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Monday, October 19, 2015

Cold, Rain, Fog, and Cows. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!
Alright so I guess I can just tell you about our experience this
morning. We decided to hike the Cristus again but this time we wanted
to leave early in the morning and get to the top at sunrise. So last
night we took a bus to the next city (Oviedo) and we stayed with the
other Elders for the night. At 6:00 we woke up to get ready and be out
the door, but it was raining pretty hard. LUCKILY I'm an Eagle Scout
and I brought an umbrella and so did all the elders. So we head out to
meet with the Hermanas to set off on our journey and they come out
without umbrellas! So they are soaked already. We head out and it's
literally pitch black outside and when we get to the trail you cannot
see a thing, and ahead of us you can only see fog, which was 5 feet
ahead of you. Out of everyone who has hiked this mountain before it
was me and another elder, and 2 Hermanas. So everyone else had no
faith in where we were going so they told me to lead the pack. As we
are walking, there is just rain and mud and all sorts of things coming
down this mountain and we are hiking up it. Now that I write this we
really should've turned around but it was a good experience! Haha so
we are trekking up it and after a while we get to the big trail which
I know goes another 8 minutes and we are there BUT since it was so
foggy we couldn't see the statue so everyone is like well maybe we are
going the wrong way! We started going ahead and all of a sudden an
Hermana just screams and runs to the front of the line and I'm like
what the heck is going on!? She said that there is a cow over there
and that cows freak her out. Since it was too foggy I didn't believe
her so I went over there and I'm like about to basically kick this cow
that's laying down so I freak out and this cow makes this terrifying
Moo noise, I have know idea what it was so I book it, and everyone
freaks out and follows. Then we got to the top! It was extremely windy
and rainy and foggy that we couldn't see sunrise so we had to go back
down. Everyone voted me to be a tour guide so on the way down I was
just making up funny things about nature, I wish I would've gotten on
camera but yeah! So now I'm in the church building freezing and
soaking wet!
  So from my last email, I told you guys that Elder Schwenke and I are
singing and stuff for Family Home Evenings. So one day we were on our
way home on the bus and this older woman got on and she saw our name
tags said Jesucristo so she sat near us and started talking about the
church and so I asked her if she wanted to hear a song! She said yeah
and so we sang and she cried a little and told us to take a selfie
with her...so the pictures that spaniards take are straight faced so
she looks mad but she isn't, and a woman behind her was trying not to
laugh at the picture being taken so that was pretty funny!
  So the end of this transfer is coming soon and Elder Schwenke has
permission to go to Madrid and participate in a temple session with
one of his converts so I get to go as well! With that week also being
la semana de liderazgo, we might get to sing in the big mission
meeting for everybody so that would be cool!
    I think one of the Hermanas has a video of us singing but I don't
know, I'll get it to you all later sometime if you want it.

  So this week I ponderized Isaías 55:8-9

"8 Porque mis pensamientos no son vuestros pensamientos, ni vuestros
caminos mis caminos, dice Jehová.
9 Como son más altos los cielos que la tierra, así son mis caminos más
altos que vuestros caminos, y mis pensamientos más que vuestros

  A veces pensamos que el camino de nuestro Señor puede ser difícil,
o quitar más de su tiempo.  El Señor sabe mejor que nadie.
Necesitamos aprenderlo para que podamos hacer lo que es agradable al
Señor. Necesitamos tener una perspectiva eterna. Podemos pensar que
nuestros pensamientos y acciones son correctas pero no debemos
hacerlos sin la confirmación del Espíritu Santo. Es muy sencillo lo
que estamos haciendo. Quiero daros mi testimonio que somos
herramientas en las manos del Señor. Cualquier cosa que hacemos debe
ser verificada por el poder del Espíritu Santo. Por el fin, por medio
del Espíritu Santo podréis conocer la verdad de todas las cosas!
(Moroni 10:4-5).
  Espero que tengáis una semana maravillosa, con seguridades! No puedo
recordar más que pasa esta semana pero mis piernas duelen
entonces.......bueno! Hasta lunes!
Con tan mucho amor,
    Élder Malolo!

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