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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"¡Causa una crisis económica dondequiera que ir!"

Helloooo my family,
    This week I was able to build such a good relationship with the
members!! One day we had a huge Noche De Hogar actividad and so we
have a DJ in our ward and they were playing music while everyone was
playing games and stuff, so I go up to him and I say "Hey Aldo, do
some cool mixing and stuff we need some energy in here!" And he tells
me that he wants me to do it while he goes somewhere real fast and so
I take over the DJ kit and thanks to Dan (Jesse and Christians Dad) I
had experience with DJ stuff before and so I started mixing and the
member came back and was so happy that he invited us to his house and
missionaries had not been there for years!! We found a couple new
investigators there and have started teaching them!
  Another, is there is a man who comes to church with his family (the
wife is a member) and he loves the church but won't get baptized and
will not accept the missionaries. Especially cause they live 3 and a
half hours away by Bus which is not an exaggeration! So I bring my
ukulele everywhere, and at the end of church I just play it while
people mingle for a while. He came up to me and asked me to sing a
song, so I pick my favorite one "Eternas Pueden Ser las Familias" and
sing it for everyone. Little did I know he likes to sing too! He
invited us over THAT NIGHT to have a Noche De Hogar and the wife was
literally in tears. When we went over, after the long ride, he invited
3 kids over about 11, 16, and 20 years old. The dad of these kids is a
less active who works a lot but his kids never got baptized. After
sharing a message about reaching our full potential the 20 year old
stands up and says "I don't know why I stood up, and I don't know why
I want to say this...but I think you guys are right." I immediately
invited him to baptism and he accepted. Right after, the father we
were with stands up and says "Elders, my daughters are almost at the
age of baptism. I want to be the one who baptizes them. Please come
over next week and we can talk more." You can only imagine that at
this point my insides were literally exploding from excitement. I look
over at my companion and his jaw was to the floor. So being the mean
older companion I look at him and I say "Elder Phillips, I think you
have something you want to share with us." He just looks at me and
looks at the father and goes "ummm.....we are going to bring brownies
for you all next week" and we just all started laughing. It was a good
day haha.
    So the title of this email is in Spanish for those who don't know.
It is a moment from my Zone Leader telling me during a lunch at a
members house "you cause a crisis in wherever you go to eat" that is
because we have been working out hard in the mornings, running some
days, boxing some days, doing hills some days. So the result of
working out hard for me is now I just want to eat a TON of food. We
were eating at this one families house and I finished my food in about
5 minutes. So they get me more, and I finish it. Basically I ate 7
plates of food until I had eaten the whole pot that they made and I
was still so hungry but I told them I was ok haha.
    The last little story I have is about a family we found a while
ago that we started teaching. So we taught them the first lesson and
after that they fell off the face of the planet. They also lived about
2 hours away by bus so we couldn't just go out there, we gotta use our
time wisely you know! A couple days ago we got a call from the husband
telling us he has been reading the Book of Mormon and has a lot of
questions. We went over there and he brought up every question in the
book. THEN he tells us he went onto a antimormon website to find the
"impossible questions" you know, the ones that "prove the church
wrong" and I put those quotations cause NOTHING AND NO-ONE can prove
the church wrong. So I had to answer his questions cause my companion
got to the point where he could only answer in English cause his
Spanish wasn't sufficient and when all was over our investigator sits
back in his chair and says "This is the most correct church I have
ever learned about!". So we committed him to baptism but he said no,
but he wants to go step by step and he said he would come to church
next week. His wife, is already on board for baptism and his 2 kids
but we need his consent and the family really wants him to stop being
stubborn haha.
  That's all that happened this week, just normal old me:) have a
great week to come, and share the gospel with someone cause it's a lot
easier than you think! Os quiero, tengáis una buena semana guajes!
Élder Malolo
P.S. That means "I am a Benin man" in African, cause I'm African now
para que sepáis:)

“Hoy debemos ser mejores de lo que fuimos ayer y mañana mejores de lo
que somos hoy”. ~Élder Larry R. Lawrence

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