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Monday, January 18, 2016

Lemons and Water.....

Hola familia
      This was an interesting week, we met a lot of new people and
the area we opened is changing super fast! I'll tell you about those
people later. Sooo we were visiting with some members for lunch and a
woman was telling us about this cleanse that she had done and you
know, me having a mom and sister that have done every cleanse in the
book so I said "oh yeah we can do that, that's easy!" Aaaaaand that's
when we made a mistake. So it's just warm water and lemons so we have
been drinking that for a couple days and it sure is cleansing my body!
Every time someone mentions the cleanse to me I get a cramp haha. I
feel a lot better though after eating so many kebabs and cocido!
      Every Wednesday our ward plays futbol and LOTS of people come,
non members and all. We decided to play with them and Elder Phillips
and I are definitely the biggest people in the ward. We finally got
into the game and I scored 3 goals in our first game so everyone was
literally chanting "Malolo!". So the next game we got in and I played
Defense and there were kids who were non members that we're getting
mad because they couldn't push me by so whenever they would get to me
that knew they were losing the ball:) Maybe I'll just come home and
play futbol!?
        Alright I'll tell you about some people we met. We met a man
on the street that seemed pretty nice and we stopped him, then he
immediately started crying and talking to us telling us about his
situation and then this "my wife in the Dominican Republic told me
about Mormons and how nice they are, I would like to come to church!"
So we taught him 4 times before Sunday came and he loved it!! He is
our best friend and grateful for the church!:) which is why we are
here!!:) another family we met on the street, we went to visit them
and they were from Peru and the wife talked to us asking us a lot of
doctrinal questions so I shut her down letting her know that those
questions weren't going to help her know anything more about the
church than before. Eventually her husband came in and he looked at me
and said "if anyone can walk out in the cold just wearing that and
still live must have an important message!" I was wearing a white
short sleeve shirt and it was a little less than freezing outside.
They listened to our message and when we got to Joseph Smith the
husband jumped up and said "SOIS MORMONES!!" And he told us that his
aunt was a member of this church and that he has been looking for it
for a couple months (they live 3 hours away from the church). Now they
are willing to come out to church next week! Our Bishop is happy about
the work we are doing and so is our Mish Pres! Next week will be a
good one comin up, other than the cleanse but yeah...:)
      That was all I did this week, hope you all have a good one
coming!:) Os Quiero!!
Con cariño
  Élder Malolo!

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