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Monday, May 2, 2016


  This week was very normal...so no cool stories to share, sorry!!
But the new transfer started and I am still here in Coslada, and an
Hermana in my district is training so we met the new girl, we
obviously pulled a prank cause that's just what you gotta do!! So
after that, we all became good friends. Now whenever I have to call
the Hermanas the new girl answers and she yells "DAD!!!!" Because here
in the mission, the trainer is the mom and then the district leader is
the dad. It's really weird to hear but you know, I'm just the best dad
in the world:)
  Not too much happening this week, we got some people to commit to
baptism and we will be looking forward to that!
  Sorry for the super lame email....I really want to go play
soccer...hahaha have a good day!!

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

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