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Monday, March 7, 2016

Transfers are Here. Elder Taylor Malolo in Spain

What's up family!!
    Well today transfers is here, and I'm getting a new companion!
Elder Phillips is on his way to the North and I'm going to be
finishing the training of an Elder named Elder Loosle. I am also
District Leader again, so this transfer will be fun!! I was talking
with mission president the other day because he came to my district
meeting last week and he said to me "Elder Malolo you are becoming
exactly who the Lord wants you to be!" I was so pumped!!!!! I don't
feel too different, I just feel smarter, being able to make decisions
easily and without hesitation. But that's besides the point!!!!
  This week we were able to get to a family that lives very very far
away by bus, but we said screw we are going to meet them. When we did
they gave us 11 names of people THEY have been teaching!! They were
doing work out there for the missionaries cause nobody has been out
there for 2 years. I am so glad that they took upon themselves this
responsibility to spread the gospel. The blessings will come, I just
know it!
  We had to drop a lot of people this week, I kind of hit a point
that I'm here por la siega not to just waste my time teaching eternal
investigators. After doing that we had a lot of success with our other
    On Saturday we had a contact war with the Hermanas which is where
you contact for like an hour or 45 minutes and you try to get as many
references by contacting as possible. Here in Spain we get used to
contacting by ourselves and not as a companionship so Elder Phillips
and I split (still in sight and sound for all you stiff missionaries)
and in 45 minutes Elder Phillips got 3 referrals and I ended up
getting 22! When we met back with the Hermanas we had won 25 to 2 and
they had to make us lunch that day. That's pretty worth it to me!
    We decided to make language study more fun and so now we play ping
pong and we recite or memorize things in Spanish. If one of us scores,
or one of us messes up the scripture or whatever, you get stung (when
the person turns around and you smash the ball at the losers back and
it stings!) so it makes us learn more scriptures, and get good at ping
pong at the same time!
    There's not much else I can't think of right now...but I love you
all!! Have a great week to come and work hard in whatever you do!!

Elder Malololololololo

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