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Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Te gusta cantar, no?"

Hello my beloved familia and friends!!!!
  This week has just been so much fun! (That was sarcasm para que sepáis). I have my new companion Elder Loosle and President literally gave me this challenge "By the end of your time together I want your companion to be testifying and preaching repentance to everyone he sees" because he is super shy which is the opposite of what I am! So this week I had to kick his butt into shape and get him going and it is working! This next week we are taking up the challenge "Run for 100" which is receiving 100 references in a week and my record has been 93 referrals, which is only 7 off but I'll get it one day!!!
   We had to drop a lot of our investigators this week cause they are just not progressing and we prayed and fasted to know if we should do so. I hope one day Elders or Hermanas will coma and open them up to the gospel cause everyone will have their chance and also Doctrina y Convenios 29:7. So we did a lot of member pass by's cause we have a Family Mission Plan for everyone in our ward so we did that a lot and it has had a lot of success!
   Nothing really eventful happened, until yesterday. It was during church and bishop came up to me and he said "Elder Malolo, you like to sing right?" I said I like to but it doesn't sound good haha but then he said "I would love it if you could sing a solo hymn for the special music number for my sons baptism. I just froze, like WHAT!? Soooo I had a couple hours to prepare myself to embarrass myself. I chose to do "Acompáñame" which I don't know what it is in English but afterward everyone was crying (cause I sucked or they felt the spirit I don't know) but it was really good! And the baptism went smoothly and I was rewarded with tons of food!!!
    Other than that this week was kind of lame, but next week I promise it'll get good and my emails will be fun to read haha I love you all and hope you have a great week aaaaaand

                                         HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Malolo

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