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Monday, February 15, 2016


Hola familia!!!!!
    This week just flew by, I feel like I have been around everywhere
in Torrejon De Ardoz!! Our PDay last week we just played Soccer but
that's ok, Elder Phillips and I just roll people when we play.
Tuesday, was just a normal day. We met with our investigator who is
going to get baptized this Saturday and he says this, "I have been
thinking why other churches always say they are true, you guys say you
are true too, but now I know that you are the true church!" I was so
excited to hear that cause he was having a hard time for a while.
Also, something that happened today is that he needed a job and so we
all said a prayer for help and he called us today saying that he has
an interview today and if he passes he will work Thursday. He was so
excited cause he will have a job and be a member of the only true
Wednesday I got to go to the temple for the first time in almost a
year, it's definitely an awesome experience I almost forget what it
felt like! We aren't really allowed to go to the temple here. That's
alright though, just more time to work!
  Friday came around and we had a Family Home Evening at an
investigators house and we invited a couple families to come. We had a
nice message and decided to teach them the game Uno (a game with a
Spanish name that no spaniards know how to play). So I decided to sit
out a round and help people, little did I know the game would last 2
hours!!!!!! I didn't even get to play and then we had to go home so I
was pretty disappointed.
    Last Saturday we had an AMERICAN BARBACUE!!! We are a crap ton of
food and it was also raining but that didn't matter haha. I learned a
couple African words and now all the Africans love me and want to make
me food and stuff but you know...I'm just mobbin it up in mini Africa.
  We had our fast Sunday yesterday and it was interesting...here in
Spain people go up as families and they all awkwardly stand there
until they are all done bearing testimony. Then we went to our super
apostate gospel principles class which was just like wow what the heck
is going on! But yeah that's about it.
Today we went to a place called Parque Europa and we got some good
pictures and I'll send them later but here is a couple!

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