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Monday, October 12, 2015

Noche De Hogar. Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia mia!
     Jolín, I walked my feet off this week! So this week started off with Monday [PDay] and I went and bought a ukulele, cause every missionary needs an instrument! We then went on a drive up to the hills of Gijon which was cool until I almost walked into a spider web with a spider just demolishing a mosquito. That was pretty much it for that! So thennnnnn Elder Schwenke and I just went hard on the streets talking to everyone and teaching ya know, la obra misional. By the end of the week when we were putting all our numbers together we had realized that all of our references were women between the ages of 17-25, and we had 23 numbers! We were pretty happy cause we just assumed at this point we have to be guapos haha. Another thing that happened was we were trying to stop this guy on the street who was a little shorter than I am, and he didnt want anything but got all mad at us cause of the work we are doing and got all in my face. So I did what I normally wouldve done...I laughed! I think ive realized that when something awkward or weird starts happening I just laugh. Me laughing got him even more mad, and he started going off on how church is all about politics and bad things happen and blah blah blah things that people dont understand out here. So I started answering back and he kept throwing things at us about church and eventually it got to where he had nothing to say and then he just takes off away from us! I dont understand why people only listen to the "gossip" about our church instead of just talking to missionaries, or someone who knows what is going on!
     So I am going to ask you guys to pray for a member here in my branch, ive been here for 3 transfers which is 4 1/2 months and there is a young man named Daniel Rojas. He has some mental problems but he has been doing alright his whole life. I would take him to any lesson I could because he wants to serve a mission in Utah haha. Last week he was taken to a facility in Oviedo, about a town away, because he hasnt been doing so well and apparently it is only getting worse.
      As for my Zumba activity I was supposed to have, my zone leaders cancelled it because in the MTC they learned that dancing isnt appropriate for a church JAS (YSA) activity. So yeah, thats not gonna happen now, BUT it will happen in the future I know it. 
      Elder Schwenke and I have been contacting a lot recently and so yesterday we wanted to try something new. Instead of going up and introducing ourselves we would use our IPads to share the Gracias a El video, I dont know what it is in english Thanks to Him maybe. So since we had to contact about 20 peoples numbers I decided to sit on a bench and Elder Schwenke would try using the video. After about an hour Elder Schwenke comes back saying "That guy I just talked to cried as he watched this video, then said that he didnt want anything!" so this idea was atleast bringing people the Spirit! About 30min later I get done with calling everyone and its almost time to head home so I look for my comp and hes showing a girl the video and so I go over and join in. Now...this is where it gets intense. So Elder Schwenke has been out for more than 2 years now so hes got a lot of experience. We teach her about the Atonement and she is just all in, super amazing person. Then out of no where Elder Schwenke invites her to baptism and she accepted it without any hesitation! Sooooooo we might have a baptism on the 31st of this month! What a miracle hahaha!
    So, the reason my title of this email is Noche de Hogar is because yesterday we had one with a member and some investigators. Usually we all just eat and hang out but Elder Schwenke decided we want to do something more. The Hermanas also wanted to share something so we told them that we have a surprise before they begin their message. Elder Schwenke and I grabbed the uke I bought and sang a different variation of "Senior te necesito". When we were done everyone was literally crying! So we started off the lesson with the Spirit being super strong! The member told us she recorded it so I will have to get that sometime but until then yeah...I sing now.
    I hope you all have an awesome week full of success! I have a lot of pictures to send on my iPad but I will do that later today. 
Con Muchisimo Amor!
Elder Guapisimo

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