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Monday, January 25, 2016

"We had a treasure in our house and we didn't know it!?"

Hola familia mía!!!!
      This week was one well needed and deserved! Soooo, Monday started out we were with our mission president the whole day, they asked if we could all come over as a district and have a barbecue. We decided to have an eating contest cause an Hermana that came told me she could eat more than me and you don't just challenge Elder Malolo to anything cause you know I'll win! So she ended up eating 4 hot dogs and 2 burgers within an allotted time. I finished with 6 hamburgers and 8 hot dogs! Don't worry everybody, somehow I'm still losing weight!! So yeah, showed her what's up and after played tennis and paddle (which is a European sport kind of like a full court racquet ball), and played against our mission president in basketball. Fun fun day, I miss playing sports whenever I want to. 
     Next big thing that happened is we had a world wide capacitation? I don't know what the word "capacitación" means in English anymore. It was with Elders Bednar, Oaks, and Clayton with a couple of Hermanas in there and it was great!! It made my companion and I feel great cause they taught us how to teach repentance and baptize converts which is exactly what we did with one of our investigators! His name is Johny, he is in a bad situation right now but he feels good when we are with him. On the day we hung out with mission president he told me that I should focus on repentance with my investigators, so I did. We taught him the importance of repentance and the reality of Satan and the next day he called us saying "I have never felt so relieved in my life, I actually feel as if God accepts me!" 


Repentance and the power of the atonement are real!! It's as simple as that!
     The same day of the capacitation, was my birthday! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! And because we were gathered together as a zone they decided to throw a party for me and made me a cake that had a quote from when I first arrived in this area. I was talking to the Hermanas when I said this,

"Yup, you are right! I'm slowly killing you all off one by one so I can finally be a sister training leader!!"

So it was a good day, as Ice Cube would put it.
       Saturday was also a good day, so we taught a couple of our investigators and later we were at the church building, and a member of the bishopric came up to me and pulled me aside and said "Elder Malolo we need you to give a talk tomorrow about missionary work" so I said of course but this is what he said next "We don't want just any ordinary talk, we want something that will get the members attention and teach them to do something" so that challenge was on!!
     Yesterday was the day I gave my talk and the night before and the morning of I prayed to receive inspiration and revelation for what to say. I don't think I have ever been so strong in a talk!!! It was literally fire, and the best part was that in my talk I said this, obviously in Spanish but I'll translate,

"As missionaries there is a question we hold near and dear to our heart for our members, it is, "Do you know anyone who would benefit from listening to the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ" but the answer we get is usually not one that we like, and go a little like this "Elders, all my friends are members of the church, I have nothing to give you guys, I'm sorry!" Well...we can only add that answer to our list of excuses! You are either baptizing all of your friends to the church or you are not doing missionary work and you are not a member-missionary!"

As I said that all the returned missionaries in the ward little had a face of excitement knowing how true it is!! One literally raised his fist to the air in the middle of the congregation in agreement!  If you wanna give a bomb talk, just call everyone to repentance haha. 
       So yesterday we taught a new family that we found and we met with them before but it takes 3 hours by bus to get to their house so we ran out of time and left them with a Book of Mormon. But this last time we went over The husband asked how we learn our Spanish so well and I told him "well we have to teach you a little bit and it starts off with our Heavenly Father!" So it was a perfect intro into the restoration of the church and about half way through teaching the Book of Mormon he stands up and runs and gets his Book of Mormon and says "WE HAD A TREASURE IN OUR HOUSE AND WE NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT!?" He was so happy to learn about the Book of Mormon and his family was too!
       This makes me think, are we as members of our own church taking for granted the blessing of the Book of Mormon? How many times do we see it just sitting at home and just walk by it not thinking that prophets sacrificed, suffered, and performed miracles just so WE can have the blessing of knowing it's true? I have only been on the mission for 10 months but I have developed a love for reading everything, I have learned so much about the Book of Mormon, The Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. I have realized the reality of the blessings and the teachings that they give. God is our Heavenly Father, and he sent his Son Jesus Christ to suffer and die for us. I know that our Savior was resurrected and lives and guides us through prophets in these days. And thanks to the Holy Ghost, that I am able to know these things.
     Have a good week, Ima go play soccer with a bunch of Spaniards. Then eat...I don't know what to do on PDays anymore haha. I love you all!!

From the best in the game,
    Elder Manolo  

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