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Monday, November 16, 2015

7 Day Prayer Challenge ELder Taylor Malolo in Gijon, Spain

ola que tal familia!?
  This week has been freaking hilarious with my new native companion!
We get a long so well it's kind of weird, cause we are from 2
different sides of the world, basically. He is really good at teaching
but so am I!! Well....in English, but yeah I'm getting there! He is a
great example to learn from and he is amazed at the way I speak
because Americans with no Hispanic background or anything you can just
tell when they talk. With me he said "you speak as if you speak
Spanish in your house" the way I pronounce things. Words from the
street that I picked up that I shouldn't really use but it works
better when we contact. An investigator of ours came up to me and said
"You have the coolest accent!" I said "What, like an American
accent??" He replied "No, it's like...different. You speak like a
formal slang!" That doesn't make sense to me but I have come to the
conclusion that I speak Poly Spanish. A me elder came up to me today
and asked if I was about to go home and I'm like nah I have a long
time and he thought that I had been out for a while just because of
the way I speak! I sure I'm progressing with Spanish as well as people
say I am!
  We are finally getting Gijón started with missionary work. I had a
long chat with the leaders here which has now led to an activity every
2nd Sunday as missionary day for the Priests and Elders, where we all
go out and contact. Then we have Super Saturday where everyone goes
out and we go on splits and stuff with them! Fun stuff, I'm liking
this whole missionary work thing haha.
  We found a family from Rome with a mother and 2 children (9 and 13
years old boys). We invited them to a Noche de Hogar and when the day
came the mom told us she is going to drop her sons off (kind of like a
day care) so we were like ohhhhhh ok...we continued on with the NdH.
What happened next was probably the best thing ever. We taught them
the restoration and we literally began like this, I said "it's all
really easy, God is our father and he loves everyone of us!" Then the
13 year old says "Kind of like our Heavenly Father or something!" By
the end of the lesson him and his younger brother just soaked in
everything and said that they know it's true because if it wasn't they
wouldn't be feeling such good emotions! Emotions? Feelings?
Sentimientos is what I want to say but yeah I don't know English
anymore. The next time we stopped by them the boys had taught their
mom the whole lesson that we gave them and she said "I have never seen
my kids so happy!". Hey I'm telling you people the Gospel works just
try it!
  Which comes to my las little story. We met another family on the
street, the mom is from Gijón the father is from Zambia. They have a
son with 12 years and wow they have every doubt in the world about
church in general. So they invited us over and the first time we went
(I was with Elder Schwenke) it was just a flood of questions and
doubts, so we solved them! The next time was with Elder Castro and the
Man from Zambia can speak English so I teach in English but Elder
Castro can't so it was kind of all me. What it came down to was this,
The man said to me "You keep telling me all these things about how God
will bless me but the thing is I don't believe in God, why doesn't he
just come to me like Joseph Smith??" So I translated to my companion
and he began to talk but here is something that I have realized on the
mission. Sometimes people are scared to talk to other people, and with
that they are to scared or shy to tell the investigator what they need
to hear. Sometimes after lessons I have had companions tell me "I had
a feeling to say this but I didn't cause I was scared". Sorry to be
fuerte, but they were denying the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and I
ain't about that life. So I felt a prompting to tell this man
something I said:
Me- "If you were to find out God exists, what would you do?"
Man-"I would follow him , of course!"
Me-"How do you expect to know he is there without asking him anything?"
Man-"How do I ask him then?"
Me-"You pray to him, you talk to him, he is your father and he wants
to hear you!"
Man-"I don't believe that he can hear me, I have no faith that he will
answer me!"
Me-"Ok, we are going to kneel down right now"
I get up and kneel down at his coffee table and wave him to come kneel
down. He comes and kneels next to me.
Me-"We are going to teach you to pray" I teach him how to pray "Now, I
want you to do this for a week straight, I want you every night to
kneel beside your bed and think for 10 seconds of blessings in your
life, then you are going to pray, after you are done you will wait 10
more seconds in complete silence and you are going to listen"
Man-"Listen to what?"
Me-"Just listen...then you can go to bed. If you do this for 7 days
,with real intent, you will feel a change. I'm not promising you an
answer, but a change. Will we see you at church tomorrow?"
Man-"I will try to go."
The next day (Yesterday) he didn't come to church....until the final
hour, we forgot to tell him the schedule (I know, we are fools
right!?) he came up to me after the class had finished, with the
biggest smile on his face and he tells me this, "I prayed yesterday,
the first prayer I have ever prayed and I felt something, I felt good!
I will continue your experiment and I will see you Saturday!"
  I just wanna TESTIFY that the Gospel is true. That it NEVER FAILS.
There is a reason Moroni asks us to pray and ask if these things are
NOT true, because he already knows it is true. Anyone who says it
isn't, has never tried it. Anyone who believes the Book of Mormon
isn't true, has never read it. Anyone who thinks Joseph Smith was not
a true prophet, has never prayed about it. It isn't hard, it is so
easy what we have to do, it's just the excuses that we make that make
them harder.
Con Amor
Élder Malolo

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