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Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfers. Elder Taylor Malolo has been transferred to Torrejon, Spain

Hola familia mía!!!
     So transfers were this week, this transfer was only 4 weeks long because of Christmas and the whole native MTC thing, but the next one will be 8 transfers!! As I predicted I'm gettin the heck out of Gijon/Xixon and I'm taking my work tooooooooooooooo......Torrejon! This place is Northeast of Madrid but now I'm in the biggest zone! And my companions name is Elder Phillips! I'm actually going to be finishing his training so this will be great, me, a man a few words and a greenie! I will miss Gijon, it only has the best weather, best atmosphere, and is the most green out of anywhere else but it's all good haha. An Hermana that I was serving with began her mission in Torrejon and she started going off on how good it is, I think I stopped listening once she said "They feed you like everyday!" Cause that's all I'm gonna do now!! 
     Right now I'm on a train and I don't think I'll be getting to madrid any time soon, but I would like to tell you about my leaving experience yesterday at church! It was fast and testimony meeting, and another Hermana I was serving with is going home so everyone knew she was leaving but I didn't say anything about myself. So as the councilor went up to conduct he was reading the paper for announcements. As he read he basically said this in Spanish, "We would like to hear the testimony of Hermana Seegmiller as she is ending her mission, and also Elder Malolo?" He then looked to the branch president and asked "why do we need a special testimony from him?" Branch president says "he's leaving to Torrejon!" Then the councilor looks right at me all surprised and says "Elder Malolo leaves to Torrejon!?!?" And all you hear were gasps from the congregation, no lie!!! People left sacrament meeting to get their journals so I could write in them so I don't know if it's the best idea to not tell anyone you are leaving and have the councilor announce it in sacrament haha.
      I got one of my investigators basically to commit to being baptized as I left. He is the man that didn't believe in God, and he speaks English. So at church, he came, and I was telling him how I'm leaving to Torrejon and he says "really?? So as soon as I meet you guys, you guys leave!? Does that mean you stop visiting?" I said "no no!! They will keep visiting, just with a different missionary in my place!" He tells me "They shouldn't come over because none of them will convince me as you did!" I say "How about this, you keep learning from the missionaries, and one day when I come back, I will come back, I will see you blessing the sacrament!" And he says "ok I will do that!" It's crazy to think he went from not believing in God to believing and wanting more cause The Church of Jesus Crist of Latterday Saints has got more!
      It's really hard to type on this train it's like shaking, I feel like it's literally going to come off the tracks! Les dejaré en paz, and I'll leave you with something interesting I read in Liahona, I'll see if I can find it in English. 
    Ok got it, so this is something I read in Liahona of this month. It's a story with Elder David A. Bednar and he is asking his dad when he will be baptized! This is his dad's response:
"One Sunday I asked my dad when he was going to be baptized. He just smiled and asked me a question. “David, your church teaches that the priesthood was taken from the earth anciently and has been restored by heavenly messengers. If your church truly has the restored priesthood of God, then why are so many of the men in your church no different about doing their priesthood duty than the men in my church?”"

   Could you imagine a response like that? The real question is are we, as worthy priesthood holders of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, doing our priesthood duty? All I can say is that the Lord didn't give us our "talents" so we can bury them. My background for my lock screen says this in Spanish, "Úsalo o Piérdelo" which means "Use it or Lose it!" And might I recommend that we USE IT
      I hope you all have a good week, I know I will cause this week I'll be eating some crazy African food!! I love you all, and I know you love me:) hahaha
    Con cariño 
     Élder Malolo💪🏼

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