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Monday, September 14, 2015

Morir soñando. Elder Taylor Malolo serving in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia!!!
    Each week here is getting progressively better and better so who
am I to argue with that!? This week started with probably the best
drink that has ever entered my mouth. It is a Dominican drink called
morir soñando, which literally translates into "Die Dreaming". So I
went on an intercambio to León and the very first thing we had was
this dinner appointment with a Dominican family, and just know until
this point I have only had appointments with Spaniards, the second I
walked into their home they were just laughing and talking and yelling
the whole appointment, literally the funniest experience I have ever
had with anyone at this point. So they made us chicken and rice and
stuff, you know just things I can eat a ton of. As I'm eating the
mother gets up and gets the Morir Soñando and I'm like "oh cool they
made some piña colada drink" and my companion, Elder Galeano, that I'm
on an intercambio with drops his fork and looks at me and says "Do you
know what that drink is??" I said "..........ummm piña colada, I don't
know.." Elder Galeano being a native Spanish speaker says something to
the family about me and I don't know what was said but the look on
their faces literally seemed as if someone died. Elder Galeano told
them I've never had Morir Soñando or Dominican food in general, and
the family started freaking out telling me I haven't lived until I
have eaten this food. So they get me a GIANT cup of this drink,
literally GIANT. And then they all sit down and pull out their phones
and get ready to take pictures of me drink it. I don't think I've been
so nervous to eat anything since I've eaten that Sea Slug in Samoa.
Then I drank it and oh my goodness it sounded as if they just won the
lottery up in there and they were just laughing and screaming I
honestly have no clue what the heck was happening hahaha but they were
happy that I love to eat and that they were the first people to feed
me Dominican food. So yup, that's my experience with Dominicans! I can
only imagine how Channy is doing hahaha. Another thing I realized this
week is that appearance kind of matters. For some of you that might
know my hair has been getting kinda long and so I decided I should cut
it while I was on the intercambio. Let's just say that the last thing
these people coming up to us wanted was the Gospel! People have told
us that we look like robots put on the street sometimes so we decided
to bring a bouncy ball with us and just pass it around and do cool
tricks and stuff. As I'm typing this out it makes me realize how lame
we are haha. But we have been getting people to play with us and doing
cool things and people around start to clap for us! We are really
building up the credit here for the missionaries!

So this week I decided to try something different, I was reading the
scriptures and then during Comp study I was like "All the prophets in
here literally go out and preach repentance, they aren't teaching
lessons 1-5! I'm gonna just call people to repentance." So I did just
that and I was literally going around telling people they need to
repent and I don't know what happened but we stopped by a former
investigator and before they had said that they don't believe in what
we taught. So I rang his timbre, and he answered and I said it was the
missionaries and he told us no I don't want to learn anything but I
told him what we had to say is really important, so he lit us in. This
is all I said "We have come to tell you that you need to repent" and
he was completely silent and then said "come back tomorrow, please" so
the next day we taught him repentance and he is on the road to
recovery from drugs! So preaching repentance is powerful!! It is such
a powerful tool we have to use thanks to our Savior, and we need to
take it seriously!

So that was my week basically!! Not much to brag about or anything.
Just that me and my companion are the Guapos of the mission:) can't
wait to hear from you all and have a great week!
Con Muchisimo Amor
Elder MaloloGuapo

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