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Saturday, November 21, 2015

🎶I live a life I deserve, BLESSED🎶

Hola familiaaaaa
    What it's Saturday!? Well just found out 2 days ago that our
"PDAY" for next week is today and that all next week we won't have
PDay. I think it's a dumb idea cause I mean nothing extraordinary
happened cause I've been traveling everywhere! Soooo just wanted to
inform you all that I don't have PDay next Monday. As for that, right
now I am in León, for a big district conference and also Zone
Conference with the other missionaries. We had a big game of soccer
and it was so fun, I finally got to play sports with other
missionaries! We also played against some kids who are on the 2nd
string Real Madrid team and wow they can sure play haha. Yesterday we
had a big dinner with everybody and it was hilarious, I don't know
what happened but I ended up being voted "The favorite missionary"! I
don't know if that really means anything but I like it!!
  This email is going to be short cause there literally isn't anything to say.
    This next week coming up, my companion and I are going to do some
experimenting with the missionary work. I'm actually really excited
for it but I'll just have to update you guys when our actual Pday
comes around! I love you all!
Con cariño
Élder Malolo

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