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Monday, May 23, 2016

Hola, ¿habla inglés?" "No."

Como os vais chavales??
    This week we worked the so hard! I can't tell you how grateful it
is to go to bed and sleep 8 hours a night, it's a blessing! This week
we were able to find a ton of new people, and to teach and also drop
some people as well. Such as a man who reads the New Testament but
doesn't read the Old Testament. Like really?? A man who believed that
God is a non violent God, he obviously didn't read the Old Testament
either! And a crazy woman who came up and caressed my chest half way
through an appointment...yeah let's not talk about that one. BUT we
were able to find some people who are prepared for baptism.
  As we prepared for this week I woke up one day and was like "I want
to invite everyone we talk to to be baptized today" my companion goes
"you can't just do that, you have to teach them first" I go "I
remember when I used to say that too, back when I had NO FAITH!" So I
did just that and guess what, 3 people said yes! I honestly didn't
expect that but hey, toma tío.
  We had the most tranquilo lesson the other day with a girl from
Nicaragua (shout out Jesse and Christian). She's 22 and so awesome!
She didn't know a thing about religion but she has read the first 3
pages of Genesis and a little in Apocalypse, which of course is a
great place to start (sarcasm). She told us something super
interesting. She said, translated, "it's weird that 2 weeks ago when I
met you I gave you my number, I've never done that before." We asked
why and she says "I don't know, it just felt right. And then the next
day I went to your church, which was the first time I went since I was
baptized a Catholic." We asked here why she came and she said "it just
felt right! And now I'm here in a park talking with two Americans
about God and how a 14 year old saw them and later translated a book
into English." After a short pause I ask "and how do you feel about
that?" And she stops for a second, looks at me and says "It sounds
crazy....but it feels right." At this moment in time Elder Malolos
mind legit just took off to the moon and I invited her to be baptized
and she said of course!
    Now, after this appointment we had to travel 1 hour and a half to
another appointment by train and metro and by foot. While we were on
the train I like to just play my ukulele and play some songs, a man
came up to me and says in English "are you Hawaiian?" Ok...this is
where it gets fun, I like to pretend I don't speak English or Spanish
and have my companion just talk nonsense to me and I pretend to
understand and answer back and then he replies to the man in English.
Let's just say after about 10 minutes we got his number and his
address and passed it on to the Elders in his area!
    Another funny story is a guy in our ward does Muay Thai, or kick
boxing basically. He does it a lot and goes to tournaments and he wins
a lot of them. He's a little smaller than me but super cool and really
funny. On Wednesday we were all playing soccer and he comes up to me
and fakes a leg kick. So I return with a capoeira kick at his face and
he freaks out and says, translated, "let me kick you and you can kick
me!" So I go alright! He teaches me how to take a leg kick and we get
ready, he throws his and it literally doesn't do a thing to my iron
thighs. He looks at me and goes "wait wait wait!! I didn't think your
legs were that strong!" I said "too late, my turn!" He gets ready and
I throw a leg kick at him and he falls straight down to the ground! He
laughs and gets up "you need to do Muay Thai!! That would've broke my
leg if you knew how to kick right!" So there you have it, Muay Thai
Elder Malolo!!
  I had a really fun week, I hope you all did too and that you enjoy
this week coming up and PLEASE!!!!!HELP YOUR MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!!

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

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