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Friday, September 11, 2015

Soccer Games and Scary Dreams and Miracles. Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia!!!!¡¡¡¡
          This week was pretty fun and really cold! My comp and I
nearly starved to death, and by starved to death I probably mean like
3 hours without food but it sure felt a lot longer! We have been
walking so much everyday that I finally walked all the blisters off my
feet and now the bottom of my feet are rock solid! Now that I think of
it, nothing really happened this week that was way out of the
ordinary. I probably had the worst nightmare of my life two days ago.
There was this walking frog man who was trying to eat me and since I
do pretty well with dreams I'm like "oh yeah ok, screw this I'm waking
myself up!". That didn't happen, so I spent forever trying to run away
from this demon trying to eat me, I've literally never been so scared
in my life but it's ok, in the end I ended up killing him but man, I
never want to see that thing ever again. Also what happened this week
is my district went to the Spain versus Slovakia qualifying soccer
match and it was pretty awesome! Spain ended up winning 2-0, and
obviously it being a sports match, and me being in Spain I was
cheering like crazy and everyone was having a good time EXCEPT for the
Hermanas, so I got chastised by them because they said I wasn't
showing Christlike behavior....-_- So that was the end of that. People
came up to me about 6 times asking me where their seat was cause they
thought I worked there with my name tag on, "No trabajo aquí" became a
good sentence to learn in Spanish. The other day we were walking past
a basketball court and saw some kids playing, so we watched for a bit.
We ended up going in and playing a game of horse against them. I
thought I was bad at basketball but jeez these kids were....wonderful
children of God. We left victorious and we challenged them to 2v2 but
they would not play against us. Probably cause my companion won state
for basketball twice and I'm just super buff haha. We saw this workout
and my companion being smaller than me wanted to try it, you basically
do a headstand and bring your knees to your chest and back up. So he
was trying to do it all last night but couldn't get 1, so I finally
said "watch out, I'm about to get a 6 pack!" And did 10 reps of it and
he was like "What can't you do!?" Haha. We are both working out real
hard everyday, and just hitting the streets and contacting so
everything is going well over here!
As for my spiritual moment we didn't get too many lessons in but this
is what happened. So we have about 0 investigators and nothing on the
street was working so we head back to piso and I open up our giant
area book, a book where you put lists of all your investigators and
former ones. And my companion and I start calling a ton of people,
after about 12 calls I say, "ok, this is what I'm going to do, I'm
going to look at these names and the spirit will tell me which one to
pick." So I look through them all, finally I pick one out and I say
"call this guy, he's the one!" We get all excited because I felt super
strong about this guy. So I end up calling him and a man answers, this
was our conversation.
Me:Hey this is the missionaries I'm looking for (insert name here)
Man: this is him, I don't have much time to talk right now.
Me: that's alright we were wondering if you have time for us to pass
by and share a message?
Man: right now, no. But you have a FHE every Friday at the church right?
Me:.......umm...yeah. We have them at 8 (I'm super confused at this point)
Man: great, see you guys there! (He hangs up)
So I'm sitting in my chair and tell my comp "umm he said he'll be at
the FHE this week? I didn't mention anything to him about it either.."
My comp goes "Well if he's there then you can basically be the next
mission president cause that's a miracle!" Come Friday and there is a
man we have never seen before and I go up to him and introduce myself.
It's him! And he says "yeah I've been looking for the missionaries for
about 8 months now! I just assumed that whenever the Lord wants me to
find you guys, you would call!" Talk about a miracle right!?
Other than losing my voice at the soccer game, and being chased by my
worst nightmare I think this week went by pretty well! I can't wait to
hear from you all and love you guys tons!!
Con amor
Elder MuyGuapo😎

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