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Monday, September 21, 2015

Wise Words of Carlos. Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Buenos días amigos y familia!!!
          There isn't much to talk about this last week, we spent a
lot of time in Valladolid. A place that is a 5-6 hour bus ride to get
to and more than halfway to Madrid! The reason we went to Valladolid
was because we had Zone Meeting over there and that's just a meeting
with the whole Zone that occurs every month I think....I don't know, I
have lost track of time here I just base everything off of Sunday's
haha but zone meeting was great, they are strictly in Spanish cause
you know...I'm in Spain..but there are also people who only speak
Spanish here so we have to be courteous to them! I don't understand
everything that happens in it but when I do I always have an input!
    So a thing on the mission is sometimes people leave things behind
in their pisos (apartments) and we call them piso finds. The other day
I was looking for my jacket I packed away a while ago cause it's
getting pretty chilly up here. And I found this sweater that I can
wear over my white shirts and it's a size medium so I thought it would
be pretty funny to wear it around one day! Everyone we went to go
visit thought it was the funniest thing ever that I was wearing it and
I could basically rip the thing if I were to flex my gigantic muscles
but we don't want that haha.
  This week I also got to eat paella for the first time and you can
call it the Malolo Special cause it's everything I could've asked for
in a dish! Rice, chicken, clam, oyster, shrimp, and peppers all in a
big dish. All together there were about 7 people eating and I probably
ate about 1/2 the dish because no one else could finish it! The member
was an old spaniards woman who was extremely happy that I ate it all.
I think if there's one thing I know makes spaniards happy is if you
eat all the food they make you!
    I have also realized the importance of money on the mission. On
the way to zone meeting we met up with a compañerismo of Hermanas and
one of them just came in this transfer. The Trainee had two 20cent
coins and she was about to throw them away just on the ground or
something, so when she tossed it up I seriously think life went into
slow motion and my companion and I saw them in the air and realized we
both wanted them but me being about twice the size snatched them out
of the air before my comp could, then I gave him one of the 20 cent
coins and we danced and said that we were rich!
  Speaking of dancing I have been chosen by the stake council to do a
Zumba/Dance exercise class with the YSA's. So basically I get to dance
as an activity to invite friends and investigators. So take that
MTC!!! Telling me dancing isn't a skill HA. I think it's a skill to be
able to move your hips cause a lot of people can't even do that haha.
I had to get it all mission president approved because Zumba music
isn't exactly mission appropriate but I don't think you will get much
of a workout from Mo-Tab am I right?
  So I bet your wondering why the title of this is Wise Words of
Carlos, if not then wow that's awkward. But Carlos is an investigator
of ours and he is pretty old, and he believes in everything about the
church literally everything, but he won't get baptized because of
problems with his family. So we meet with him every week at the end of
Saturday  because after our lesson he feeds us and drives us home and
last Saturday while we were driving home my companion wanted to talk
about how to make women fall in love with you because he has a lot of
life experience! So this is what he tells us "You just have to go up
to them and tell them you like them and bam there you go!" My
companion says "Well sometimes it's not that easy because girls are
complicated!" And Carlos says this "That's why sometimes you have to
get some beer in them!" So we found the secret to love!! Just gotta
get them drunk and you got yourself a wife! (Just kidding!)
  That's all that happened this week!! I didn't take that many
pictures or videos, but I'll get one to you guys soon. I'll just go
take some selfies or something cause I can't just let this pretty face
and rockin haircut go to waste right!? Haha I'm just kidding, I have
to make sure that you guys know I'm still Taylor Malolo! Love you all
and have a great week!! Can't wait to hear from you all!
Con muchísimo amor
Élder Manolo Guapísimo

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