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Monday, October 26, 2015

Covadonga Elder Taylor Malolo In Gijon, Spain

Hola fams!!!
  Sorry didn't mean to send my last week email, I yawned and it
messed up the trajectory of my finger and I hit resend on it. BUT This
week was great! (Like I say every week). So I got to go on an exchange
with my zone leaders and so I traveled 2 hours by bus again to León
(basically my second area cause I go there so often). With Elder
Cotton from Kansas! Sooo he just came to the area starting this
transfer and he doesn't know too many people but he majored in Spanish
(he already graduated from college....he's old) so his Spanish is
amazing. Mine is alright, but I use a lot of slang cause that's what
really grabs people's attention here. We decide to pass by an antiguo
investigator he has never met before, but I have met him in the past
exchanges. We ring the guys timbre (people live in those big apartment
buildings where someone you know has to ring the door open) he answers
and I have all to him saying "hey it's the missionaries, we want to
share a message real quick" he asks us who we are like what's our
names and I say "Elder Cotton and Elder Malolo" he gets all excited
saying "Elder Manolo!? The one that likes to eat and has a pink pen!?"
(I carry around a pink pen and people love it) so I laugh and say yes
and he lets us up. The missionaries haven't been over since the last
time I was there and he was having a low time in his life. We talk
about the Spirit and joy in this life, eventually we kind of cake to
an awkward silence and I didn't know what was going on really cause
when you hear spaniard spaniards talk.....it's like a different
language so I'm just like "will you get baptized 7 of November?" And
he says of course! After the meeting I'm talking to elder Cotton and I
ask "what were you guys talking about before I asked him to get
baptized?" They were talking about how drinking wine and coffee are
against the word of wisdom haha buuuuut the Spirit directed me and I
followed!! The next day I go back to my old area and Elder Schwenke
and I have a lesson with a girl we met on the street. We go meet at a
park and we talk and then we get into the Restoration. The whole time
Elder Schwenke and I are just going hard, testifying, asking questions
all that good stuff. Then she starts talking for a really long time
and she was born on the Canary Islands and when she starts going it's
not even Spanish so I'm like great what the heck is going on. Elder
Schwenke has served in the Islands so he knew what she was saying so
I'm awkwardly in the middle of this bench not knowing what's going on
so I'm like ok Taylor here we go, gotta go big or go home. I ask her
to get baptized as soon as she stops talking and she says "Why would I
not get baptized!?" So she's getting baptized too! BUUUUUT!!! After
that lesson the next day we were going to meet again but she cancelled
on us so we are like ok, only one time. Then the next day she says I'm
in a lot of pain and she needs to go to the hospital and she will call
us whenever she is able to meet. So the first thought that came to
mind was "Wow this girl played us so hard and now she's just trying to
get away!!" 2 days later, with out any contact we get a call while we
are on the bus and it's her. She says "I just got operated on my leg,
and I'm recovering now. I had time to read that scripture you gave me
so I prayed about it and I had a dream of that chapter and something
telling me that it is right! I know that your church is the true
church!" I'm over here on the public bus trying to keep my cool, in
the moment I'm like trying not to just yell out of happiness so
instead this wimpy Yelp comes out of my mouth, just super
embarrassing!! In all, it was just a miracle that this woman was
    The rest of the week we were just going from appointment to
appointment, helping with interviews, helping people move, playing
basketball, all sorts of things! Then comes Sunday, an old woman who I
haven't seen come to church since my first Sunday here arrives and I
walk her up the stairs and open the door you know, the gentleman that
I am. Later that day after church the branch president comes up to me
saying "Elder Malolo, Maria needs a blessing and she asked that you do
it" so I'm like oh no. I've only given English blessings, so I'm
nervous cause it's only a BLESSING in a DIFFERENT language no big
deal. So I just go in and do it as the spirit directs and everyone who
was in it was just blown away! I was too!! So my first Spanish
blessing can be checked off the to do list!
      Another thing that happened this week was we went back to the
closed down area Aviles, to help an activity that they were having. We
go and everyone is so excited we are there cause they haven't had
missionaries assigned to their branch for 2 years. The night goes on
and this woman comes up to me asking where I'm from and what not and
she's like "Hey I have a daughter that's 19 years old in Utah, you
should meet her!" I'm like "Whoa whoa!! I still have 2 years left on
my mission and I'm already waiting for someone else! I leer Schwenke
is about to go home, tell him about it!" I just threw Elder Schwenke
right under the bus but it was super funny! Haha
      That same night on the way back home we were walking through a
park and there are 2 girls just smoking on a bench. I laugh and tell
Elder Schwenke "haha you should talk to them, get you ready for when
you go home" so he goes over and starts talking to them.....every girl
that you talk to here looks like they are 30, then you ask how old
they are and they are 17 years old. Just a fun fact for anyone wanting
to come to Spain. After a little of just talking to these girls I'm
like so how can I turn this into a missionary opportunity. Then one of
them says "Do you know a girl named Aixamar?" Who is a MA (less
active). We say, yeah but she hasn't come for a long time. With time,
we finally get a lot of information on a ton of less active young
single adults and the girl used to be an investigator! We invited her
to church, and got her number so let's hope that it all works out.
      Last but not least my PDay. Today we went to Covadonga, super
cool place! That's about it!
    And for my spiritual thought of the day I thought I would use a
quote from the Piano Guys face2face on LDS.org. One of them was
talking about something to do with being competitive within the group
as in who is better. One of them said "Our differences should be
celebrated and not calculated". That's a pretty awesome thing to say!!
Most of the time I see companionships or individual missionaries who
become discouraged because someone gets more referrals than they do,
or even baptisms!! Instead of wishing you had those things and being
jealous of them, why not just celebrate with them!? Everybody has
their strengths, and weaknesses. Ether 12:27, no more commentary
needed for that one.
    I hope you all had a wonderful week and another to come. I'm
freezing my booty off here as it rains. I love the north, but I love
you all more!:) (how cheesy amirite?)
Mucho amor
Elder Malolo!

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