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Monday, September 28, 2015

My Next Companion, Elder Schwenke. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola mi familia!! (you are all family now)
        Alright everybody so transfers happened this week and my
companion Elder Rodriguez who just got here 6 weeks ago is already
leaving! So that means I am getting a new companion and I'm sure you
are all going to love this. In our mission we have 2 AP's, of course,
usually the people that president trusts the most or feels guided to
choose them and they stay in that position until the end of there
mission. For some missionaries that may have had injuries that kept
them from working or something, they are able to extend their mission
another 6 weeks. For the first time ever in this mission one of the
AP's was asked to extend his mission and he accepted but he would be
taken down from his AP position, letting the a new AP fill in for him.
Oops, AP means (ayudante de presidente/presidents assistant). This
transfer Elder Malolo will be companions with Ex-AP, Only other SAMOAN
ELDER in the mission, Elder Riley SCHWENKE! Yup you heard it here
folks, a Malolo and a Schwenke will be tearing it up together in the
north! I thought it would be pretty cool to tell you all that haha. Of
course, me being myself, the first thing I said to that was "Wow
that's racist" cause you know...only two...Samoans...no? Ok.
    Other than that it was a very sad day to have Elder Rodriguez
leave cause we got along just perfectly! He left me with a sling shot
that can make holes in the wall if you shoot coins in it but I
wouldn't know that....this transfer there are 48 new missionaries
coming in, we will be opening up about 10 new areas which is crazy! I
can see it all now, missionaries accidentally using the word
"embarazado" for embarrassed. When it really means "pregnant". I
learned a lot this last transfer becoming friends with all the members
in our branch (all 20 of them). Speaking Spanish is still coming
slowly but I was mistaken for a native the other day so maybe it's
better than I think? Either way, Spanish isn't that hard of a language
to be honest, you just have to learn not to translate every individual
word you say!
    As everybody knows, Elder attire is a white shirt, tie, slacks,
and nice shoes. So in a country that doesn't know much about LDS
people, they usually mistake us for workers inside stores. For
instance, people ask us about sales in the grocery store, people ask
us to scan their ticket at the train station, some ask us where the
bathrooms are located, and then they see Jesucristo on the tag and
they are like "OH NO NOT THE TESTIGOS" and they run away...WE ARENT
    I am going to introduce you guys to the word "Snake". In this
case, no, it is not the animal but it is a word to describe a
man/woman that flirts with the missionaries (and yes usually trying to
find their future spouse) inside the branch they work in. Now Elder
Rodriguez was being stalked by a snake before coming to Gijón, the
girl would travel to his Ward just to see him and talk to him. Now,
Elder Rodriguez got transferred back to Madrid, into the home ward of
the snake that followed him!! She ended up iMessaging him before he
knew where he was going telling him that she is excited that he will
be in her Ward, and she knew this before WE even knew where we were
going! So prayers to him that he will be safe hahahaha.
    Something else that might be funny is my English...not like it
wasn't already funny in the first place but speaking Spanish a lot you
think that I would get a Spanish accent right? WRONG! I'm starting to
sound like a Kiwi!!! I feel like my cousins from New Zealand now haha
I'm trying to work on it because it just feels weird but people say
it's cool so who knows maybe I'll stick with it! Also, my trainer from
Utah was from Missouri (pronounced Miz-er-ah) and i was able to learn
a wicked country accent, my companion took a video of me one day doing
it and it's hilarious but I'll have to get it from him soon!
    This week for my spiritual thought I don't have anything new for
you all, boo hoo yeah I know get over it lol. I began to read the Book
of Mormon in Spanish because before now I had no clue what it was
saying. My biggest weakness in Spanish isn't that I don't talk or
anything, it's that I don't understand what people are saying. So I
started to pray for the ability to understand the words people say to
me and to understand Spanish and as I have been reading I know what
everything says! I am able to understand and communicate better with
people on the street as well! I want to testificar (wow look at that
Spanglish haha) that the gift of tongues is dang true! When we pray
sincerely and humbly for help, the Lord will provide. Pedid, y
recibiréis; llamad, y se os abrirá. I don't remember it in
English.....but yeah! You can google translate it maybe haha.
    I love you all, have a great week! Can't wait to hear back from you all!
Con tan mucho amor
Élder Malolo!

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