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Monday, March 28, 2016

"Como lo llaman!"

Bienvenidos a todos a mi semana,
    So this week I walked, and talked...walked, and talked...walked
and walked and walked!!! This week all we were able to do was contact
on the street. So we decided to go out to a pueblo and walk all the
way home from it. After looking it up and everything it would have
taken 4 hours and 13 minutes to get home. So we did it! Contacted
every soul we saw and we got home in about 6 hours. My feet and my
legs were just dying and I felt like I was going to die!:D but you
know what, I did it with love which is all that matters.
  I don't have too much time but I am studying Revelations, which is
actually not as bad as everyone makes it seem, and I have received a
lot of revelation from it. I encourage to everyone to study the books
of Isaiah and revelations. You may think they are hard but here is
something that I realized while reading it. Do you think the Lord
would give us scripture we can't understand? A seventy (Elder Moreira)
also commented on this saying the same thing, Isaiah and Refelations
are the easiest books to understand!! So just do it, por fa!
  Os quiero muchísimo, que tengan una buena semana chavales!!
Élder Malolo!!

“Hoy debemos ser mejores de lo que fuimos ayer y mañana mejores de lo
que somos hoy”. ~Élder Larry R. Lawrence

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