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Monday, November 9, 2015

110% Elder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

Hola familia mía!
  This week we finally started to see our hard work pay off! I can't
tell you how hard we work over here, so many things that are illegal
for us to do, so many drunk people, we can't even have doors shut in
our face because we need to have a key for the apartment buildings,
and when we do get let in the police come and get us, people trying to
fight us because we are trying to "hit on their girlfriend" when we
are just trying to contact, weird things! But hard work pays off. Last
week was the last one for transfers, and the last one for elder
Schwenke. I remember one day saying "I don't understand how we can do
all of this work and not have even the slightest of success!"
Missionary work literally makes you want to just flipar (to flip out).
Until yesterday, Sunday, came by. We came to church for consejo and
talked about our investigators and like always we focused on ones who
could come to church. At this point none of our investigators have
ever come for about 6 months, even before I got here the most
investigators that have come are 3. After leaving consejo we went back
to piso really fast to grab the ukulele. When we got back 8 of our
investigators came to church, 3 members who had been inactive for 5
years came, and we had young men who we had been passing by come and
pass the sacrament. The reason I'm over here testifying of 110% is
because the people who came were the ones we found at the end of the
day. Missionaries get an extra 30min to get home if you are teaching,
and all of them were during that short 30min that we have. Two of them
being people who told us that there is no God, then after sacrament
meeting invited us over again later this week. I don't think I have
been that happy on my mission yet! It's one thing to experience the
gospel for yourself but when you get the chance to see it in others it
makes you realize how much you should enjoy it....if that makes sense?
Haha other than that Elder Schwenke and I got a long really really
well, singing and teaching me uke, how to eliminate excuses, and work
hard while still being human. One thing I was told this week was this
from a member "You are the first missionary that I've seen teach the
gospel and be a normal human being at the same time!" Which is kind of
like who, I thought we were supposed to do that haha. Nothing much to
talk about, just picked up my new companion Elder Castro, he is from
Colombia and doesn't speak English! Soooooooooo, yeah! Either he is
going to learn English or I am going to learn Spanish haha.
    So this week I learned a very valuable lesson on why 0 should
never be a goal. Because it isn't a goal! It's as simple as that. I
went on an intercambio as a trio and while we were daily planning they
said "Ok we are going to have no member withs because nobody wants to
come out with us" then they wrote 0 in that spot. So I had to
interrupt, "Sorry to be a little fuerte but 0 isn't a goal, it's a
lack of faith." And they were like the scriptures say "struck dumb"
and realized how true it is. We should always be aiming for something,
to better ourselves, to better someone else, something! But enough of
that before I go off on a rant.
    Have a great week! I have carpel tunnel over here trying to type
so quickly cause I need to email everyone. I also need to learn
Spanish cause now my companion doesn't understand me and English jokes
aren't funny in Spanish....
Mucho amor,
Élder Malolo

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