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Friday, December 25, 2015

"¡Ocho Vasos al día!"

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad!
     "Happy Christmas Harry!" To be honest it doesn't even feel like Christmas today! I'm in a different country where people don't really celebrate Christmas, most people here are actually just working like any normal day so I guess that's good for me if I wanna go check out the Nike Store in Sol! Haha I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Day, most of you aren't even awake right now but that's ok. I don't really remember too much of what happened this week but I can start off with this little story.
    We are at our ward Christmas party and we are just having a good time talking and watching all these little talent show acts (the missionaries had one too). And a member comes up to me and says "Élder Malolo, la persona que va a ser papa Noel nos falló" which means the man who was going to be Santa Claus failed us. Sooo this year Santa got a little tan and more buff! I had to dress up as Santa and give out presents to every single child in the award I had been in for 2 weeks! It was actually pretty funny, I just spoke in English to them. Nobody knew who I was cause they are used to me with glasses but I had them off so it was just a perfect opportunity! After that we did our little skit thing with the missionaries aaaand it was kind of a dance and as you know I like to dance (dancing is a talent #MTCSucks) so it was my time to shine! It was pretty funny we danced to Frozen, Mariah Carey, Zumba Music, all that inicuo missionary stuff!
     I guess another cool thing is every Sunday the elders here and some other missionaries go caroling on the steps of the Temple. Obviously not all missionaries are musically talented but my district happens to be! So when we sang it was loud and proud! The Mission Presidents wife is trying to get us to do a musical number for another Mission Activity.
    My favorite part of the week was yesterday, we had a big Madrid Zone activity for Christmas (my first activity because I had been cast out to the North). I was excited cause I don't know anyone in this mission and as soon as I got there people started quoting a video where I jumped on a statue horse in the middle of this waterfall looking thing and my companion says in this broken English "Elder Malolo say Hi!". I now have my own fan group here in Madrid, and a LOAD of friends here so now I'm ok haha.
     I had an eating contest against this Elder who is from South America but he is a big boy! So we had our plates just loaded with food and I just left this kid in the dust. Just as a beautiful young woman once asked me "Did you even taste your food?";). Everybody was just amazed at what I can eat and the good thing is I have already lost 14kilos so I have a lot of room that I can fill back up!:) 
      I have been inducted into the Ukulele hall of fame as before was Elder Schwenke. I just bring it with me everywhere just in case I have to play it for someone, or I'm on the Renfe, or the Bus, or just on the street!
    So to end, the other day when we were sharing a message with one of our member families, we were talking about Christmas and asked what is the importance of Christmas and their 11 year old daughter answered "Spending time with our families!" And her dad yells "NO!! It is the Birth of Jesus Christ!!!!!" A quote I read a while ago said if you are not celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ you might as well not celebrate Christmas, spending time with the family and giving is something we should always be doing in the first place! 
                                   Recordáis el nacimiento del salvador Jesucristo.  

Élder Malolo Guapo Oso Manolo Samoano 

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Coslada (Land of the Romanians)..Elder Taylor Malolo in Torrejon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!
      This week has been kind of crazy, I found out my area just got
opened up 6 weeks ago for the first time in 9 years! There haven't
been missionaries here for a long time! But in Torrejon (where our
piso is located) the ward there is huge and so many people speak
English and I'm not used to that yet, I'm still in Spanish mode! Haha.
All we have been doing all week is contacting which is fun, but there
is one problem...the people in our area don't speak Spanish or
english!! They speak Romanian!!! About 80% of the people here are from
Rome and they don't want to learn Spanish so I think when I got my
mission call they should have told me I'd be speaking Spanish AND
Romanian cause that's what we have to do! You'd think Romanian would
be pretty simple if you know Spanish...nope. It's literally like a
mixture of German and Spanish with crazy letters and weird
pronunciations but that's ok, I'll get it down eventually!
      So I prayed that my next companion would like to sing, anddddddd
now my companion was in choir! Not only him, but an elder next door
did choir too! And his companion majored in music! We have the most
musically talented district in the mission right now and we got
invited to go sing at a devotional by the Madrid Temple! I'm getting a
lot better at the uke now, I'm at least able to know what the chords
are if someone tells me a note so we are making some Christmas songs,
watch out for our mixtape.
    This area that I'm in is really into basketball, lots of people
are playing in parks and stuff. My companion is about 6'3 so I said
"hey lets go play some people at basketball!" He agreed so we found a
group of guys a little older than us. We decided to play 2v2 and let
me just say Utah has definitely helped me with my basketball and my
companion can dunk! We are just an athletic duo over here haha!
    Since I'm finally in Madrid I guess I can tell you how it is
here! It is freezing and it smells like poop everywhere!! Yeah, not
what I expected but hey I'm in Madrid Spain, I can't be mad at that
right? Still we have no dryer, only a washer, and with winter here it
freezes me clothes when I hang them up. The spaniards here don't have
half as bad as an accent than the North so now when I speak Spanish
everyone is like WHOA where did you learn that!? I say "learned it in
the good ol Gijon/Xixón!
      Yesterday we had a caroling activity at the temple and there
were lots of missionaries going, so when I got there people all knew
each other and I'm like a loner cause I had been castigado (cast out)
to the North my first 6 months. This Hermana comes up to me and says
"I don't think I've met you before what's your name?" I say Elder
Malolo. She says "oh my gosh, wait right here!!" She leaves and comes
running back with her companion and they show me the video of me doing
the slap dance from my first week in Spain!!!!! Then everyone kind of
crowds around me and starts showing me funny videos that my companions
have made with me. I feel like a YouTube star or something but now I
have lots of friends!
      For my lil spiritual thought I don't know if this is super
spiritual but it's something that has now changed our ward (after a
week of me being here). In this Ward there is about half Spanish
speaking people and the other half are Africans. The Africans speak
little Spanish but good English and the Spanish speak little English
and good Spanish. Neither of them want to learn the others language so
there is tension here and it's literally kind of segregated! So I go
into gospel principles and the teacher only speaks Spanish and the
room is divided half African half Spanish. So the missionaries sit on
the Spanish side and I'm like wait...why do I need to sit here? So I
go to the other side and you can hear like gasps as I do that! I sit
down in the middle of the Africans and I start translating what the
teacher is saying into English! Apparently NOBODY has tried to
translate for them! By the end of the class the teacher came up to me
and tells me "I don't think I have ever had so much participation
before this day!" So now my job every Sunday is to translate to the
Africans and help them learn Spanish and stuff!!
  That's about it from my side of the world. I hope you are all doing
great!! I love you all and have an awesome week erbody!!

Con amor
Élder Malolo

Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfers. Elder Taylor Malolo has been transferred to Torrejon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!!
     So transfers were this week, this transfer was only 4 weeks long because of Christmas and the whole native MTC thing, but the next one will be 8 transfers!! As I predicted I'm gettin the heck out of Gijon/Xixon and I'm taking my work tooooooooooooooo......Torrejon! This place is Northeast of Madrid but now I'm in the biggest zone! And my companions name is Elder Phillips! I'm actually going to be finishing his training so this will be great, me, a man a few words and a greenie! I will miss Gijon, it only has the best weather, best atmosphere, and is the most green out of anywhere else but it's all good haha. An Hermana that I was serving with began her mission in Torrejon and she started going off on how good it is, I think I stopped listening once she said "They feed you like everyday!" Cause that's all I'm gonna do now!! 
     Right now I'm on a train and I don't think I'll be getting to madrid any time soon, but I would like to tell you about my leaving experience yesterday at church! It was fast and testimony meeting, and another Hermana I was serving with is going home so everyone knew she was leaving but I didn't say anything about myself. So as the councilor went up to conduct he was reading the paper for announcements. As he read he basically said this in Spanish, "We would like to hear the testimony of Hermana Seegmiller as she is ending her mission, and also Elder Malolo?" He then looked to the branch president and asked "why do we need a special testimony from him?" Branch president says "he's leaving to Torrejon!" Then the councilor looks right at me all surprised and says "Elder Malolo leaves to Torrejon!?!?" And all you hear were gasps from the congregation, no lie!!! People left sacrament meeting to get their journals so I could write in them so I don't know if it's the best idea to not tell anyone you are leaving and have the councilor announce it in sacrament haha.
      I got one of my investigators basically to commit to being baptized as I left. He is the man that didn't believe in God, and he speaks English. So at church, he came, and I was telling him how I'm leaving to Torrejon and he says "really?? So as soon as I meet you guys, you guys leave!? Does that mean you stop visiting?" I said "no no!! They will keep visiting, just with a different missionary in my place!" He tells me "They shouldn't come over because none of them will convince me as you did!" I say "How about this, you keep learning from the missionaries, and one day when I come back, I will come back, I will see you blessing the sacrament!" And he says "ok I will do that!" It's crazy to think he went from not believing in God to believing and wanting more cause The Church of Jesus Crist of Latterday Saints has got more!
      It's really hard to type on this train it's like shaking, I feel like it's literally going to come off the tracks! Les dejaré en paz, and I'll leave you with something interesting I read in Liahona, I'll see if I can find it in English. 
    Ok got it, so this is something I read in Liahona of this month. It's a story with Elder David A. Bednar and he is asking his dad when he will be baptized! This is his dad's response:
"One Sunday I asked my dad when he was going to be baptized. He just smiled and asked me a question. “David, your church teaches that the priesthood was taken from the earth anciently and has been restored by heavenly messengers. If your church truly has the restored priesthood of God, then why are so many of the men in your church no different about doing their priesthood duty than the men in my church?”"

   Could you imagine a response like that? The real question is are we, as worthy priesthood holders of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, doing our priesthood duty? All I can say is that the Lord didn't give us our "talents" so we can bury them. My background for my lock screen says this in Spanish, "Úsalo o Piérdelo" which means "Use it or Lose it!" And might I recommend that we USE IT
      I hope you all have a good week, I know I will cause this week I'll be eating some crazy African food!! I love you all, and I know you love me:) hahaha
    Con cariño 
     Élder Malolo💪🏼