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Monday, April 4, 2016

"¡Me llaman El Matador!"

Buenos Días a todas!!!!!
   This week I think I about traveled every square inch of my Rhode Island sized area, ran into every Testigo de Jehovah possible, and spoke with every crazy old lady there is here in Spain! Other than that, successful week haha:) Let me begin with our journeyings to a new land called Ambite. Ambite is a pueblo outside of Torrejon that takes a 3 hour bus ride and a 1 and a half our Metro ride. We were asked to go there and visit a less active family (which now I know why they are less active) and share with them the Gospel. During the ride in the bus I decided to whip out the ukulele and start jamming cause you know, I'm Poly. After singing a couple hymns a woman comes and sits next to me and she says, in Spanish, "how do you know that song?" I told her it was a hymn from church, she freaked out and said "oh my gosh you are missionaries!!!!??" I was so confused I didn't say anything and she says "I'm sorry, I'm a member! I live in Ambite!" This woman was who we were going to visit all the way in this far pueblo. She was heading to work and she wouldn't have been home if we stopped by. The reason she freaked was cause the last missionaries she knew were tone deaf, skinny, white boys from Utah. Which is literally what she told me haha. So I would say to everyone after this experience to read Chapter 18 of The Teachings of the Prophet Heber J Grant "The Song of the Heart". She ended up coming to all the conference sessions and promising she will come to church no matter the distance!
    So we wanted to explore our gigantic area here and one day it was raining. Nobody was stopping on the street cause nobody does here if it's raining. I looked ahead and saw a big hill, that overlooked the City of Coslada and San Fernando. Then I said "we are going to the top of that mountain!" My companion literally thought I was crazy and I told him "well of course I'm crazy, I came out on a mission didn't I?!" He agreed and we hiked the mountain. At the top we looked at our area in the dark and rain and I saw some lights off in the distance, it was a city in our area we have never seen and I pointed to it and said "we are going to those lights". After looking up how far it was, it was an almost 2 hour walk to that city. My companion didn't want to go but I told him to suck it up and we headed out. Arriving in the city, it was a broken down and ghetto looking place and my companion was literally scared for his life (Utah kids, am I right?) we contacted and received the most referrals in one day than I had ever received in my whole mission!! We later knelt and prayed and thanked the Lord for the blessing he gave us and then my companion never doubted me ever again muahahahaha!!!!!>:) 
     So the title of this email is probably the best sports story I have to share in the mission. During a correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader, he said that a less active that comes and plays soccer every Wednesday needs to be reactivated. I have already tried to do everything to get him to come but he just won't. The WML said someone needs to challenge him at soccer, some sort of challenge and if we win he has to come to church. He immediately turned to me and said "Elder Malolo, the Spirit has told me that you will take this challenge" I almost pooped a brick when I heard that!!!! Alejandro is literally the best chaval that plays every Wednesday. So I accepted the invitation. Later that night was soccer so I was pretty nervous, and I don't get nervous with sports! When we were about to start playing I told everyone to wait, I turned toward Alejandro (the less active) and said "I want to make a challenge, any game we play against each other we have to defend each other. No one else can help play defense. The first person to Olé (to meg, or panna, or get the ball between the other persons legs and then regain control of the ball) the other person wins. If I win then you come to conference this week. He then chose his reward, which was if he wins then none of the missionaries that are serving in the ward right now can ever bother him about coming to church. We agreed and we began. Everyone (about 40 people) were there and said they were witnesses to this event. The first game we played against each other no one was able to Olé the other so it was kind of boring. The next game was sooooooooooooooo good!! At the beginning I just wasn't prepared and he got me once, so I got a little discouraged. Then someone passed the ball to me and I saw Alejandro behind me coming up pretty quick so I faked that I was going to pass the ball and just lightly tapped it through his legs and got one, and everyone yelled out "OLÉ!!". I cannot tell you how awesome it sounds to hear people say that in unison!! Then later in the same game I got the ball and he came up and we squared off. My pride kicked in and I started doing some fancy footwork around the ball and he came in to attack. I don't know what I did, but I did some crazy looking 5 star FIFA skill move and got him again and then shot the ball and scored. So it's 2-1 and I'm winning and I'm literally flipando inside my head!! The next game starts and he starts going hard and gets me again so it's 2-2. Then the craziest miracle happens...the keeper threw the ball high and it was going to go out of bounds but I wanted to go for it. I got the most beautiful touch on the ball, sweeper it behind me and got Alejandro for the third and last time and I WON!!!!!!!!! He could not believe it at all. He literally came up to me and said "there has to b be something special with missionaries if you were able to beat me at that!" And I told him yeah but here is! Haha. He then later came to conference all the sessions, and shared his testimony at the end with everyone.
    This week was full of "rescuing" to use the common word used in conference today. Full of miracles, and blessings from above! La amo a esta iglesia. Bendecidos estamos cuando guardamos los mandamientos de Dios. Tenemos un profeta viviente hoy día, con lo mismo poder que tuvo Jesucristo para dirigir esta iglesia en el camino recto. Ruego que tengamos el nombre de Jesus siempre en nuestros labios. Estar preparados a testificar de la verdad, arrepentirse, mejorarse. Somos miembros de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los ÚLTIMOS DÍAS. El tiempo llega, os preparáis para que no tengáis miedo en vuestro juzgado. Digo yo, con amor, en el nombre del Buen Pastor, La Raíz de David y El Leon de la tribu de Judá, a saber, Jesucristo, amén.
    Tengáis una buena semana chavales!!

Élder Malolo

“Hoy debemos ser mejores de lo que fuimos ayer y mañana mejores de lo que somos hoy”. ~Élder Larry R. Lawrence

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