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Monday, November 30, 2015

"Hola atea, soy Élder Malolo"

Hola fammmmmmmilia!!
      This week I heard something interesting from an Hermana that is going home after this transfer. She said "I think our investigators are progressing because I'm being more bold knowing that I'll probably never see them again." Then! I realized, wow, I don't want to wait until I'm almost home to be bold! So this week I just handed it to my investigators, and to the people on the street, AND to less actives! It was a great week haha. Our Branch President came out with us and at the end of the day he compared me to Enoch in the Pearl of Great Price Moses 6;37-39. I thought it was pretty cool and funny especially cause it says "a wild man was upon them"! So as a result of my repentance-calling attitude we had even more investigators come to church! Which got me excited cause I'm positive I'll be getting transferred this week to somewhere else. It has been fun in good ol' Gijon, but I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly! 
        Also this week I get another opportunity to use my Ukulele, there is going to be a baptism for a members daughter and they came and asked me if I could do a special musical number with the ukulele. So I have to figure out how to make the children's hymn "Baptism" sound cool on the uke. Something funny that ALWAYS happens is, I carry my ukulele around when we proselyte. People always ask me "Puedes tocar una canción con su violín!?" It looks nothing like a violin! People here have actually never seen a ukulele before! What kind of 3rd world country am I in!?
       I really don't have much to say this week, we worked our butts off and now I'm super tired. Oh now I remember a cool experience! So we were teaching the man who I challenged to pray for a couple days. This time his wife was with us and she is totally against religion in general , when I mean religion I mean Catholicism cause nobody talks about any other church here. So we are "trying" to teach the plan of salvation, you know, when you can live with your families for ETERNITY! And she just kept asking pointless question after pointless question. This was the beginning of my boldness. She asked another pointless question, and when I mean pointless it's not that I don't care it's that it has nothing to do with their salvation. So I say "Sorry to be a little strong, but we came here to teach you how you can live with your family for eternity, I'm not here because I get paid, I'm not here because they give us little star stickers every time we teach somebody, I'm not here to take your money, I'm here because these things are true and that they will bless you more than you can comprehend!" She didn't say a single word after that. Finally when we got to the end of the lesson I was explaining the 3 kingdom glories, and I was talking about the celestial kingdom, "This is why we are here, we want everybody to have the opportunity to know that they can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again along with our families, wouldn't you want to live with your family again?" She started crying and she said Yes. Afterwards I invited here to be baptized but she said no because she doesn't have Faith, but she told us this, "I want to know if our Heavenly Father is there!" So I asked her Husband (who I challenged to pray) how his experience went with praying. He said, "The only thing I got out of it was that I'm praying, I wasn't given an answer" so I said "Then you didn't pray everyday" he admitted to us that he missed 2 days of praying so I had to lay it down to him that if he wants an answer he has to be diligent and obedient to the invitations we give him. We re invited him to pray but this time with his wife as well and they agreed. That Sunday they both came to church, and told me afterwards that praying together has helped their relationship as a couple!! 
    Well Geewiz the gospel is working??? What!? The Gospel ALWAYS works. 100% of the time, 11/10, Forever. Don't settle for anything less than progression!
   Con Amorrrrrrrr
   Élder Oso

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