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Monday, October 26, 2015

More songs and some fun with Elder Taylor Malolo and his companion in Gijon, Spain

Some pictures from the week with Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Family home evening fun with Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Covadonga Elder Taylor Malolo In Gijon, Spain

Hola fams!!!
  Sorry didn't mean to send my last week email, I yawned and it
messed up the trajectory of my finger and I hit resend on it. BUT This
week was great! (Like I say every week). So I got to go on an exchange
with my zone leaders and so I traveled 2 hours by bus again to León
(basically my second area cause I go there so often). With Elder
Cotton from Kansas! Sooo he just came to the area starting this
transfer and he doesn't know too many people but he majored in Spanish
(he already graduated from college....he's old) so his Spanish is
amazing. Mine is alright, but I use a lot of slang cause that's what
really grabs people's attention here. We decide to pass by an antiguo
investigator he has never met before, but I have met him in the past
exchanges. We ring the guys timbre (people live in those big apartment
buildings where someone you know has to ring the door open) he answers
and I have all to him saying "hey it's the missionaries, we want to
share a message real quick" he asks us who we are like what's our
names and I say "Elder Cotton and Elder Malolo" he gets all excited
saying "Elder Manolo!? The one that likes to eat and has a pink pen!?"
(I carry around a pink pen and people love it) so I laugh and say yes
and he lets us up. The missionaries haven't been over since the last
time I was there and he was having a low time in his life. We talk
about the Spirit and joy in this life, eventually we kind of cake to
an awkward silence and I didn't know what was going on really cause
when you hear spaniard spaniards talk.....it's like a different
language so I'm just like "will you get baptized 7 of November?" And
he says of course! After the meeting I'm talking to elder Cotton and I
ask "what were you guys talking about before I asked him to get
baptized?" They were talking about how drinking wine and coffee are
against the word of wisdom haha buuuuut the Spirit directed me and I
followed!! The next day I go back to my old area and Elder Schwenke
and I have a lesson with a girl we met on the street. We go meet at a
park and we talk and then we get into the Restoration. The whole time
Elder Schwenke and I are just going hard, testifying, asking questions
all that good stuff. Then she starts talking for a really long time
and she was born on the Canary Islands and when she starts going it's
not even Spanish so I'm like great what the heck is going on. Elder
Schwenke has served in the Islands so he knew what she was saying so
I'm awkwardly in the middle of this bench not knowing what's going on
so I'm like ok Taylor here we go, gotta go big or go home. I ask her
to get baptized as soon as she stops talking and she says "Why would I
not get baptized!?" So she's getting baptized too! BUUUUUT!!! After
that lesson the next day we were going to meet again but she cancelled
on us so we are like ok, only one time. Then the next day she says I'm
in a lot of pain and she needs to go to the hospital and she will call
us whenever she is able to meet. So the first thought that came to
mind was "Wow this girl played us so hard and now she's just trying to
get away!!" 2 days later, with out any contact we get a call while we
are on the bus and it's her. She says "I just got operated on my leg,
and I'm recovering now. I had time to read that scripture you gave me
so I prayed about it and I had a dream of that chapter and something
telling me that it is right! I know that your church is the true
church!" I'm over here on the public bus trying to keep my cool, in
the moment I'm like trying not to just yell out of happiness so
instead this wimpy Yelp comes out of my mouth, just super
embarrassing!! In all, it was just a miracle that this woman was
    The rest of the week we were just going from appointment to
appointment, helping with interviews, helping people move, playing
basketball, all sorts of things! Then comes Sunday, an old woman who I
haven't seen come to church since my first Sunday here arrives and I
walk her up the stairs and open the door you know, the gentleman that
I am. Later that day after church the branch president comes up to me
saying "Elder Malolo, Maria needs a blessing and she asked that you do
it" so I'm like oh no. I've only given English blessings, so I'm
nervous cause it's only a BLESSING in a DIFFERENT language no big
deal. So I just go in and do it as the spirit directs and everyone who
was in it was just blown away! I was too!! So my first Spanish
blessing can be checked off the to do list!
      Another thing that happened this week was we went back to the
closed down area Aviles, to help an activity that they were having. We
go and everyone is so excited we are there cause they haven't had
missionaries assigned to their branch for 2 years. The night goes on
and this woman comes up to me asking where I'm from and what not and
she's like "Hey I have a daughter that's 19 years old in Utah, you
should meet her!" I'm like "Whoa whoa!! I still have 2 years left on
my mission and I'm already waiting for someone else! I leer Schwenke
is about to go home, tell him about it!" I just threw Elder Schwenke
right under the bus but it was super funny! Haha
      That same night on the way back home we were walking through a
park and there are 2 girls just smoking on a bench. I laugh and tell
Elder Schwenke "haha you should talk to them, get you ready for when
you go home" so he goes over and starts talking to them.....every girl
that you talk to here looks like they are 30, then you ask how old
they are and they are 17 years old. Just a fun fact for anyone wanting
to come to Spain. After a little of just talking to these girls I'm
like so how can I turn this into a missionary opportunity. Then one of
them says "Do you know a girl named Aixamar?" Who is a MA (less
active). We say, yeah but she hasn't come for a long time. With time,
we finally get a lot of information on a ton of less active young
single adults and the girl used to be an investigator! We invited her
to church, and got her number so let's hope that it all works out.
      Last but not least my PDay. Today we went to Covadonga, super
cool place! That's about it!
    And for my spiritual thought of the day I thought I would use a
quote from the Piano Guys face2face on LDS.org. One of them was
talking about something to do with being competitive within the group
as in who is better. One of them said "Our differences should be
celebrated and not calculated". That's a pretty awesome thing to say!!
Most of the time I see companionships or individual missionaries who
become discouraged because someone gets more referrals than they do,
or even baptisms!! Instead of wishing you had those things and being
jealous of them, why not just celebrate with them!? Everybody has
their strengths, and weaknesses. Ether 12:27, no more commentary
needed for that one.
    I hope you all had a wonderful week and another to come. I'm
freezing my booty off here as it rains. I love the north, but I love
you all more!:) (how cheesy amirite?)
Mucho amor
Elder Malolo!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pictures from the week with Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

A few songs by Elder Malolo and his companion Elder Schwenke in Gijon, Spain

Cold, Rain, Fog, and Cows. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!
Alright so I guess I can just tell you about our experience this
morning. We decided to hike the Cristus again but this time we wanted
to leave early in the morning and get to the top at sunrise. So last
night we took a bus to the next city (Oviedo) and we stayed with the
other Elders for the night. At 6:00 we woke up to get ready and be out
the door, but it was raining pretty hard. LUCKILY I'm an Eagle Scout
and I brought an umbrella and so did all the elders. So we head out to
meet with the Hermanas to set off on our journey and they come out
without umbrellas! So they are soaked already. We head out and it's
literally pitch black outside and when we get to the trail you cannot
see a thing, and ahead of us you can only see fog, which was 5 feet
ahead of you. Out of everyone who has hiked this mountain before it
was me and another elder, and 2 Hermanas. So everyone else had no
faith in where we were going so they told me to lead the pack. As we
are walking, there is just rain and mud and all sorts of things coming
down this mountain and we are hiking up it. Now that I write this we
really should've turned around but it was a good experience! Haha so
we are trekking up it and after a while we get to the big trail which
I know goes another 8 minutes and we are there BUT since it was so
foggy we couldn't see the statue so everyone is like well maybe we are
going the wrong way! We started going ahead and all of a sudden an
Hermana just screams and runs to the front of the line and I'm like
what the heck is going on!? She said that there is a cow over there
and that cows freak her out. Since it was too foggy I didn't believe
her so I went over there and I'm like about to basically kick this cow
that's laying down so I freak out and this cow makes this terrifying
Moo noise, I have know idea what it was so I book it, and everyone
freaks out and follows. Then we got to the top! It was extremely windy
and rainy and foggy that we couldn't see sunrise so we had to go back
down. Everyone voted me to be a tour guide so on the way down I was
just making up funny things about nature, I wish I would've gotten on
camera but yeah! So now I'm in the church building freezing and
soaking wet!
  So from my last email, I told you guys that Elder Schwenke and I are
singing and stuff for Family Home Evenings. So one day we were on our
way home on the bus and this older woman got on and she saw our name
tags said Jesucristo so she sat near us and started talking about the
church and so I asked her if she wanted to hear a song! She said yeah
and so we sang and she cried a little and told us to take a selfie
with her...so the pictures that spaniards take are straight faced so
she looks mad but she isn't, and a woman behind her was trying not to
laugh at the picture being taken so that was pretty funny!
  So the end of this transfer is coming soon and Elder Schwenke has
permission to go to Madrid and participate in a temple session with
one of his converts so I get to go as well! With that week also being
la semana de liderazgo, we might get to sing in the big mission
meeting for everybody so that would be cool!
    I think one of the Hermanas has a video of us singing but I don't
know, I'll get it to you all later sometime if you want it.

  So this week I ponderized Isaías 55:8-9

"8 Porque mis pensamientos no son vuestros pensamientos, ni vuestros
caminos mis caminos, dice Jehová.
9 Como son más altos los cielos que la tierra, así son mis caminos más
altos que vuestros caminos, y mis pensamientos más que vuestros

  A veces pensamos que el camino de nuestro Señor puede ser difícil,
o quitar más de su tiempo.  El Señor sabe mejor que nadie.
Necesitamos aprenderlo para que podamos hacer lo que es agradable al
Señor. Necesitamos tener una perspectiva eterna. Podemos pensar que
nuestros pensamientos y acciones son correctas pero no debemos
hacerlos sin la confirmación del Espíritu Santo. Es muy sencillo lo
que estamos haciendo. Quiero daros mi testimonio que somos
herramientas en las manos del Señor. Cualquier cosa que hacemos debe
ser verificada por el poder del Espíritu Santo. Por el fin, por medio
del Espíritu Santo podréis conocer la verdad de todas las cosas!
(Moroni 10:4-5).
  Espero que tengáis una semana maravillosa, con seguridades! No puedo
recordar más que pasa esta semana pero mis piernas duelen
entonces.......bueno! Hasta lunes!
Con tan mucho amor,
    Élder Malolo!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Some photos of Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Umbrella, Our investigator on his birthday, a sandcastle and a balloon with Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Noche De Hogar. Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia mia!
     Jolín, I walked my feet off this week! So this week started off with Monday [PDay] and I went and bought a ukulele, cause every missionary needs an instrument! We then went on a drive up to the hills of Gijon which was cool until I almost walked into a spider web with a spider just demolishing a mosquito. That was pretty much it for that! So thennnnnn Elder Schwenke and I just went hard on the streets talking to everyone and teaching ya know, la obra misional. By the end of the week when we were putting all our numbers together we had realized that all of our references were women between the ages of 17-25, and we had 23 numbers! We were pretty happy cause we just assumed at this point we have to be guapos haha. Another thing that happened was we were trying to stop this guy on the street who was a little shorter than I am, and he didnt want anything but got all mad at us cause of the work we are doing and got all in my face. So I did what I normally wouldve done...I laughed! I think ive realized that when something awkward or weird starts happening I just laugh. Me laughing got him even more mad, and he started going off on how church is all about politics and bad things happen and blah blah blah things that people dont understand out here. So I started answering back and he kept throwing things at us about church and eventually it got to where he had nothing to say and then he just takes off away from us! I dont understand why people only listen to the "gossip" about our church instead of just talking to missionaries, or someone who knows what is going on!
     So I am going to ask you guys to pray for a member here in my branch, ive been here for 3 transfers which is 4 1/2 months and there is a young man named Daniel Rojas. He has some mental problems but he has been doing alright his whole life. I would take him to any lesson I could because he wants to serve a mission in Utah haha. Last week he was taken to a facility in Oviedo, about a town away, because he hasnt been doing so well and apparently it is only getting worse.
      As for my Zumba activity I was supposed to have, my zone leaders cancelled it because in the MTC they learned that dancing isnt appropriate for a church JAS (YSA) activity. So yeah, thats not gonna happen now, BUT it will happen in the future I know it. 
      Elder Schwenke and I have been contacting a lot recently and so yesterday we wanted to try something new. Instead of going up and introducing ourselves we would use our IPads to share the Gracias a El video, I dont know what it is in english Thanks to Him maybe. So since we had to contact about 20 peoples numbers I decided to sit on a bench and Elder Schwenke would try using the video. After about an hour Elder Schwenke comes back saying "That guy I just talked to cried as he watched this video, then said that he didnt want anything!" so this idea was atleast bringing people the Spirit! About 30min later I get done with calling everyone and its almost time to head home so I look for my comp and hes showing a girl the video and so I go over and join in. Now...this is where it gets intense. So Elder Schwenke has been out for more than 2 years now so hes got a lot of experience. We teach her about the Atonement and she is just all in, super amazing person. Then out of no where Elder Schwenke invites her to baptism and she accepted it without any hesitation! Sooooooo we might have a baptism on the 31st of this month! What a miracle hahaha!
    So, the reason my title of this email is Noche de Hogar is because yesterday we had one with a member and some investigators. Usually we all just eat and hang out but Elder Schwenke decided we want to do something more. The Hermanas also wanted to share something so we told them that we have a surprise before they begin their message. Elder Schwenke and I grabbed the uke I bought and sang a different variation of "Senior te necesito". When we were done everyone was literally crying! So we started off the lesson with the Spirit being super strong! The member told us she recorded it so I will have to get that sometime but until then yeah...I sing now.
    I hope you all have an awesome week full of success! I have a lot of pictures to send on my iPad but I will do that later today. 
Con Muchisimo Amor!
Elder Guapisimo

Selfies and Snacks! Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Elder Malolo received his box! with a few little awesome things in it to remind him that we LOVE and MISS him!! XOXO

Monday, October 5, 2015

The week of hard work. Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola mi familiaaaa!!!
    Wow this week we literally worked our butts off! I have been so
tired lately, all I want to do for medio dia is sleep haha but I think
that's what everyone wants to do anyways right?? My English is getting
worse and worse as I learn more Spanish but I was told that would
happen. My English was already bad before, I can only imagine what it
will be like by the end of my mission. Something funny this week is me
and Elder Schwenke will sing some old Samoan songs that our dads would
listen to haha it makes me feel like I'm 10 all over again listening
to my dads cassette tapes in the Thunderbird and getting all mad cause
I didn't know what the songs were saying! Our branch now calls us the
cousins (Los Primos) and the other day after a session of conference
they usually have a big meal for everybody. Everyone brings their own
food and everyone tries it and of course being spaniards and Latin
Americans they were all competitive about their food! So who better to
have try your food than 2 Polynesians that love to eat!? Elder
Schwenke and I cleared a whole table of food and even more and our
Branch Mission Leader could not believe that we did it so he went and
checked all the trash cans to see if anything was thrown away haha. On
Sunday we went to a place called Avilés, an area that has been closed
to missionaries for 2 years, and the Branch president asked us to stop
by in case so,e investigators they have show up. When we got there,
there were about 16 people all super nice and asking about my name and
if I play sports, just the typical conversation if you see someone
bigger than you. I have realized that for some reason people just love
me out here, I have no idea what they say and I have no idea what I'm
saying haha! After conference in Spanish, we had to leave and on the
way back to the bus station the Branch President told us 6 of those
people were investigators!! Later that day my companion told me that
he would maybe like me to go out there and re open the area sometime
in the near future. I also tried a new food the other day called
empinada? I don't know if that is spelled right but everyone thought
it was real good so I tried some and.....yeah, noooot the best food I
have ever eaten. I'm not picky with my food or anything but whatever
was in that food did not sit well with me. Something super awkward
that happened is when Elder Schwenke and I contact, he likes to say
"¿Ha visto chicos como nosotros? Un Guapo (me) y un feo (him)" in
English that means "have you seen people like us before? One cute and
one ugly?" And one time we did that and we were talking to two girls
one 19 the other 22 and they responded "no, pero te queremos!" They
said that looking at me! So we had to just close down and invite them
to English class and get the heck outta there. If you wanna know what
that means you can probably google translate it haha. Today, we went
up into the mountains to look at the view so I'll send some pictures
later, lots of history over here but most of it is in Covadonga,
another area of Asturias.
    Alright so I hope we were all spiritually fed by conference this
week! I'm looking forward to knowing your favorite talks and such. I
haven't been able to see the last session due to the time difference
of Spain but to me there was a lot of talk about Exaltation which I
like! Some boat analogies like being Ship Shape, and Old Ship Zion. I
honestly can't pick one at the moment that was my favorite. Elder
Holland talking about mommas and how important they are! Elder Nelson
cracking down on the sisters telling them it's time to stand up! Oh
now that I remember there was a session I watched in Spanish I will
have to re watch but yeah, TONS of things I liked, I'll have to wait
till later to give you guys what I think when I finish watching them
    I forgot to tell you all I gave a talk last week in sacrament,
the topic was missionary work and I decided to crack the whip on the
members. I was able to spend my first two transfers in Utah for my
mission and in that time I was able to see how a Ward and branch
should be working to enhance the work mission. After I gave that talk
a ton of members promised me they would talk to their friends and we
now have a lot of lessons lined up because of them! This week will be
an interesting one so let's pray it all turns out good!
  I hope you all have a good week! Apply conference, and reach our goal!
"Exaltation is our goal, Discipleship is our journey!"
Con mucho amor
Élder Malolo