor Malolo serving in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia!!!
    Each week here is getting progressively better and better so who
am I to argue with that!? This week started with probably the best
drink that has ever entered my mouth. It is a Dominican drink called
morir soñando, which literally translates into "Die Dreaming". So I
went on an intercambio to León and the very first thing we had was
this dinner appointment with a Dominican family, and just know until
this point I have only had appointments with Spaniards, the second I
walked into their home they were just laughing and talking and yelling
the whole appointment, literally the funniest experience I have ever
had with anyone at this point. So they made us chicken and rice and
stuff, you know just things I can eat a ton of. As I'm eating the
mother gets up and gets the Morir Soñando and I'm like "oh cool they
made some piña colada drink" and my companion, Elder Galeano, that I'm
on an intercambio with drops his fork and looks at me and says "Do you
know what that drink is??" I said "..........ummm piña colada, I don't
know.." Elder Galeano being a native Spanish speaker says something to
the family about me and I don't know what was said but the look on
their faces literally seemed as if someone died. Elder Galeano told
them I've never had Morir Soñando or Dominican food in general, and
the family started freaking out telling me I haven't lived until I
have eaten this food. So they get me a GIANT cup of this drink,
literally GIANT. And then they all sit down and pull out their phones
and get ready to take pictures of me drink it. I don't think I've been
so nervous to eat anything since I've eaten that Sea Slug in Samoa.
Then I drank it and oh my goodness it sounded as if they just won the
lottery up in there and they were just laughing and screaming I
honestly have no clue what the heck was happening hahaha but they were
happy that I love to eat and that they were the first people to feed
me Dominican food. So yup, that's my experience with Dominicans! I can
only imagine how Channy is doing hahaha. Another thing I realized this
week is that appearance kind of matters. For some of you that might
know my hair has been getting kinda long and so I decided I should cut
it while I was on the intercambio. Let's just say that the last thing
these people coming up to us wanted was the Gospel! People have told
us that we look like robots put on the street sometimes so we decided
to bring a bouncy ball with us and just pass it around and do cool
tricks and stuff. As I'm typing this out it makes me realize how lame
we are haha. But we have been getting people to play with us and doing
cool things and people around start to clap for us! We are really
building up the credit here for the missionaries!

So this week I decided to try something different, I was reading the
scriptures and then during Comp study I was like "All the prophets in
here literally go out and preach repentance, they aren't teaching
lessons 1-5! I'm gonna just call people to repentance." So I did just
that and I was literally going around telling people they need to
repent and I don't know what happened but we stopped by a former
investigator and before they had said that they don't believe in what
we taught. So I rang his timbre, and he answered and I said it was the
missionaries and he told us no I don't want to learn anything but I
told him what we had to say is really important, so he lit us in. This
is all I said "We have come to tell you that you need to repent" and
he was completely silent and then said "come back tomorrow, please" so
the next day we taught him repentance and he is on the road to
recovery from drugs! So preaching repentance is powerful!! It is such
a powerful tool we have to use thanks to our Savior, and we need to
take it seriously!

So that was my week basically!! Not much to brag about or anything.
Just that me and my companion are the Guapos of the mission:) can't
wait to hear from you all and have a great week!
Con Muchisimo Amor
Elder MaloloGuapo

Friday, September 11, 2015

Soccer Games and Scary Dreams and Miracles. Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia!!!!¡¡¡¡
          This week was pretty fun and really cold! My comp and I
nearly starved to death, and by starved to death I probably mean like
3 hours without food but it sure felt a lot longer! We have been
walking so much everyday that I finally walked all the blisters off my
feet and now the bottom of my feet are rock solid! Now that I think of
it, nothing really happened this week that was way out of the
ordinary. I probably had the worst nightmare of my life two days ago.
There was this walking frog man who was trying to eat me and since I
do pretty well with dreams I'm like "oh yeah ok, screw this I'm waking
myself up!". That didn't happen, so I spent forever trying to run away
from this demon trying to eat me, I've literally never been so scared
in my life but it's ok, in the end I ended up killing him but man, I
never want to see that thing ever again. Also what happened this week
is my district went to the Spain versus Slovakia qualifying soccer
match and it was pretty awesome! Spain ended up winning 2-0, and
obviously it being a sports match, and me being in Spain I was
cheering like crazy and everyone was having a good time EXCEPT for the
Hermanas, so I got chastised by them because they said I wasn't
showing Christlike behavior....-_- So that was the end of that. People
came up to me about 6 times asking me where their seat was cause they
thought I worked there with my name tag on, "No trabajo aquí" became a
good sentence to learn in Spanish. The other day we were walking past
a basketball court and saw some kids playing, so we watched for a bit.
We ended up going in and playing a game of horse against them. I
thought I was bad at basketball but jeez these kids were....wonderful
children of God. We left victorious and we challenged them to 2v2 but
they would not play against us. Probably cause my companion won state
for basketball twice and I'm just super buff haha. We saw this workout
and my companion being smaller than me wanted to try it, you basically
do a headstand and bring your knees to your chest and back up. So he
was trying to do it all last night but couldn't get 1, so I finally
said "watch out, I'm about to get a 6 pack!" And did 10 reps of it and
he was like "What can't you do!?" Haha. We are both working out real
hard everyday, and just hitting the streets and contacting so
everything is going well over here!
As for my spiritual moment we didn't get too many lessons in but this
is what happened. So we have about 0 investigators and nothing on the
street was working so we head back to piso and I open up our giant
area book, a book where you put lists of all your investigators and
former ones. And my companion and I start calling a ton of people,
after about 12 calls I say, "ok, this is what I'm going to do, I'm
going to look at these names and the spirit will tell me which one to
pick." So I look through them all, finally I pick one out and I say
"call this guy, he's the one!" We get all excited because I felt super
strong about this guy. So I end up calling him and a man answers, this
was our conversation.
Me:Hey this is the missionaries I'm looking for (insert name here)
Man: this is him, I don't have much time to talk right now.
Me: that's alright we were wondering if you have time for us to pass
by and share a message?
Man: right now, no. But you have a FHE every Friday at the church right?
Me:.......umm...yeah. We have them at 8 (I'm super confused at this point)
Man: great, see you guys there! (He hangs up)
So I'm sitting in my chair and tell my comp "umm he said he'll be at
the FHE this week? I didn't mention anything to him about it either.."
My comp goes "Well if he's there then you can basically be the next
mission president cause that's a miracle!" Come Friday and there is a
man we have never seen before and I go up to him and introduce myself.
It's him! And he says "yeah I've been looking for the missionaries for
about 8 months now! I just assumed that whenever the Lord wants me to
find you guys, you would call!" Talk about a miracle right!?
Other than losing my voice at the soccer game, and being chased by my
worst nightmare I think this week went by pretty well! I can't wait to
hear from you all and love you guys tons!!
Con amor
Elder MuyGuapo😎