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Monday, October 5, 2015

The week of hard work. Elder Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola mi familiaaaa!!!
    Wow this week we literally worked our butts off! I have been so
tired lately, all I want to do for medio dia is sleep haha but I think
that's what everyone wants to do anyways right?? My English is getting
worse and worse as I learn more Spanish but I was told that would
happen. My English was already bad before, I can only imagine what it
will be like by the end of my mission. Something funny this week is me
and Elder Schwenke will sing some old Samoan songs that our dads would
listen to haha it makes me feel like I'm 10 all over again listening
to my dads cassette tapes in the Thunderbird and getting all mad cause
I didn't know what the songs were saying! Our branch now calls us the
cousins (Los Primos) and the other day after a session of conference
they usually have a big meal for everybody. Everyone brings their own
food and everyone tries it and of course being spaniards and Latin
Americans they were all competitive about their food! So who better to
have try your food than 2 Polynesians that love to eat!? Elder
Schwenke and I cleared a whole table of food and even more and our
Branch Mission Leader could not believe that we did it so he went and
checked all the trash cans to see if anything was thrown away haha. On
Sunday we went to a place called Avilés, an area that has been closed
to missionaries for 2 years, and the Branch president asked us to stop
by in case so,e investigators they have show up. When we got there,
there were about 16 people all super nice and asking about my name and
if I play sports, just the typical conversation if you see someone
bigger than you. I have realized that for some reason people just love
me out here, I have no idea what they say and I have no idea what I'm
saying haha! After conference in Spanish, we had to leave and on the
way back to the bus station the Branch President told us 6 of those
people were investigators!! Later that day my companion told me that
he would maybe like me to go out there and re open the area sometime
in the near future. I also tried a new food the other day called
empinada? I don't know if that is spelled right but everyone thought
it was real good so I tried some and.....yeah, noooot the best food I
have ever eaten. I'm not picky with my food or anything but whatever
was in that food did not sit well with me. Something super awkward
that happened is when Elder Schwenke and I contact, he likes to say
"¿Ha visto chicos como nosotros? Un Guapo (me) y un feo (him)" in
English that means "have you seen people like us before? One cute and
one ugly?" And one time we did that and we were talking to two girls
one 19 the other 22 and they responded "no, pero te queremos!" They
said that looking at me! So we had to just close down and invite them
to English class and get the heck outta there. If you wanna know what
that means you can probably google translate it haha. Today, we went
up into the mountains to look at the view so I'll send some pictures
later, lots of history over here but most of it is in Covadonga,
another area of Asturias.
    Alright so I hope we were all spiritually fed by conference this
week! I'm looking forward to knowing your favorite talks and such. I
haven't been able to see the last session due to the time difference
of Spain but to me there was a lot of talk about Exaltation which I
like! Some boat analogies like being Ship Shape, and Old Ship Zion. I
honestly can't pick one at the moment that was my favorite. Elder
Holland talking about mommas and how important they are! Elder Nelson
cracking down on the sisters telling them it's time to stand up! Oh
now that I remember there was a session I watched in Spanish I will
have to re watch but yeah, TONS of things I liked, I'll have to wait
till later to give you guys what I think when I finish watching them
    I forgot to tell you all I gave a talk last week in sacrament,
the topic was missionary work and I decided to crack the whip on the
members. I was able to spend my first two transfers in Utah for my
mission and in that time I was able to see how a Ward and branch
should be working to enhance the work mission. After I gave that talk
a ton of members promised me they would talk to their friends and we
now have a lot of lessons lined up because of them! This week will be
an interesting one so let's pray it all turns out good!
  I hope you all have a good week! Apply conference, and reach our goal!
"Exaltation is our goal, Discipleship is our journey!"
Con mucho amor
Élder Malolo

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