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Monday, February 1, 2016

Transfer Masters

Hola familia mía!!!
  Well this week was transfers and guess what, Elder Phillips will be
my first companion to stay more than a transfer! We are staying here
in Torrejon-Coslada for another 5 weeks and then Elder Phillips will
probably get out of here cause this is his first area. Other than that
there were a couple changes to our district and now we are more
athletic haha! We went to Chamartín this morning with our other elders
and we met up with a ton of missionaries who saw a couple ukulele
videos of us and they all got ukuleles! Kind of weird but glad to know
I was one of the first...not really haha.
    Here in Torrejon-Coslada we have a wide variety of people (I being
the only Polynesian) and so I have been trying to learn as many
different languages as I can and learning how to say hello and goodbye
in Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, Romanian, and also and African dialect
that sounds freaking hilarious!! I went into a Chino (a cheap store
usually owned by Asians or something) and when I was leaving I said
bye in Chinese and she ended up giving us a ton of stuff for free! I
also met 2 kids while playing soccer from India and spoke a tiny tiny
bit of Punjabi to them and now we are teaching them haha. Who knew
learning different languages would help so much?
  Last PDay my companion and I were looking for some futbol Sala
shoes cause we can't find our size in this country and in one store we
asked if there were 48s and the man told us there were only 2 pairs
and he has been trying to get rid of them for a long time! So we got a
sweet discount on that!
  There is a video I want to send to you all about an amazing food
here called Pounded Yam, which is an African food. This is how the
Africans get super big! So it's really like making mashed potatoes but
with less water so it kind of turns into a sticky dough, then you make
a soup that the Nigerians call "Ducky Soup" cause it's duck, and it's
super spicy...literally will burn your tongue off. So you dip a little
ball into the soup and you put it in your mouth and swallow it whole!
You cannot chew it because if you do its disrespect that the Pounded
Yam was not made right, and also if you chew it you are considered a
baby! So the video I want to show you is a contest between me and my a
District Leader seeing who can swallow the biggest ball! So we had
about the same sized Pounded Yam ball and we dipped it and I swallowed
it with ease and my District Leader started chocking on it and had to
cough it back up....ok at the time it was actually really funny but
now that I type it out I seem like a bad person but it's ok hahaha.
    Something else cool is that there was a baptism yesterday for an
investigator named Silvestre, he is African and super funny. His
brother was baptizing him and they got the prayer wrong like 5 times
but as soon as he did it right I was waiting with a towel in the
bathroom and he came in and totally dropped an F bomb....which at the
time was really funny but again It's like oh, he just got baptized!
Afterward we went to their house to eat and he didn't have any drinks
or soda so he was like "hey I'll be back I am going to go buy some
drink" and Hermanas were like "No it's Sunday!!" Then his brother came
over and said "it is ok, bruddah, you can repent after you do it" and
I laughed so hard...wow I laugh at a lot of bad things but hey
whattaya gonna do?
  Oh yeah I forgot, "Transfer Masters" so the day of transfers,
president accidentally sent us the transfer sheet 13 hours before it
was supposed to, so we knew everybody and we were just toying with
everyone about it. People even offered to buy me Kebap and clothes! Do
they not know that these are just worldly things?;) But yeah we knew
for a long time before anyone else and we were getting calls all day
from people asking us!
    Alright so here is my good story for the week, nothing funny but
really cool. So my companion and I and another companionship signed up
to help for the Cruz Roja (Red Cross). We had to go in for interviews
and some of the things that happened was as missionaries we aren't
allowed to wear our name tags if we help, which personally bothers me.
Also no missionaries have actually helped Cruz Roja in Spain. So I
told him (really we had a debate) that there is no difference between
wearing and not wearing the name tag because (as said in the talk be
an example and a light by Preasident Monson I think) we have a light
in our eyes and power in our words that no matter what happens people
will ask us about the church. So now what's happening is we got
permission from Cruz Roja Espanola to wear our name tags and only us 4
missionaries are allowed to help for a trial of 2 months and depending
on how we do and the reactions of those we help, they will either stop
using missionaries OR open up the Cruz Roja Espanola to all
missionaries in Spain! So wish me luck hahaha
  That's all that really happened, no pictures but I'll get those
videos later! Have a great week erbody!

Elder Máquina Malolo

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